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Marine predators prehistorics scales 2 (Download) by darckjack222 Marine predators prehistorics scales 2 (Download) :icondarckjack222:darckjack222 71 16 Livyatan melvillei by theropod1 Livyatan melvillei :icontheropod1:theropod1 36 33 Brygmophyseter shigensis by Bran-Artworks Brygmophyseter shigensis :iconbran-artworks:Bran-Artworks 86 6 Prehistoric whale by KookaburraSurvivor Prehistoric whale :iconkookaburrasurvivor:KookaburraSurvivor 68 1 Lord of the seas by batworker Lord of the seas :iconbatworker:batworker 58 6 Brygmophyseter skeletal  restoration by Bran-Artworks Brygmophyseter skeletal restoration :iconbran-artworks:Bran-Artworks 60 16 Brygmophyseter by NTamura Brygmophyseter :iconntamura:NTamura 40 19 Mid-Size Kings by Art-26 Mid-Size Kings :iconart-26:Art-26 74 9 Meg Chase by Art-26 Meg Chase :iconart-26:Art-26 24 3 Archaeocetes and Paleowhales by Enneigard Archaeocetes and Paleowhales :iconenneigard:Enneigard 24 5 Prehistoric World - Brygmophyseter by Daizua123 Prehistoric World - Brygmophyseter :icondaizua123:Daizua123 16 9 JFC - Deep Sea Killers by RickRaptor105 JFC - Deep Sea Killers :iconrickraptor105:RickRaptor105 16 5 A Living Battle Submarine by ArtisticBeaver A Living Battle Submarine :iconartisticbeaver:ArtisticBeaver 8 1 Brygmophyseter shigensis  by freiresousa2 Brygmophyseter shigensis :iconfreiresousa2:freiresousa2 7 0 Megalodon: Time to Hunt by nature1029 Megalodon: Time to Hunt :iconnature1029:nature1029 7 15 Deep Sea Killers by CKDinomite65 Deep Sea Killers :iconckdinomite65:CKDinomite65 9 4 Megalodon: The Slaughter by nature1029 Megalodon: The Slaughter :iconnature1029:nature1029 5 4 Brygmophyseter by Liopurodon4x Brygmophyseter :iconliopurodon4x:Liopurodon4x 4 2
PnF Primeval S2E7-Giant Jaws
Episode 2.7
Giant Jaws
Danville Harbor
Saturday Oct. 20
8:00 a.m.
At the Danville Harbor, a chum boat is out catching some fish for luring sharks. So far they've been luring hammerheads and whitetips.
"Them sharks sure are active today," said one of the men.
They then pull in the net again but get an unusual surprise.
"What kind of fish are those?" said the fishermen.
"They look like large salmon except with some big chompers," said another.
Suddenly the men felt a bump.
"What in Poseidon was that?" said a third fisherman.
The three men looked over and saw what looks like a great white shark only much bigger.
"That's one giant shark."
"It looks too big to be a great white."
The shark bashes into the boat again this time making most of the chum fall off of it.
"It must have smelled the chum and now it has it."
"Let's just get back to dry land before it sinks this boat and it makes us its meal."
Before the men steered the boat, they notice something else in the water that appears to be h
:iconckdinomite65:CKDinomite65 7 0
Evolution of Whales by Liopurodon4x Evolution of Whales :iconliopurodon4x:Liopurodon4x 2 0 Brygmophyseter v.s Megalodon by DinoGuy777 Brygmophyseter v.s Megalodon :icondinoguy777:DinoGuy777 1 3 Dangerous Waters - The Storm by The-Real-Kentobu Dangerous Waters - The Storm :iconthe-real-kentobu:The-Real-Kentobu 3 2 Untitled Drawing by NamelessOkami Untitled Drawing :iconnamelessokami:NamelessOkami 4 2 Special Gift! by freiresousa2 Special Gift! :iconfreiresousa2:freiresousa2 9 4