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Theoretical Dog Genetics
As a kid I remember being confused by the logic of dog genetics presented in cartoons. When two dogs had puppies, the boys looked like the dad and the girls looked like the mom. I can only guess that this lack of originality was an attempt to cash in on the new character's resemblance to an older character that had already won people over, but where's the fun in that? Being the animal nerd that I am, I wanted a realistic guide to prevent such blandness.
How to use
Much of this has not yet been proven in studies with real dogs, so if you want to learn more about a real dog it is useful to research the specific breed or likely breeds that are in the dog's background.
Each locus is a spot which can hold two possible alleles out of any number present in the whole species. All together the alleles (genotype) give the final appearance (phenotype). To decide the appearance of offspring, give each parent a full list of genes to describe their appearance and "breed" them by randomly sele
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The Pod
Sandra's head was pounding, she lifted her head very slowly and heavily.  Looking aorund, she saw that she was sitting up-right, her hands behind her back chained to the wall, she was sitting on her knees wearing only her blouse.
"What?!  Where...?"  She darted her eyes across the room.
"Ah, at last, she's awake."  A man stepped into her view from the shadows.
"Who...  Wait...  How..."  Sandra was too confused, she didn't even know what question to ask first.
"Let me fill you in my dear:  You were chosen to take part in a marvelous moment in the history of mankind.  You alone, shall bring forth a new age.  An age of peace and knowledge, in other words, the end of the human race!"
"The end...?"  Sandra stared at her companion wide-eyed.  "What do you mean?"
"Well..."  He stepped toward her.  "My race has been living on Earth since the Roswell incide
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Just Another Victim
Lily awoke in a room with a dozen other unknown women.  Each girl was in their early to mid-twentys and each girl was naked.  Very little was in common among the girls, some were blonde, others were brunettes, one was a red-head and the others had raven colored hair.  And each girl had a different ethnicity, some didn't even speak English.  But none of the girls knew where they were or how they got where the were now.
The room was white and metallic, and cold, so very cold.  No one spoke, no one even dared to move.  The silence was deafening, each time a sound echoed in the room, all the girls would quickly turn to the noice in a panicked motion.  There was a large door at the end of the room that was sealed from the outside, if one of the girls dared to go near it, they would nto be able to escape.
Several tense minutes went by, though they seemed like days, when the door finally opened.  What the girls sa
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As One
Vanessa threw her clearance badge at the admiral behind her.  He had just given his men the order to exucte the alien UFO crash survivors, even though they posed no threat.
"I can't take this anymore!  The lies, the cover-ups, I'm done with it."  Vanessa stormed out and went to her lab to collect her things.
The admiral followed her, watching to make sure she left and that she didn't take an evidence with her.  She knew she was being watched and she knew she was the only one willing to talk about the atrocities commited against peaceful beings.  Vanessa needed to find a way to sneak out evidence of the aliens, but how?
"Sir, we have finsihed collecting the tissue, organ and fluid samples from the survivors."  A soldier wlaked in with a box containing the aliens remains.
"Good work soldier, set it down on the table and go about your business."  The admiral pointed to the table next to Vanessa.
"Yes, Sir!"  H
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A Dream or a Waking Nightmare
Maria was silent.  Her hands and ankles were bound to the cold, metal table, her naked body shivered and her flesh was icy to the touch.  A tear, glistened in her pale blue eyes before it rolled down her cheek.  Maria could only hear the distant foot steps of her captors as they pasced eagerly back and forth, never taking their gaze off her.  One approached and brushed her raven hair from her face.  The lights above blinded her from the faces of those who took her.
After several grueling hours of silent and stillness, the room began to echo with the sounds of a cart being wheeled toward her exposed form.  A large being enveloped by the shadows of the room, took a glass container from the metal cart.  Maria struggled to look down past her frozen body and focus her eyes on the container.  Within, was a single mass.  It did not look human, but it did not look like any other creature Maria had seen be
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