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To Accept and Forgive (Akabane Karma x Reader)

When you suddenly got bruises and cuts that appeared out of nowhere, it's actually your soulmate's pain being inflicted on you; unless if your soulmate meant to hurt themselves on purpose to feel the pain. It will be gone once you found out who your soulmate is and accept them.

For My 5th Anniversary as an Author (September 10)
Warning: OOC
Karma stared at the razor he held coldly. How many times had he done this? Cutting and bruising himself to punish his so-called soulmate?
Oh, how he loathed that word.
He wanted to be free, choosing his own partner for life. While some people would say that this soulmate system was really good since you don't have to worry about finding the wrong person, karma thought that it was a nuisance.
After all, bruises? Cuts? Pain? Why would you choose your soulmate based on pain?
Karma wanted to be free.
He'd seen what happened with his parents.
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::Nishinoya Yuu X Reader:: Underwear [ 4 ]
Slender fingers gently rubbed over the purplish blue spots spread out all over his skin, a gasp passing the male's lips. His girlfriend [Y/N], always had the tendency to touch the bruises he had earned from skidding across the floor as a libero, but her touches were always tender, and it made his pale cheeks turn pink.
"You work so hard.."
She murmured, [H/C] locks falling in front of her face. Nishinoya looked down at her, raising a hand to tuck the tresses behind her ear, and a small smile turned up at the corners of his mouth.
"Ngn.. Yeah."
[E/C] hues flickered up to her boyfriend, her thumb ran along the smooth but bruised skin, and she lowered herself, lips hovering over the injury. He felt a small hand run down his bare chest to the hem of his boxer shorts, and he swallowed, turning his head from her out of embarrassment.
A warm mouth pressed to his forearm, and his heart fluttered as the girl peppered his arms with sweet kisses. Her head seemed to raise itself, and was now at hi
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