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Free styles pack by t1na Free styles pack :icont1na:t1na 581 119
StarFox/Dinosaur Planet Contest Bonus Entry
To call Sabre and Krystal's quest a challenge would be an understatement.
Krystal wasn't sure of the details of her adopted brother's part, but her side of the adventure had been no picnic.
Being eaten alive by a monster and having to fight it from the inside was actually among the least harrowing parts of their adventure.
At the Tree of Souls, the spirit of Kyte's mother had gotten a chance to say her final farewells to her daughter. Meanwhile Krystal had been forced to face an illusion of Sabre claiming he had never trusted her, and that their father should have left her to die when he found her.
Krystal and Kyte had also returned with one of the SpellStones to find Dinosaur Planet a lifeless husk and her brother dead. They had to go back in time with the help of the Krazoa to prevent that future from existing.
The pair's time travel adventure had also resulted in them seeing the Krazoa enact war on Drakor's race. The Krazoa in the present had insisted the Krazoa had changed, while D
:iconalexwarlorn:alexwarlorn 6 2
Leopard extra folder icons by Myssynen Leopard extra folder icons :iconmyssynen:Myssynen 512 222 Death of Silver bonus-COLORED by LiyuConberma Death of Silver bonus-COLORED :iconliyuconberma:LiyuConberma 781 275
Helmet (Mituna X Reader) with bonus ending
Mituna X Reader
So your name is ____ and yours visiting one of your closest friends, Mituna Captor. You like looking after him and being able to spend time with him despite his random angry out bursts. He was just too sweet for you to stay mad at him. At the moment you are sitting in his kitchen while he looks for his safety helmet.
“____ C4N Y0U H3PL M3 F1ND MY H3LM3T?” He asked as he looked under a near by chair.
You sighed and helped him search for his helmet. You kept glancing at him though. You liked it better when he didn’t have his helmet on. It let you see his hair, it was fluffy and messy, but it fit him. His hair was more flat where his helmet would normally be and his hair fell in front of his eyes. You remember he once let you see his eyes but it was so long ago you barely remember. But it didn’t matter to you, he could have no eyes and still be adorable. You kept searching for the helmet to keep from getting too lost in Mituna’s hair.
:iconcrazylight36:Crazylight36 355 107
Love Academy! (Len X Reader) *Bonus* Content
(Note: This continues from my Len X Reader series, Love Academy, but it should make sense even if you haven’t read it)
(Note 2: There is a deleted excerpt from chapter 5 further down this page)
“Happy Valentine’s Day!” You awoke to Len poking your cheeks.
“Agh, get off of me!” You shoved him over, only to find that your hands were sliding over a thin layer of paper hearts spread out over the loft. “Len. It looks like Cupid threw up in here.”
“I know! I thought you’d like it!” The cheerful blond started to bounce up and down, nodding his head as he hummed some song. You stared up at him with a bewildered sigh. You couldn’t remember the last time he was this happy, and you were just so happy that the mess from before was over with.
A pounding sounded on the door, and it gently opened. “Someone called for pancakes!” Neru said. She waltzed it, Teto following behind her. The pink-haired shota laughed as she
:iconfan-tan-chan:Fan-Tan-Chan 113 88
ANIMATED BONUS - Training with Sans by JWiesner ANIMATED BONUS - Training with Sans :iconjwiesner:JWiesner 909 66 Isometric Mario Final Scene| FanArt #9 by Sephiroth-Art Isometric Mario Final Scene| FanArt #9 :iconsephiroth-art:Sephiroth-Art 354 23 Cthulhu by Sephiroth-Art Cthulhu :iconsephiroth-art:Sephiroth-Art 187 8 5NightsAtNetty's - Night 6 (BONUS) - ScribbleNetty by ScribbleNetty 5NightsAtNetty's - Night 6 (BONUS) - ScribbleNetty :iconscribblenetty:ScribbleNetty 1,450 74 coffee time by vesner coffee time :iconvesner:vesner 1,463 63
Hitman!PrussiaxReader ~The Underground Truth~Bonus
The Underground Truth~Bonus~
~~This takes place before the epilogue of the final chapter~~
You had just gotten back from a visit at the Vargas Estate. Feliciano had promised he'd cook you a big pasta meal the next time you'd visit, but you had been so busy with jobs that you just never had the time until recently. Gilbert could work you like a dog sometimes.
"How was your visit to the Vargas Estate?" Father Germania asked after you greeted him in his study room.
"It was nice," you replied. "Feli and Lovi cooked a really big meal. They were really hoping you could have visited—well, Feli, anyway. You know how Lovi has this thing against you guys."
"That's alright," Father Germania said with a slight smile cracking in the corner of his mouth. "Rome and I have our rocky moments, too."
"Yeah. He's told me about that," you chuckled. "Is Gilbert home?"
"He should be out with Jones," Father Germania answered.
