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The Wand Part III
Julianne's breasts became gradually bigger and bigger... It seems that the wand was making them perfect, warm, round shaped and firm. Her now II cups were just tearing her shirt! Gabe was getting exited by her friend's growth, but he tried to contain it. His rational mind was telling him to get the wand from Julianne's cleavage before it gets out of hands.
"Ok Julianne this is enough! We know you are getting sexy with... Your growing boobs but you have to stop!" He blushed as he admitted he find her prettier because of her new tits... "Ooooh that's sweet!" she replied, teasingly. However she was also touched by Gabe's compliment. "Ok let's do this then..." she nods and steps closer to Gabe.
Then, once she is just in front of him, she pins him to the wall, pressing her swelling breasts against him, which... Gets him hard in his pants (Who wouldnt be ? ;)) "Ok let's do this! I give you a chance to get the wand away from my breasts!"
"A challenge ? It was rather a game. It might be my las
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The Wand Part II
"Haha I knew it would please you!" Gabe said, entering into the living room. "There is your..." He gasped at the sight of Julianne's gorgeous mounds of growing flesh, expanding past DD-cups by now. They looked so round and perfectly shaped, Gabe wanted to feel them with his hands “…Milk.” “Thanks a lot!” She replied, taking innocently the glass.
Gabe couldn’t help it but stared at her breasts. “What? Is there something wrong?” Asked Julianne. Her chest was making her tank top rising to the point we could see the bottom of her belly. Meanwhile, her E-cups were straining the bra to its limit, pushing it and swelling over it. We could see the limit between her breasts and her bra being drawn on her shirt. They were thirsty to have more place to grow…
“Nothing…” He answered. “It’s just that… Your breasts became so big while I left! Didn’t expected you to grow this big with such a small contact.
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HIDDEN Commission FullColor WaistUp+BG by YDBunny HIDDEN Commission FullColor WaistUp+BG :iconydbunny:YDBunny 93 4
The Wand Part I
Julianne was invited by his friend Gabe who sent her a message written “You absolutely have to come asap! There is something you have to see! :D”. She was a pretty 22 years old woman who has blond curvy hear to the middle of her back with blue eyes. She is thin, 5’3” tall, with nice shapes, except that she has just A-cup breasts.  She complained a lot about her breasts, and has always been jealous of big-breasted women because for her big breasts meant sexiness. Gabe was pretty aware of that since they are friends since 10 years, and he always tried to help her or to comfort her, and this day might be the good one!
After a short while, Julianne arrived and knocked at the door. A big smile appeared on Gabe’s face when he heard it and he rushed to the door, opening it. “Haaa there you are! Quick come in!” he says, pulling Julianne by her arm into the house. She was wearing a red tank top, with a dark blue jean.
Gabe led them to the living ro
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