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Not Cheering by anynomous1234alt Not Cheering :iconanynomous1234alt:anynomous1234alt 222 3
Vixen to Be (TG Questionnaire)
Contains furry/anthro transformation, transgender, bimbo transformation, and loss of self.
Stew was a typical guy. Video games, music, most generic things people enjoy doing. Bored on his computer one day he checked his email. He noticed one that stuck out, with the subject "Change things up!" With his curiosity spiked, he clicked to find a questionnaire on it. Bored enough, he decided to answer the questions for fun and send it over. He looked over it noticing it to be a rather strange one involving being a girl. He still went through with it and printed it out to answer it.
Question 1: If you were a girl... would your handwriting be nice?
"Yes, I'd only write cursive" Stew wrote, not noticing his fingers becoming elegant and dainty with his arms becoming slender and losing muscle.
Question 2: If you were a girl... would you like pink?
"Yes, but it's not my favorite color." he wrote, as his legs lost muscle and took on feminine proportions, as he wrote exclusive in cursive and neater.
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 218 28
Bimbo tf
a voice in Kim's head said. Kim opens her eyes, and looks at the clock. "Zoey... it's 6:30.... am," Kim said, sleepy. <I know, but all good girls go to school!> Zoey laughs. Kim grunts, "I am not going to school." Zoey responds, angrily, Kim looks around, seeing it all feminine. She sits up, and looks at a mirror. The reflection shows Zoey standing there, and Kim stares. "Hey," Zoey says. "How?" Kim asks. Zoey smiles, "Well, while you were asleep, I took control. I altered your room, and well, created this mirror. Now, don't worry. Whether you are Phoenix, or Kim, or I am in control, this room shifts to fit that person. As for the mirror, we can talk, face to face." Kim stares, then looks around, "How did you do this, especially being a weaker demon then me?" Zoey laughs, "Well, missy, I borrowed your powers, and some memories. Whether you like it or not, we can excess each other's memories." Kim growls, standing up. She mutters a spell, but nothing happens. "I combine our powers, so
:iconphoenixdaimon:PhoenixDaimon 117 27
Bimbo Metroid by AkuOreo Bimbo Metroid :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 1,579 111
Bimbosis - TG
There's metal around my neck. It hurts, and it scares me; but I can't remember why I'm scared. I don't want to be scared, but I am scared, and I don't want to be scared. God, why do I have to be so scared?
I have to do something. I have to… I have to remove it? That doesn't make sense. I have to open my eyes? I don't want to. There's cold rock when I reach out; rough textures and cool metals, and horrid pain. The constant fear of being stabbed.
I don't want to open my eyes.
But I can't remember why.
It's hard to think about it; I don't want to think about it. There's a memory beneath the surface, but it scares me. I don't want to reach for it. I want to run away. I don't know where to run to. I have to get away.
It feels so hard to think.
There are things around me. These… these things. These things I can't seem to name. They're sharp and pretty, but they hurt soooo bad. I have to name them. If  I can't name them, I might not be able to avoid them; they might hurt m
:iconprincess-kay:Princess-Kay 279 24
Tutoring by anynomous1234alt Tutoring :iconanynomous1234alt:anynomous1234alt 213 6 Where am I? by TG-King Where am I? :icontg-king:TG-King 207 5 Bimbo Power-Up Mushroom by AkuOreo Bimbo Power-Up Mushroom :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 1,257 60 Solvent Part 1 by anynomous1234alt Solvent Part 1 :iconanynomous1234alt:anynomous1234alt 177 3
Caught in the Act (Theif into Rouge TF/TG/Bimbo/MC
It was a cold night in TransCity, nothing really going on around. Suddenly, an alarm goes off, as a window of a building is smashed opened, and a man,by the name of Robby Henson, Age 25, dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, and wearing a green shirt, black hoodie, black jeans and ear piercings, jumps out, holding a strange box and ran as fast as he can down the sidewalk.
"Finally *Pant* lost them..."He mumbled to self, before hiding in a dumpster, as the police car raced by. A full 7 minutes past, and he climbed out, and rushed home. As soon as he arrived home, which looked very run down, he walked into his living room,and crashed onto the couch.
"What a day."
He says, pulling out the black box, and opened it, showing a big, beautiful and shiny ruby. He held it in his palms, and sat it onto a shelf. His stomach than growled.
"Man, robbery is such a workout. Wonder what I got." He looks in his fridge, and didn't really find anything that good to eat. He heads back into the living room, and ac
:iconsonicvshtf654:sonicvshtf654 73 22
I Still Got The Job by TG-King I Still Got The Job :icontg-king:TG-King 177 3
Bimboized Birthday Vorhais TG
Vorhias bit into a bite of cake as he walked, the plastic fork resting against his tongue; it seemed to add an odd flavor of its own to the mix, though he wasn't sure if it was a good thing or not. The cake was barely worth eating to begin with. Scooping up a last piece of pink frosting to chew on, he dropped the remainder of the cake into a passing trashcan.
"That's not very nice, you know." Vorhias froze, the gentle press of something vaguely cylindrical pressing between his shoulder blades. "Not that there's anything that says one has to be nice; it's often frowned upon in my line of business, in fact. But you could have at least thrown it out a few blocks further from where you got it."
"Who are you?" It was the only question that entered Vorhias head. He'd have thought there'd be a thousand questions in a situation like that, but only one was presenting itself. It was an unfortunately stupid question, though; As if someone with a gun was going to calmly announce who he was.
