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Spin the Bottle (Germany x reader)
(Random girl name here) stood shivering like a lovesick puppy looking at the bottle, then at Francis.
“Is she ok?” Arthur murmured you shrugged.
Francis grinned as he sauntered over to a quivering girl.
He gave her a rather intense French kiss, she froze, and just stood there before fainting, Francis caught her in that romantic way they do in movies.
She came to for a second and stared at him for a second, then fainted again, He grinned.
“Typical reaction”
He picked her up and carried her away bridal style.
“Shouldn’t someone chaperone?” you asked, Japan was already hurrying after Francis.
There was a pause and you heard Francis
“Aww you’re no fun!” pouting, Francis stomped back into the room, Kiku close behind. (No I don’t think Francis is a rapist! I just put that in here)
“Your turn Ludwig” Alfred said brightly, Ludwig grumbled.
“I don’t know why I play your stupid games” he knelt down an
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Magic Bottle. Tutorial by Anastasia-berry Magic Bottle. Tutorial :iconanastasia-berry:Anastasia-berry 707 7 Potion Bottles DL by Littlemisshorror Potion Bottles DL :iconlittlemisshorror:Littlemisshorror 433 2 Small glass bottle PNG by raduluchian Small glass bottle PNG :iconraduluchian:raduluchian 1,560 135 Feed the Baby OyO Chinchilla by Villa-Chinchilla Feed the Baby OyO Chinchilla :iconvilla-chinchilla:Villa-Chinchilla 2,117 646 Frozen Time in a Bottle Charms by YellerCrakka Frozen Time in a Bottle Charms :iconyellercrakka:YellerCrakka 669 121 Sake, tables, and tea DL by scarletrose101 Sake, tables, and tea DL :iconscarletrose101:scarletrose101 200 50 fireworks 3.6 by meihua-stock fireworks 3.6 :iconmeihua-stock:meihua-stock 180 26 Glass Bottle 7 by A-Passionate-Flame Glass Bottle 7 :icona-passionate-flame:A-Passionate-Flame 262 52 MMD MAGIC Necklace by amiamy111 MMD MAGIC Necklace :iconamiamy111:amiamy111 659 71 ~Bottle Miku~Download~ by ElviraMoa ~Bottle Miku~Download~ :iconelviramoa:ElviraMoa 2,838 589 + Alice in the Bottle + by Naschi + Alice in the Bottle + :iconnaschi:Naschi 4,666 125 wine bottle holder by isolatedreality wine bottle holder :iconisolatedreality:isolatedreality 353 93 Aquarius by Hellobaby Aquarius :iconhellobaby:Hellobaby 10,711 898 Gemini by Hellobaby Gemini :iconhellobaby:Hellobaby 8,477 604 PLEASE! Donate points, Animation by imonedesign PLEASE! Donate points, Animation :iconimonedesign:imonedesign 1,467 413
Spin The Bottle (Canada x reader)
“Spin the bottle?!?” You exclaim in surprise.
“Of course” Prussia says taking a place in the circle. “It is a party you know”
“Come on ____” Arthur, says gesturing to the open spot between him and the barely noticeable Matthew.
Hell, you had no boyfriend and a crush on Matthew, luck had better be a lady tonight. Last time you had seen Canada was when Alfred had forced him to watch all the Star Wars movies. The poor guy was probably scarred for life.
You cautiously took your place, praying you wouldn’t get Gilbert or Francis. “Ok, the rules are girl and boy you kiss, two boys you punch, two girls you hug, got it?” a general murmur of assent.
Arthur was first he spun it and it pointed at Alfred “shit” Alfred muttered as Arthur walked up.
“I think we can all agree you had this coming,” Arthur said sympathetically. He gave Alfred a harder punch than needed.
Alfred fell back unto the couch holding a bl
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