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[BNHA] During The Break by Margo-sama [BNHA] During The Break :iconmargo-sama:Margo-sama 360 22 tired by Neytirix tired :iconneytirix:Neytirix 886 21 bnha oc | iico by miolet bnha oc | iico :iconmiolet:miolet 230 34 BNHA Kacchan, Deku and Excalibur by Suncelia BNHA Kacchan, Deku and Excalibur :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 2,260 114 [BNHA] Trumpet Meme by Margo-sama [BNHA] Trumpet Meme :iconmargo-sama:Margo-sama 185 4 Boku no Hero Academia: Nadia Igarashi by dre-tama Boku no Hero Academia: Nadia Igarashi :icondre-tama:dre-tama 545 153 Himiko Toga fanart by Karitachan Himiko Toga fanart :iconkaritachan:Karitachan 431 15 GET REKT DEKU!!! by TheatricalPlacenta GET REKT DEKU!!! :icontheatricalplacenta:TheatricalPlacenta 1,660 86 BNHA by Astrovique BNHA :iconastrovique:Astrovique 648 50 BNHA: Feeding Shoji the octopus by Suncelia BNHA: Feeding Shoji the octopus :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 943 50 Domino - BNHA OC by Elemental-FA Domino - BNHA OC :iconelemental-fa:Elemental-FA 720 26 [BNHA OC] Hinata Inoue by Ringoleen [BNHA OC] Hinata Inoue :iconringoleen:Ringoleen 720 188 Deku by Shilozart Deku :iconshilozart:Shilozart 182 8 Mahou Hero Academia! | BnHA by ViPOP Mahou Hero Academia! | BnHA :iconvipop:ViPOP 333 11 Bakugou Katsuki BNHA Wallpaper by SpukyCat Bakugou Katsuki BNHA Wallpaper :iconspukycat:SpukyCat 956 40 BNHA Kacchan and Uraracat by Suncelia BNHA Kacchan and Uraracat :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 1,867 67 [MerMay] Encounter by InsertSomthinAwesome [MerMay] Encounter :iconinsertsomthinawesome:InsertSomthinAwesome 577 83 BNHA postcard -Deku by Evil-usagi BNHA postcard -Deku :iconevil-usagi:Evil-usagi 1,822 44 [My Hero Academia SEASON3 SPOILERS!!!] Heirs by InsertSomthinAwesome [My Hero Academia SEASON3 SPOILERS!!!] Heirs :iconinsertsomthinawesome:InsertSomthinAwesome 369 49
Extra. (Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

For: TadaKari
Colour: Mango Tango and Blush
Character: Katsuki Bakugou
Genre: Romance (as romantic as Kacchan can be.... at least)
Prompt / Quote / Song: "Move it, extra!"/"Who you calling extra, asshole?!" <-first words to soulmate (Katsuki/Reader)
Additional Info: SoulMate AU would be pretty interesting for this... Maybe having them meet and go on a date?
Word Count: 787
"Alright, (Y/N). You're live in three..."
The man at the side of the stage silently counts out the remaining numbers with his fingers, and gives you the signal to go. You bounce onto the stage, thousands of fans filling the city square, standing and cheering all for you. You wave to the crowd, soaking it all in-- it's something you'll never get tired of.
You inconspicuously shift the large band on your wrist, looking at the tattoo inscribed in your skin
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Speechless. (Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

Contest Prize for: TheComicGal-Moved
"Stupid school festival. Having to dress up instead of doing something actually damn productive with my time."
Bakugou grumbles, fiddling with the various pieces of cloth that have been thrown at him by the various other males in the dorm.
"Shut up, Bakugou," Kirishima laughs heartily, "we all know you act like a kid every time you watch the Taiko drummers."
Sero pipes in,
"Don't forget when he yelled at the man running the spicy food stall because the food wasn't spicy enough."
"If you don't shut your mouth, I'd be glad to shut it for you, Tape Roll."
About half of the boys are wearing monochromed yukata, whereas others have opted for bright, colourful designs (Kirishima insists that the flames on his are the most manly of the bunch).
Katsuki is dressed in a jet black yukata himself; it highlights his bright ruby eyes, narrowed in their signature glare.
He catches snipp
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(+speedpaint) Himiko Toga by CHARIKO (+speedpaint) Himiko Toga :iconchariko:CHARIKO 1,902 52