"Oh," you chuckled. Gilbert had told you about his first mission with Al
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 120 73
SF Bonus Stage by arnistotle SF Bonus Stage :iconarnistotle:arnistotle 5,356 270 Bonus Level by ZilerWolf Bonus Level :iconzilerwolf:ZilerWolf 766 100 Sciset 73: Bonus by Little-Tweenframes Sciset 73: Bonus :iconlittle-tweenframes:Little-Tweenframes 114 9 November brushes set by kawacy November brushes set :iconkawacy:kawacy 3,379 52 Shale - Dragon Age by DragonOfBitterLies Shale - Dragon Age :icondragonofbitterlies:DragonOfBitterLies 636 38 FMA-Gender Bender by queenbean3 FMA-Gender Bender :iconqueenbean3:queenbean3 847 160 Valentine 2017 Bonus by oennarts Valentine 2017 Bonus :iconoennarts:oennarts 309 31 MxP - The Festival They Never Got by paratroopaCx MxP - The Festival They Never Got :iconparatroopacx:paratroopaCx 304 115 Fakemon Undread by mssingno Fakemon Undread :iconmssingno:mssingno 209 61 Fallen Giant by chateaugrief Fallen Giant :iconchateaugrief:chateaugrief 1,050 76 Marco and Star fall asleep together on the couch by Deaf-Machbot Marco and Star fall asleep together on the couch :icondeaf-machbot:Deaf-Machbot 133 12 Yog-Sothoth by Sephiroth-Art Yog-Sothoth :iconsephiroth-art:Sephiroth-Art 462 24 Finally got a Chance! *BONUS by AoiCancerius Finally got a Chance! *BONUS :iconaoicancerius:AoiCancerius 161 12 Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition - Vergil Bonus Art by senjuroman Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition - Vergil Bonus Art :iconsenjuroman:senjuroman 77 9 NaLu week - Bonus Prompt: High School by micchiyume NaLu week - Bonus Prompt: High School :iconmicchiyume:micchiyume 151 15
Circus!SpainxReader~Sky's Limit~Bonus
Sky's Limit~Bonus Chapter~
You were pacing around in circles. Everything was in perfect order thanks to Feliks who was a brilliant organizer, and Francis, Yao, and Sadık who volunteered to prepare the meals*. Even so, you couldn't shake off the feeling that something was amiss.
*Reference to the Academy Gourmet Food Club
Feeling a need to calm yourself down, you wanted to go and see Antonio, but then you caught yourself. People had been saying that it was bad luck to see him before the ceremony. Still…
"Toni, I need you!" you whined.
Elizabeta and Bella noticed your distress right away.
"If you want, we can sneak him over here for you," Bella offered in a playful tone.
"Thanks, Bella, but I really shouldn't," you said with a heavy sigh.
Elizabeta smiled. "I can't believe you're getting married before Roddy and me!"
"He already proposed though, didn't he?" you asked confused.
Bella nodded. "But Roddy said he wants to wait until he can find a good conductor to replace him while
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 81 82
Interogation Selfie (BONUS) by Xinom Interogation Selfie (BONUS) :iconxinom:Xinom 22 9 SNNH: Bonus scene #1(New York) by 0xWhaii SNNH: Bonus scene #1(New York) :icon0xwhaii:0xWhaii 106 216 Elkhorn Slough by chateaugrief Elkhorn Slough :iconchateaugrief:chateaugrief 811 47 DAI [INSTAGRAM] - Dorian and Bull spotted by K-yon DAI [INSTAGRAM] - Dorian and Bull spotted :iconk-yon:K-yon 103 58 Gotta go Fast by MissNeens Gotta go Fast :iconmissneens:MissNeens 166 31 Sherwin Range by chateaugrief Sherwin Range :iconchateaugrief:chateaugrief 924 85 Rebecca Chambers Photo D cosplay comparison by Rejiclad Rebecca Chambers Photo D cosplay comparison :iconrejiclad:Rejiclad 82 38 GET BLUE SPHERES! (remastered) by WinderBlitz GET BLUE SPHERES! (remastered) :iconwinderblitz:WinderBlitz 101 10 No habra noche de crii criii by yamilMIYO No habra noche de crii criii :iconyamilmiyo:yamilMIYO 168 41 Sad Moon by Silwany Sad Moon :iconsilwany:Silwany 184 9 Hoodie x EJ (bonus ~) by Nezu404 Hoodie x EJ (bonus ~) :iconnezu404:Nezu404 15 10 Claire Redfield Cosplay - Armed Angel by ChaoticClaire Claire Redfield Cosplay - Armed Angel :iconchaoticclaire:ChaoticClaire 28 13 Undertale-Phone call Comic *BONUS* by SilverKnight27 Undertale-Phone call Comic *BONUS* :iconsilverknight27:SilverKnight27 60 1 In These Arms by misstirius In These Arms :iconmisstirius:misstirius 650 93 ION.Lines by ArgeWorks ION.Lines :iconargeworks:ArgeWorks 312 58 TNA Bonus: Kawaii Police by TalaSeba TNA Bonus: Kawaii Police :icontalaseba:TalaSeba 243 173 Combo - Ada Wong by LeonCray Combo - Ada Wong :iconleoncray:LeonCray 72 86 Reign Prologue by TeamHeartGold Reign Prologue :iconteamheartgold:TeamHeartGold 91 53 Rebecca Chambers RE Basketball cosplay IV by Rejiclad Rebecca Chambers RE Basketball cosplay IV :iconrejiclad:Rejiclad 40 12 Starry Guardian Adopt [ OtA - CLOSED ] by BluAjisai Starry Guardian Adopt [ OtA - CLOSED ] :iconbluajisai:BluAjisai 76 26 Rebecca Chambers RE Basketball cosplay VI by Rejiclad Rebecca Chambers RE Basketball cosplay VI :iconrejiclad:Rejiclad 60 21