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Skin Coloring Tutorial by BloodlineV Skin Coloring Tutorial :iconbloodlinev:BloodlineV 6,825 151 Paint Tool SAI Basics tutorial by BloodlineV Paint Tool SAI Basics tutorial :iconbloodlinev:BloodlineV 9,641 682 Hair Coloring Tutorial by BloodlineV Hair Coloring Tutorial :iconbloodlinev:BloodlineV 8,233 140
Prince!England X Reader: The Royal Bloodline
Arthur escaped from the castle again for the who knows my many times with his horse. According to him, life inside the castle sucks as hell, everything gets on your way, not letting you do whatever you please. No matter what you do, you were always get dictated.
He got out from the castle by disguising as a carriage man, thankfully it worked unbelievably, the security inside was so tight. Arthur went out to town to see what his people doing.
'Lively as always...' he thought to himself as he tied his white horse at the fences.
He always loved this town, the smell of the foods and the kind and cheerful people. He walked and walked until he got satisfied, and then, he saw a terribly familiar looking girl with a (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes. He approached to her and talked to her without a second thought.
"Hey there, can I ask what's your name, miss?" he said with a calm voice. He didn't care what she'll think of him.
"_-_____..." you replied shyly, surprised at the unusual question.
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Yugilicious by Rivan145th Yugilicious :iconrivan145th:Rivan145th 1,436 128 Yu Gi Oh Abridged by Rivan145th Yu Gi Oh Abridged :iconrivan145th:Rivan145th 1,026 58 Speedpaint commission sample by BloodlineV Speedpaint commission sample :iconbloodlinev:BloodlineV 939 48 Dragon Disciple by JasonEngle Dragon Disciple :iconjasonengle:JasonEngle 824 9 Sever the Bloodline - MTG by ClintCearley Sever the Bloodline - MTG :iconclintcearley:ClintCearley 432 18 Belle by BloodlineV Belle :iconbloodlinev:BloodlineV 782 25 YGOTAS - Fallout by Rivan145th YGOTAS - Fallout :iconrivan145th:Rivan145th 2,054 132 Kilika Woods by BloodlineV Kilika Woods :iconbloodlinev:BloodlineV 452 34 Yu Gi Oh - Someone call the police by Rivan145th Yu Gi Oh - Someone call the police :iconrivan145th:Rivan145th 1,001 72 Crystal Wasteland by BloodlineV Crystal Wasteland :iconbloodlinev:BloodlineV 1,320 78 Lady Koharu by BloodlineV Lady Koharu :iconbloodlinev:BloodlineV 541 12
Prince!England X Reader: The Royal Bloodline II
"Take her away!" said the Queen, ordering the maid.
"Yes your Highness!" she ran away from the castle being devoured by hell fire.
'I must keep her safe!' the maid swore to herself.
The castle was set to fire, there were no clues who did it, the 11th Royal Family of the South never had an opponent to begin with, probably the townspeople? No, the Royal Family is nice, probably another Royal Family who had a grudge against them? The maid didn't expected that an arrow from a bow will pierce her, going through her chest. She ran fast as she can to the town and coincidentally saw a cleaning barmaid, she begged at the barmaid to take care of the child she was holding until she took her last breath.

All of it was a dream, you've been seeing that dream over and over again.
'That dream again...' you thought as you opened your eyes.
"__ , are you okay? You're sweating a lot, it's not hot right? it's winter this month though" said Arthur with a concern voice.
"Just have a..
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Eyes Shut by BloodlineV Eyes Shut :iconbloodlinev:BloodlineV 1,096 62 Sai designing by BloodlineV Sai designing :iconbloodlinev:BloodlineV 953 67 Starry Sky by BloodlineV Starry Sky :iconbloodlinev:BloodlineV 537 19 Raide by BloodlineV Raide :iconbloodlinev:BloodlineV 550 22 Raspberry Gloom by BloodlineV Raspberry Gloom :iconbloodlinev:BloodlineV 608 15 A fight against yourself by BloodlineV A fight against yourself :iconbloodlinev:BloodlineV 1,320 72 The Neighborhood Cat by BloodlineV The Neighborhood Cat :iconbloodlinev:BloodlineV 876 78