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Petette Piranha II by Dragonith Petette Piranha II :icondragonith:Dragonith 458 14 Chompette by Myaruu Chompette :iconmyaruu:Myaruu 344 10 Super Crown by Rosuuri Super Crown :iconrosuuri:Rosuuri 5,166 92 TDA Queen Booette + DL by Jfazbeard TDA Queen Booette + DL :iconjfazbeard:Jfazbeard 253 31 Piranha Plantette by Phill-Art Piranha Plantette :iconphill-art:Phill-Art 207 6 Bowsette 10K! by ayyk92 Bowsette 10K! :iconayyk92:ayyk92 444 42 [+SPEEDPAINT] Booette (Queen Boo)| King Boo by Yitsune-Melody [+SPEEDPAINT] Booette (Queen Boo)| King Boo :iconyitsune-melody:Yitsune-Melody 783 26 Goombette by Phill-Art Goombette :iconphill-art:Phill-Art 262 17 [New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe] Super Crown by ShadorX [New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe] Super Crown :iconshadorx:ShadorX 154 14 I want to be HUMAN again by TransFlame I want to be HUMAN again :icontransflame:TransFlame 389 38 Princess Boo by chibiirose Princess Boo :iconchibiirose:chibiirose 369 66 Boosette by HoshichoM Boosette :iconhoshichom:HoshichoM 316 33 Bowsette and Bowsette Jr. by Phill-Art Bowsette and Bowsette Jr. :iconphill-art:Phill-Art 399 9 Booette by sishenfan Booette :iconsishenfan:sishenfan 651 12 Bowsette and Booette with Crown by Siansaar Bowsette and Booette with Crown :iconsiansaar:Siansaar 490 22
Booette X M!Reader FULL (Super Mario Bros)
(Not sure if it's Fem!King Boo, or just a regular Boo putting on the crown..)
"Dear (Y/N)... as my only surviving grandson, you are inheriting my mansion. It may be old and full of dust, but it can be an amazing thing once fixed up. But be wary, it is haunted by ghosts..."
I read out loud to myself, this letter I got from my grandpa. I sighed, then I got excited. "Maybe he has collected something old and valuable in there!" I said excitedly to myself. But even if there wasn't, a little elbow grease and I'd be living in an old mansion! "Ghosts..." yeah, right. I went there on Friday, I planned on spending the entire weekend cleaning it up. I had the key in my hand and was standing in front of it; if this was black and white and the 60's.. you could convince me that this was a prop in an old cheesy horror movie. I looked around and the trees were rotting and dead, "Maybe I'll splurge and get some new trees in..." I happily commented.
I looked around and outside and found
:icontaranthygod:TaranThyGod 115 9
Boosette by svikey02 Boosette :iconsvikey02:svikey02 253 19 [FA]Booette by KaPaChan [FA]Booette :iconkapachan:KaPaChan 509 24 Booette cosplay by Rinnie Riot by RinnieRiot Booette cosplay by Rinnie Riot :iconrinnieriot:RinnieRiot 210 5 Peach-a-Boo by Tiribrush Peach-a-Boo :icontiribrush:Tiribrush 259 10 King Booette by RayRie King Booette :iconrayrie:RayRie 634 12 Final Encounter Twist by HOwLing-MAdFoxHatter Final Encounter Twist :iconhowling-madfoxhatter:HOwLing-MAdFoxHatter 243 28 Booette (Animated) by Zedrin Booette (Animated) :iconzedrin:Zedrin 667 27