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King Cyclops
In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. His name was Cyclops.
Indeed, King Cyclops was the one who saw all - he informed his people of the weather, he gave his people knowledge by reading books to them, he told his armies where to go and what to do to defeat the invaders. He could do everything. He had ultimate knowledge. He was omnipotent.
He did not let his people know that he had an eye.
King Cyclops was really an exile from Bifocal Land, where he used to pass the time by robbing the houses of the rich and powerful. It was unfortunate for him though that his one eye - an oddity in Bifocal Land - made it difficult for him to discern what was far and what was close, and it was because of this that resulted in his arrest during one of his robberies. At his trial, the citizens of Bifocal Land discovered that he had robbed nearly a quarter of all the houses in the country, and so they exiled him to the desert, where he wandered and wandered until he chanced upon Unieye Land,
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