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Partially Deaf {Hiro Hamada x Reader}
That's all you heard as you covered your ears in a vain attempt to comfort yourself. The slick feeling of blood trickled down the side of your face as you gasped for air, crouching behind a busted piece of the Krei Corporations building to escape Callaghan's microbots. Your suit was tattered, ripped to shreds from all the damage you had taken, your helmet's faceplate was shattered completely, effectively cutting off your scanner, and not only that, the whole left side had been blown off, the side where most of your blood flowed. You couldn't hear anything from your left side, nor could you hear the team desperately calling out for you, the speaker in your helmet broken from the blast it had sustained. You were panicking, your breaths speeding up until you were more than sure you were hyperventilating.
You slipped your hand up the side of your helmet, pressing the button that activated your microphone. You took a shaky intake of breath, and let it out slowly. “This
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