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Ribbons (flat) PSD by NishithV Ribbons (flat) PSD :iconnishithv:NishithV 3,388 311 The Reaper by 814CK5T4R The Reaper :icon814ck5t4r:814CK5T4R 524 81 TdaxPDAC Black Star and Blue Moon Download by Ohbey TdaxPDAC Black Star and Blue Moon Download :iconohbey:Ohbey 606 144 .+ Dress Up Midori +. by tobi2moodring .+ Dress Up Midori +. :icontobi2moodring:tobi2moodring 460 1,930 GND speshul - Absences by Pika-la-Cynique GND speshul - Absences :iconpika-la-cynique:Pika-la-Cynique 738 116 Tallstar and Blackstar by WeHaveCandy Tallstar and Blackstar :iconwehavecandy:WeHaveCandy 408 33 SoMa Week, day 7- First I love you by KeysaMoguri SoMa Week, day 7- First I love you :iconkeysamoguri:KeysaMoguri 439 58 Littermates by Silverzoul Littermates :iconsilverzoul:Silverzoul 261 10 Warrior Cats Icon by lightningkat Warrior Cats Icon :iconlightningkat:lightningkat 1,225 336 SoMa Week, day 4- Loyalty by KeysaMoguri SoMa Week, day 4- Loyalty :iconkeysamoguri:KeysaMoguri 316 39
Soul Eater Seven Minutes in Heaven Death The Kid
       Lord Death called you to the center of the library where the large basket containing everyone's items is setting. Following his instructions, you placed your hand inside the large covered basket and began searching for an item. Something with a foamy texture and an odd shape gets your attention. You lift it out of the basket to see it's a foamy number eight with Velcro in the center. "Well, if this isn't just obvious, I don't know what is."
Death the Kid walked slowly and meticulously over to you. He took the item from your hand and held it close to his chest. "Perhaps you don't understand the significance of this item. Not only is it my favorite number, because it is perfectly symmetrical. It can also be divided perfectly. The Velcro in the center turns the one eight into two zero's, another symmetrical number. And this wonderful foamy material allows it to be kept clean easily. It's the perfect item."
"Okay then kiddo. That's enough now. Why don't you go ah
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Trick or Treat by semokan Trick or Treat :iconsemokan:semokan 1,812 129 Soul eater by Chibi-Kawaii Soul eater :iconchibi-kawaii:Chibi-Kawaii 2,354 77
Death the KidXReader Tutor
     "Son, you have become a great weapon meister. There are a couple of students struggling in Professor Stein's class. As a great meister and as my son, I feel that it is your duty to help and tutor some of these students. A particular student I have already set up for after classes today is ___, she is a meister who works with a sword like Crona," Lord Death said in his squeaky voice. He watched his son sigh and glance at his weapons, the twins Liz and Patty. He rested a hand on the back of his head and watched his father move about. "I guess… "Death the Kid reluctantly agreed.
    Even though Lord Death wore a mask, Kid was sure that he was grinning. Lord Death waved his huge white hands about then gently patted Kid on the head. "That's my son, now go ahead to class and don't be late," cheered Kid's father. Kid turned away from his father. "Liz… Patty, let's go," Kid told his weapons and headed down the steps.
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Tigerclaw's Fury. Ch. III by Spirit-Of-Alaska Tigerclaw's Fury. Ch. III :iconspirit-of-alaska:Spirit-Of-Alaska 468 21 Darth Vader, Kingdom Hearts by alessandelpho Darth Vader, Kingdom Hearts :iconalessandelpho:alessandelpho 532 129
Soul Eater Seven Minutes in Heaven Dr. Stein
         Lord Death looked around the room for a moment, and called you up to the center of the library. "Pick an item, but only one. I can't have you going into the closet with two men now, that would just be awkward."  
You nodded and placed your hand into the covered basket on the table. After only a moment, something rather strange got your attention. You lifted it out of the basket and looked at it. "It's some kind of science thing. I'm really not sure."
"That would be mine. I thought I'd place something in there that I could use while we were in the closet." Stein walked over to you and began measuring you. "Hmm, you might be a bit small, but I still think It'll work."
"Now Stein, that's not the purpose of this game and you know that." Lord Death took away the item Stein had planned to take in the closet. "There will be no experimentation in the closet, at least not that kind. Now get in the closet, you're making people wait." He pointed  you bo
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Black Star and Soul Eater by NoTodoCosplay Black Star and Soul Eater :iconnotodocosplay:NoTodoCosplay 1,701 216 No Regret Life by yookeeah No Regret Life :iconyookeeah:yookeeah 156 21 [Commission] Blackstar by RoanNna [Commission] Blackstar :iconroannna:RoanNna 501 45 Soul Eater - Icon Folder by ubagutobr Soul Eater - Icon Folder :iconubagutobr:ubagutobr 104 4 Truth : Soul Eater 22 teachers by DRUNKENunicorn756 Truth : Soul Eater 22 teachers :icondrunkenunicorn756:DRUNKENunicorn756 288 75