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My Queen (T'Challa x Reader)
T'Challa x fem!Reader
this partially doesn't make sense bc it's 3am. I hope y'all like it ;-;
"(Name), we have a guest."
You looked up at Natasha and then at the person she brought. You immediately looked down, feeling flustered. He is extremely handsome.
"This is T'Challa, king of Wakanda, and Black Panther." Natasha pointed at him and then at you.
"This is (Name), one of our best agents out there. She'll be training you soon enough." Natasha smirked, giving you the "I know what you're thinking" face.
You almost glared at her before T'Challa held out his hand. You took his hand in yours, shaking it. You prayed your hand wasn't sweaty. I mean who wouldn't be sweating in front of this gorgeous man.
"Nice to meet you ma'am. I hope to be working with you soon." T'Challa said kindly, almost making you melt.
"The pleasure is all mine. Don't worry, I'll be in the field today with you guys." You tried hi
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T'Challa x Reader |Vengeance|
Note: This fiction contains Captain America: Civil War spoilers!
(Name) had to turn the news off for the third time, that afternoon. The endless downpour of "The Avengers are evil", "Captain America is a criminal", and "Vigilante superheroes are pursuing convicted felon James Barnes" swamped the television. It was nerve-wracking, and frustrating beyond physical understanding.
And how she was stuck at home. A lovely home, filled with amenities few had, but stuck nonetheless. After T'Challa's father had been killed, her father-in-law, he asked her to stay home in his own, sweet-ish way.
"It is too dangerous where I fight. You are to stay here until I allow you to join me."
Good intentions or no, it was restricting. (Name) cast a sideways glance to the panel beside the bed. The wall that had a small statue of a panther, that seemed inconspicuous to the common eye.
'Too dangerous.' She rolled her eyes, lying back on the bed and staring up at the ceilin
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