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TUTORIAL: How to Make a Shimeji by scenikeight TUTORIAL: How to Make a Shimeji :iconscenikeight:scenikeight 308 250 Deadpool shimeji. by CakeDoom Deadpool shimeji. :iconcakedoom:CakeDoom 1,176 121 Grell Shimeji by geekings Grell Shimeji :icongeekings:geekings 1,436 211
Levi X Reader: My Pervy Cadet Comedy Series
My Pervy Cadet
WARNING: If you couldn't tell by the smexy title, this fanfic has SLIGHTLY VERY suggestive themes. Mild but still spicaaay.
"Look! There she is! The Ice Queen!"
"Shhh, you idiot! Do you want her to kill us with her glare?!"
You sighed. That one expiration drew a heavy tension in the cafeteria hall as fellow recruits paused, food trays trembling in hand.  To all the others, it looked like you sighed in annoyance, and when you turned towards the person who claimed you could "kill with a glare," he fell to his knees, begging for forgiveness.
You sighed again as he took this as a sign to get the fuck away before you murdered him. But the truth was, you were sighing in dejection.
It was absolutely hopeless. No one would ever understand you.
You were the shyest, girliest member of the Survey Corps, but to everyone else, you were the strongest, most ruthless, emotionless  Cadet. Even Corporal Levi was only able to
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Russia Shimeji -APH- by Setsu-sama Russia Shimeji -APH- :iconsetsu-sama:Setsu-sama 4,400 1,190 --SOLD--Hand Made Poseable Baby Umpo by Wood-Splitter-Lee --SOLD--Hand Made Poseable Baby Umpo :iconwood-splitter-lee:Wood-Splitter-Lee 1,630 154 Mituna Captor Shimeji by Freddy-kun Mituna Captor Shimeji :iconfreddy-kun:Freddy-kun 444 228 Interactive Buddy 2 (Prototype Version) by shock-value Interactive Buddy 2 (Prototype Version) :iconshock-value:shock-value 522 391 Pokemon go - Buddy update by Diives Pokemon go - Buddy update :icondiives:Diives 1,140 58 geekboy shimeji by konsensya geekboy shimeji :iconkonsensya:konsensya 2,472 428 USUK Shimeji by zakunjya USUK Shimeji :iconzakunjya:zakunjya 394 143 Prussia Shimeji by Achros Prussia Shimeji :iconachros:Achros 2,042 471 England Mochi Shimeji by LunaticMao England Mochi Shimeji :iconlunaticmao:LunaticMao 740 176 Deidara Shimeji by FancyPancakes Deidara Shimeji :iconfancypancakes:FancyPancakes 582 76 Spiderman Shimeji. by CakeDoom Spiderman Shimeji. :iconcakedoom:CakeDoom 747 81 Ciel Shimeji - RAR by VoLoXi Ciel Shimeji - RAR :iconvoloxi:VoLoXi 312 109 [Now available in Google Play?] SHIMEJI - Shizuo by vectorsmash [Now available in Google Play?] SHIMEJI - Shizuo :iconvectorsmash:vectorsmash 1,359 339
Levi x Reader: My Popular Captain 2 Comedy Series
Part 2 for My Unpopular Cadet
WARNING: THIS IS SMUT-TASTIC (aka very suggestive themes). You have been warned!
"Are you fucking kidding me, _______? Stop sounding like you've been stabbed and start moaning that you're having the best fuck of your life before I punish you!" Levi scolded you, slapping your ass painfully.
"Ouch! I'm trying, Levi! Ughh, why is this so hard?!" you cried out.
.....Is anyone else confused as to what you and Levi are doing?
Yahhh, why don't we take a few minutes to explain how you arrived at this moment.
------------------- Blast to the past by a few hours
"Hanji, this is your fucking fault so help me out here!"
You were currently screaming at Hanji in Levi's office while said Corporal sipped tea somewhat more calmly than he should have been. How in the world were you two supposed to act like a couple?!
"Uh, okay, ______. Let me just read this for a second!" Hanji said as she grabbed the "How to act in a Relationship" magazine. It was a mystery how she m
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William Shimeji by geekings William Shimeji :icongeekings:geekings 701 91 :FeelingFree: by MenInASuitcase :FeelingFree: :iconmeninasuitcase:MenInASuitcase 6,118 1,615 Derpy Buddy V2 by SylrePony Derpy Buddy V2 :iconsylrepony:SylrePony 1,784 829 BBC Sherlock- Lestrade Shimeji by visbranndrage BBC Sherlock- Lestrade Shimeji :iconvisbranndrage:visbranndrage 799 192 GFriend - STAR1 x Etude PNG pack by YEONCIN by yeoncin GFriend - STAR1 x Etude PNG pack by YEONCIN :iconyeoncin:yeoncin 169 68 Study. Or Snape will get you. by SethCohen88 Study. Or Snape will get you. :iconsethcohen88:SethCohen88 2,356 252