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Breathe It In (TF, TG, Beautification)
Breathe It In
(TF, TG, Beautification)

    “Finally home.”  Staggering into his apartment, Neville let out a sigh.  Leaning against the door he tried letting go of all the tension he had but wasn’t succeeding.  “What a day this turned out to be.”
    For the twenty-two year old, life had become routine where he’d get up, go to work as human resources then go home.  Never really change it as he kept mostly to himself.  There were multiple of reasons but two top the list.  One was because he found it difficult to open up to people.  The other may be silly but it was something that couldn’t be shaken.
    Before he was born people would developed something called quirks.  It was where people
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Tis the Season (Multi TF, TG)

Tis the Season
(Multi TF & TG)

    “What do you mean you can’t?”  In an office, a man was having a discussion with someone on the phone and considering the hostility, it wasn’t a favorable one.  “I reserve this over a month ago and you tell me a week before I need them that you’ll fulfill it. What am I supposed to do now?”  Something was said from the person on the other side of the phone but did little to calm the man down.  “You damn right you’re going to reimburse me.  Thanks for nothing.”  Fed up, he hung up, letting out a frustrated sigh afterward.
    Calming down, the man tried to figure out a solution to his new problem.  Going to his computer
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Req: Hostile Takeover (Neptunia Assimilation)
A pair of lavender haired girls were walking the halls of the Leanbox Basilicom, chatting as they moved closer to their destination. One a shorter girl with short hair and a pair of dpad hairclips in her hair, the other taller with similarly longer hair and only a single dpad. Both wore nice outfits consisting of white and a few shades of purple, the smaller one having white and blue striped stockings while the taller had white and pink versions of them.
"Like, I get Vert is super into you and all, but why did I have to come too?" the shorter one asked. "Neptune, Vert asked for both of us. I'm sure whatever she wants is very important." the taller girl said. Despite her size, she was actually the younger sister of the duo. No one would be able to tell with how irresponsible Neptune could be though. "But walking is haaaard. I could be sitting on the couch doing nothing right now!"
Neptune whined a bit more as she followed behind her sister Nepgear to Vert's room. "We're here!" Nepgear s
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Clothes Make the Girl (TF, Beautification, AP, MA)
Clothes Make the Girl
(TF, Beautification, AP, MA)

    “Hey.”  Moving quickly, a woman veered to the side as someone went speeding past them.  “Why don’t you watch where you’re going?”  Danielle, preferred to be known as Dani, paid them no mind as she continued going through the sidewalk on her skateboard.  She continued to avoid other pedestrians as she was in a hurry in the hopes to get somewhere fast. 
    The seventeen year old was on her way to her first day working at the music store that recently opened.  She was hoping to save up some money before high school was over.  Tried to play it off as nothing but couldn’t help feel unsure.  “Maybe I should’ve gone with a different attire to wear on my first day.”  The dress code wasn’t strict so had went with a
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