:iconprincess-kay:Princess-Kay 160 5
Now Im just like her by TG-King Now Im just like her :icontg-king:TG-King 259 6 Last Minute Costume by anynomous1234alt Last Minute Costume :iconanynomous1234alt:anynomous1234alt 147 2 Just like her by TG-King Just like her :icontg-king:TG-King 380 10 Solvent Part 2 by anynomous1234alt Solvent Part 2 :iconanynomous1234alt:anynomous1234alt 165 3
Revenge of the Geeks - TG
Jace grinned as his fist slammed into the lockers, relishing the feel of power as William whimpered. He ignored the pain, keeping the grin on his face as he leaned in close enough to spread his nacho breath across the boy's thick glasses. "Where's my homework, Willy?" he demanded, keeping an eye on the guy to see if he'd actually piss his slacks. It had been weeks since he'd gotten a picture like that for his collection. "You were supposed to get me my homework, remember? Make it look nice and pretty for me to take into my teachers? I'm finally at the point where I can hand in an A paper without suspicion, Willy. You can't let me down now, when I got my parents all primed."
"I… I don't… I don't have your homework today, Jace," he whimpered, the voice grating on his ears. He ground his fist deeper into the locker, taking the pain in return for the look of stark terror on Willy's face as he let out another grin.
"You don't have my papers, huh? Guess you only did enough homework
:iconprincess-kay:Princess-Kay 201 81
Just the Nails by TG-King Just the Nails :icontg-king:TG-King 165 3
Amy's Bimbofication (TF/MC)
A pink female anthromorphic hedgehog,age 12,wearing a bright red dress and headband, with two pairs of red shoes and white gloves with two rings was chasing a blue hedgehog with red shoes and green eyes.
"Sonikku!~" The pink hedgehog cries.
"Amy, leave me alone!" Sonic yelled at Amy.
Amy than tripped over a rock and felled face first into some mud. Sonic doesn't notice and continued to run, until Amy couldn't see him anymore.
"Sonic..." She begins to tear up, before crying completely. "Why doesn't he love me?"
"...You really want to know?" A mysterious voice, yet it was easily feminine. Amy looked at the shadowy figure. "Sonic's what 18? And you're 12."
"So?" Amy said.
"Think about it. If Sonic married you while you are 12...It'll make him look creepy marrying a little girl." She said.
Amy was about to object, when she realized it. "You're right..." Amy began tearing up, before out right crying.
The figure approached her, with the figure of a wolf or fox. "I will help you..."
Amy looke
:iconsonicvshtf654:sonicvshtf654 105 24
The Cartoon Plague [tf/tf, Cartoon Bimbo-Virus]
I had walked across the deserted city-scape, desperate to escape..them. I don't even remember when it started, days, weeks, months ago? Real life might as well have been a blur, normality an illusion broken by the sirens on the news. At first we thought it was a joke, an international prank akin to one H.G. Wells might see. But once we saw them, the characters- those monsters, we knew it was real. Cartoony, surreal, shiny, it was through these abominations that we'd learn the virus had spread. With no time at all they had turned the world into a nightmare. I held into my supersoaker squirt gun, looking across the city street. Several corpses littered the roads, no cars or electricity anywhere. The shopping district was right across this highway and I needed supplies. Just had to go across. One step at a time, diligent patience, astute observation. I was the hunter, the fighter, the survivor. And I alone would-OWWWWWWW!
My scream echoed throughout the abandoned city. I turned down and s
:icontiarastwilight:TiarasTwilight 194 171
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The Bimbo Virus Part Two
The Bimbo Virus, Part 2 by ~realitychanger42
Survivors of the Bimbo Virus, Part Two
Jason woke.
For a second, he froze. Where was he?
Looking around, he saw a bare ceiling, no lights hanging from it, nothing to hint a location. The walls had a mirror, a bookshelf, and a movie poster for the Dawn of the Dead remake… but nothing Jason could recognize.
Then, he remembered. He remembered Derek, his fallen comrade, and the hordes of bimbos running down the maze of streets that was suburbia, remembered the signs proclaiming salvation for any survivors. Jason froze. He remembered the bimbo walking out of the house. He held his breath in his lungs. If he was in the same house… there might be a bimbo.
He looked around the room, searching for anything that might aid to his defense. Strangely enough, he was wearing the same clothes, and his supplies were placed neatly by the bed. Looking into the mirror, Jason breathed a sigh of relief. He wasn't a bimbo, which meant he still had a
:iconrealitybender42:realitybender42 205 16
The Bimbo Note
This text contains TF and/or TG as well as mild sexual scenes and bad language
So if you don't like any of the above, go find something else to read
Made by:
The TGF Writer
My life was a normal one.
I went to college.
I had two parents and a younger brother.
I even had a couple girlfriends.
And it would have remained normal.
If I hadn't found that notebook.
A notebook that gave me the power to change the world.
It was a hot summer day, I was going to my last exam, and was ready to spend the whole summer vacation as fully as my low funds could afford.
Ending the exam half an hour before anyone else, I had the opportunity to get out of the class and into the empty corridor with a broad smile in my face; not only was I sure I had aced the test, but even if I hadn't, my grades would assure I wouldn't have to go to reparation exams.
Meaning I was free to do as I desired till September.
As I wal
:icontgfwritter:TGFWritter 273 66
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