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Exploding Breasts TG
Exploding Breasts
Even though I was a guy, the day I started growing breasts was a pretty normal day. I didn't have any strange sensation or weird itches or anything like that. I did have a dream which felt quite vivid overnight but which left me when I woke.
I walked into bathroom, trying to pull some of the seemingly-fantastic detail out of the haze of my thoughts, and slipped off my shirt.
Cracking my neck a few times, I glanced in the mirror. The area around my nipples was pressed out a little bit. Nothing too serious but, considering I was used to heavy-lifting at work and my muscles had adapted to that, it did surprise me.
I thought that perhaps I was eating a bit too much and something like a junior version of my Uncle Brad's 'moobs' were starting to show. And I didn't think any more of it at the time except to remind myself to eat a little less and exercise more.
The rest of that week was loaded with veggies and sit-ups. My best friend Adam came over a few times and chee
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