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I'm The Friend You Need by fnafmangl I'm The Friend You Need :iconfnafmangl:fnafmangl 731 165 BIMBO by MAIDFRILLS BIMBO :iconmaidfrills:MAIDFRILLS 179 2 Chrystal EXPORTS by chrystalm Chrystal EXPORTS :iconchrystalm:chrystalm 69 3 PapaNinjaContestSubmission by thetetine PapaNinjaContestSubmission :iconthetetine:thetetine 184 50 Bimbo Jinx Process by Frost-Lock Bimbo Jinx Process :iconfrost-lock:Frost-Lock 580 34 Anderogynous by SinComics Anderogynous :iconsincomics:SinComics 456 36
Vacation in Girly Island [interactive] [cyoa]
You won a trip to a mysterious caribbean island. You thought you would have a lot of fun so you didn’t think it twice and went to the airport. When you arrived you met with other people who also won the same prize as you, you were all very excited until you heard a metallic voice coming from a speaker.
“Congratulations and welcome dear winners, for the next couple of days you will enjoy the pleasures and beauty of this island, but wait, there’s a twist…. Every single inhabitant of this island will try to feminize you and if they succeed they will become your masters, that’s right, you will no longer be able to escape. There’s only one way out, if you find the exit ticket you will be able to leave whenever you want, except if you have already been feminized he he he, good luck to everybody”
The crowd stands quiet, confused and surprise.
What will you do?

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Koko and Bimbo are Pervs by SeizureDemon Koko and Bimbo are Pervs :iconseizuredemon:SeizureDemon 353 11 Rock Of Mages TF by Chicken-Yuki Rock Of Mages TF :iconchicken-yuki:Chicken-Yuki 190 9 TG/TF Caption (Bowsette): Video Game Nerd by MistressLanaCaps TG/TF Caption (Bowsette): Video Game Nerd :iconmistresslanacaps:MistressLanaCaps 136 5
The Bimbofying Effect
A limousine pulled up outside of a dark and desolate alley in the vibrant night life of the city. Opening the door was a dark silhouette which blended into the crowd, such that, if someone looked from the top of a block here, no matter how good he could be at recognising faces, he could only see a shadow. You could not know who he was, even when you faced him, and as far as you could describe, the description was either contradictory or non-existent.
At a window overlooking the street I observed the movement of the silhouette through the camera of a fly-sized drone, and no matter how hard I had tried, I couldn’t pin down his or her face. Such silhouette was witnessed to be associated with a few disappearances in which he (let me stick with that) pulled someone into the alley or any covered space, and the victims disappeared, only for the limousine to be driven away later without the silhouette returning. There was no pattern of the victims, except that they were all male. They ra
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Ditzy World -Valentine's Day Page 7 of 8 by buck3 Ditzy World -Valentine's Day Page 7 of 8 :iconbuck3:buck3 279 21
New friends, new you (tg interactive story) (cyoa)
You are new in town and you would like to meet some people. Describe yourself in order to find your new friends.
I like dancing and clubbing, you know i like to have fun
I like to wear costumes
I like luxurious staff
Rock n roll baby
I like to buy clothes
:icondeathbycinnamon:DeathByCinnamon 137 0
Vixen to Be (TG Questionnaire)
Contains furry/anthro transformation, transgender, bimbo transformation, and loss of self.
Stew was a typical guy. Video games, music, most generic things people enjoy doing. Bored on his computer one day he checked his email. He noticed one that stuck out, with the subject "Change things up!" With his curiosity spiked, he clicked to find a questionnaire on it. Bored enough, he decided to answer the questions for fun and send it over. He looked over it noticing it to be a rather strange one involving being a girl. He still went through with it and printed it out to answer it.
Question 1: If you were a girl... would your handwriting be nice?
"Yes, I'd only write cursive" Stew wrote, not noticing his fingers becoming elegant and dainty with his arms becoming slender and losing muscle.
Question 2: If you were a girl... would you like pink?
"Yes, but it's not my favorite color." he wrote, as his legs lost muscle and took on feminine proportions, as he wrote exclusive in cursive and neater.
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 258 31
I Still Got The Job by TG-King I Still Got The Job :icontg-king:TG-King 225 4 Where am I? by TG-King Where am I? :icontg-king:TG-King 264 6 Best girlfriend ever - TG Caption by TG-Man Best girlfriend ever - TG Caption :icontg-man:TG-Man 106 3 Just the Nails by TG-King Just the Nails :icontg-king:TG-King 217 5 china doll tg by jungle-king china doll tg :iconjungle-king:jungle-king 208 11 Swoon~ by WishingStarInAJar Swoon~ :iconwishingstarinajar:WishingStarInAJar 109 9 Bimbo Metroid by AkuOreo Bimbo Metroid :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 1,712 111 Now Im just like her by TG-King Now Im just like her :icontg-king:TG-King 323 11 Bimbo Power-Up Mushroom by AkuOreo Bimbo Power-Up Mushroom :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 1,370 62 Toons at studio set by MarcosPower1996 Toons at studio set :iconmarcospower1996:MarcosPower1996 62 4