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Watch over you (Loki x Reader) One-shot
Your heart was throbbing violently in your ears. Every inch of your body hurt and your throat had never been this dry before. You slowly opened your eyes, getting blinded by the sunlight coming through the windows in your room in Stark Tower.
You had been there several months now as an addition to the team, but mostly to keep an eye on Loki. After everything that had happened on Asgard Loki had been banished. The Asgardians had demanded his death, but his brother, Thor, had offered the God of mischief mercy, sending him back to earth to serve the very people he had so desperately tried to kill when he first arrived on earth.
When you had first learned of the real reason for your promotion you had been furious. Fury knew as well as anyone else what Loki had done to you. You could still hear his voice in your head sometimes, ordering you to kill innocent people. You had been under his spell, just like Clint, and there had been nothing you could do about it. You had been in the wrong plac
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Heat Stroke (Tony x reader One Shot)
It was hot.
Beyond hot.
You were sprawled out on the couch of your tiny apartment feeling like you were going to die of heat. You couldn’t even bring yourself to move and call someone to see if you could crash at their place until your air conditioner was fixed. You internally cursed New York for its heat. And then Shield for stationing you here to play baby sitter to the Avengers. And yourself for declining when Tony offered to put you up in Stark Tower.
Stark Tower.
What you wouldn’t give to be there now, in its air-conditioned embrace, able to move about freely.
You were supposed to be there now. For work. You lolled your head to the side to find the time on the clock across the room, it told you that you were officially two hours late for your job. Fury was going to kill you. You reached out an arm lazily to grab your cell phone and call in sick, finding that it was deader than a doornail before rolling off the couch and on to the floor.
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