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BAGGEY WEDGEYS by RadenWA BAGGEY WEDGEYS :iconradenwa:RadenWA 247 158 Request - SVTFOE Tom + Marco wedgies by Black-Chocobo99 Request - SVTFOE Tom + Marco wedgies :iconblack-chocobo99:Black-Chocobo99 100 8 Request - Young Justice wedgies by Black-Chocobo99 Request - Young Justice wedgies :iconblack-chocobo99:Black-Chocobo99 111 25 Commission - Naegi wedgie by Black-Chocobo99 Commission - Naegi wedgie :iconblack-chocobo99:Black-Chocobo99 112 18 Robin in trouble! by thewedgieboy Robin in trouble! :iconthewedgieboy:thewedgieboy 131 8 Commission - Link wedgie by Black-Chocobo99 Commission - Link wedgie :iconblack-chocobo99:Black-Chocobo99 93 12 Request - Xiaolin Showdown wedgies by Black-Chocobo99 Request - Xiaolin Showdown wedgies :iconblack-chocobo99:Black-Chocobo99 82 23
When You Give A Boy A Wedgie...
You pull yourself off the cold floor. You look around the empty space around you, only spotting three figures in the distance. You walk towards them, your bare feet cold on the ground. When you get closer, the figures start to take shape.
The first figure was a boy. He had brown hair, and was a foot taller than you. He was also wearing what looks like a school's football jersey, with blue jeans. He seemed like kind of a jock.
The second figure was also a boy. He seemed about a foot and a half shorter than you, with slick black hair. He was wearing a black leather jacket, with a pair of jeans that has chains hanging from them. He seemed like a biker. But who are you to judge?
The last figure was a boy, too, with blonde hair. He seemed to be wearing a normal white t-shirt, with blue gym shorts. He seemed familiar. With the, Boy Next Door look.
All three boys were facing one direction, not moving. You called out them, looking them in the eye, even poking them, but nothing worked
:iconjackhack101:JackHack101 61 12
The Nutchracker by TheCaliforniaBoy1989 The Nutchracker :iconthecaliforniaboy1989:TheCaliforniaBoy1989 44 23
Showers and Cheerleaders
She began to approach me, observing me more and more. I was petrified, I'm standing in a pair of Power Rangers briefs with food leaking out of it. “ How old are you?” “I'm 11, aren’t you the girl from my history class? Emerson?” She giggles as I cover up my underwear. “ Yes I am, those are some childish undies, even for an 11 year old.” I stared at my underwear as my face turns red. All I could see was the faint colors of the Power Rangers briefs surrounded by various stains, I turned around bending over scrambling for my bag. As I bend over, laughter increases behind me. A scarlet blush fills my face, as I realize that I haven't picked the wedgie Bruce gave me. Emerson was laughing it up, I instantly put my hands on my behind, attempting to cover up what she saw. I could feel frosting and everything Bruce shoved down, Emerson came up to me smiling, holding back her laughter with a grin. Wow, she was pretty. Like what Homer wrote in the Iliad,
:iconthepokemonteller:ThePokemonTeller 30 6
Art Trade - Ryan Murphy wedgie by Black-Chocobo99 Art Trade - Ryan Murphy wedgie :iconblack-chocobo99:Black-Chocobo99 59 10 Commission - Wally wedgie by Black-Chocobo99 Commission - Wally wedgie :iconblack-chocobo99:Black-Chocobo99 73 3 Request - Phoenix Wright + Apollo Justice wedgies by Black-Chocobo99 Request - Phoenix Wright + Apollo Justice wedgies :iconblack-chocobo99:Black-Chocobo99 60 13 Beast Boy Wedgie by thewedgieboy Beast Boy Wedgie :iconthewedgieboy:thewedgieboy 68 12 Big Johnny's Wedgie by TheCaliforniaBoy1989 Big Johnny's Wedgie :iconthecaliforniaboy1989:TheCaliforniaBoy1989 49 4 Request - Blazblue wedgies by Black-Chocobo99 Request - Blazblue wedgies :iconblack-chocobo99:Black-Chocobo99 51 6 Toshiro's Wedgie by TheCaliforniaBoy1989 Toshiro's Wedgie :iconthecaliforniaboy1989:TheCaliforniaBoy1989 52 9 Request - Woody Boyd Wedgie by Black-Chocobo99 Request - Woody Boyd Wedgie :iconblack-chocobo99:Black-Chocobo99 51 22 Commission - Hugo wedgie by Black-Chocobo99 Commission - Hugo wedgie :iconblack-chocobo99:Black-Chocobo99 42 32 Request - Dethklok wedgies - Toki + Skwisgaar by Black-Chocobo99 Request - Dethklok wedgies - Toki + Skwisgaar :iconblack-chocobo99:Black-Chocobo99 39 9 Beach Wedgie 6: It's getting hot by TheCaliforniaBoy1989 Beach Wedgie 6: It's getting hot :iconthecaliforniaboy1989:TheCaliforniaBoy1989 36 43