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The lucky orc by FJFT-Art The lucky orc :iconfjft-art:FJFT-Art 294 47 Equalist headquarters... by moni158 Equalist headquarters... :iconmoni158:moni158 4,368 243 A Game of Daggers by RhysGriffiths A Game of Daggers :iconrhysgriffiths:RhysGriffiths 753 48 Equalist Holiday by moni158 Equalist Holiday :iconmoni158:moni158 2,859 119 We'll split the money by livinlovindude We'll split the money :iconlivinlovindude:livinlovindude 230 314 Mewtwo's other power by livinlovindude Mewtwo's other power :iconlivinlovindude:livinlovindude 322 529 Do I Hear 50 On Sun-Butt?! by NCMares Do I Hear 50 On Sun-Butt?! :iconncmares:NCMares 750 81
ZxC- Betting on Gil is trouble
"The whole floor's broken?" Cloud groaned, obviously aggrivated. Kunsel nodded, "Yeah- seems that way. So unless you plan on sleeping te whole night like your on a desert island- I'd bunk with someone else on a lower floor or a higher one." he explained. The blonde sighed, nodding as Kunsel went to spread the news. The whole floor's AC had broken and it wouldn't be fixed until the next morning. Cloud HATED THE HEAT- he couldn't stand it.
"This sucks."
"What sucks?"
Cloud turned to face a older man's figure. His name was Zack and he was Cloud's friend- raven colored hair and bright mako eyes since he had been infused with the subtsance. The blonde sighed again, "Well... the whole floor's AC has been screwed over and now its screwed up. "
Zack laughed, "That won't be cool~! Well- if you got a problem with one night in the heat- I'll let you bunk with me for tonight!"
Cloud jumped in suprise, "Wait... WHAT?!"
Zack ruffeled the younger's hair with his gloved hand, "Oh com'o
:iconkisagami-sama:Kisagami-sama 22 23
Gambled Away To Be Gambled Upon
Woman Into Horse
The sound of bags rustled as the dark haired shoved the front door open with her butt,
“Thanks for helping with the shopping bro!” she huffed kicking the front door shut with her trainer, her brother grunted in disagree as he shook an empty beer can in the air,
“Seriously, Mom gave you legs use them!” she snapped as she carried the bags into the kitchen, “But clearly not a brain”
“Please Cara” called the clearly overweight male,
“No, and besides, I’m not paying for you all the time” Cara called from the kitchen as she began to unpack the shopping.
Her brother sighed as he got up and waddled over to the kitchen, “Don’t know why your not like mom?” he muttered as he opened the fridge,
“I am, I have to look after this family and make sure your, not a fat, lazy excuse of a human being just like she asked me” Cara explained,
“Well, a proud job you are doing!” sighed t
:icontransformationhub:TransformationHub 25 3
Tales from TWG: Lets Get Wedgieing (Part 1)
It was early evening. The sun had just started to set over the vast cityscape. In a cafe near the city center a young fox sat typing away on his laptop; of course it was getting close to closing time and the fox wanted to make as much use of the free wifi as he could. The fox was dressed in a pair of tight black jeans and grey short sleeved t shirt with a yellow smiling emoji on the front.
The fox could see two furries about his age sat next to each other giggling with their backs to him at the table in front. At first the fox ignored them and carried on typing away on his laptop. Suddenly the fox was brought back up from his laptop screen as one of the two furries let out a loud fit of laughter.
“No way!” The furry shouted as the other one just kept giggling at the screen of his phone. “I never thought Jocks would be able to pull it off! The guys at least twice his size!”
“Looks like you’re down 700 bucks buddy!” His friend said as he put his
:iconwedgie-fox:Wedgie-Fox 25 11
Kings, Queens and Jacks by fox-ville Kings, Queens and Jacks :iconfox-ville:fox-ville 94 72 Smokin' Aces by LarryWilson Smokin' Aces :iconlarrywilson:LarryWilson 67 4 091 Racing Chocobos - Place Your Bets! by C780162 091 Racing Chocobos - Place Your Bets! :iconc780162:C780162 98 8 Final Fantasy VII Collection 005 by C780162 Final Fantasy VII Collection 005 :iconc780162:C780162 37 4 Q-uestionably good things by lastshadow Q-uestionably good things :iconlastshadow:lastshadow 47 44 Do it! by tipock Do it! :icontipock:tipock 92 6
A Pup's Courtesy of Betting
At a fun day, the Paw Patrol were having fun in the pool.
Marshall and Everest are swimming, moving a little slow due to their bellies.
Zuma was floating with his belly poking out of the water.
Chase and Skye were on the side lines. Skye was lying down on a blanket, Chase came over with sunblock, offered to put some on her, Chase became enraptured of putting sunblock on her, mostly her belly.
Chase:"I got the sunscreen, sweetie."
Skye:"Well, don't just admire, rub some on me, sweetie."
Skye giggled. Chase blushed. He put a dab on some of his paw and laced it on her belly.
Chase:"Wow. Your so cute..."
Chase was too caught up in how her belly felt and putting sunblock on his girl, Skye shivered a bit."
Chase:"Skye, what's wrong?!"
Skye:"Sorry, Chase, the sunblock is cold, but it feels good. Keep rubbing, please."
Chase:"Oh, sure thing."
Chase continue rubbing the belly girl pup, Skye was whimpering in delight of the attention she and her belly is getting.
Sitting on a chair,
:iconjon825lazery7:Jon825lazery7 9 3
OnoAochi - Lust - lineart by Cafla OnoAochi - Lust - lineart :iconcafla:Cafla 18 139 lucky by jaredgulick lucky :iconjaredgulick:jaredgulick 39 37 Devil's Wager by RevolverWinds Devil's Wager :iconrevolverwinds:RevolverWinds 90 10 BetIn - web design for online betting/bookmaker by SycylianBeef BetIn - web design for online betting/bookmaker :iconsycylianbeef:SycylianBeef 80 17 Luck Be A Lady by R2ninjaturtle Luck Be A Lady :iconr2ninjaturtle:R2ninjaturtle 74 20 axabet by SencerBugrahan axabet :iconsencerbugrahan:SencerBugrahan 104 20 Zomg football lets get drunk and punch eachother!1 by Little-rolling-bean Zomg football lets get drunk and punch eachother!1 :iconlittle-rolling-bean:Little-rolling-bean 773 961 Poker Brushes by Thy-Penguin Poker Brushes :iconthy-penguin:Thy-Penguin 53 61 Sissies Playing Poker by DovSherman Sissies Playing Poker :icondovsherman:DovSherman 403 31
[Hypno/Tickling] The Better Cheater
It was really hard to pick out just who had decided to start cheating first.Of course, mostly likely they both decided they were going to cheat the moment they agreed to have their little contest--the question was who did it first. Like most things, it started out as a simple joke. Tarot had noted that his and Kenny's arms were about the same size...
"So, I guess the python has pythons?" the cocky thief snickered one day, looking over the mass of muscle that was Kenny's left arm.
"Hah-hah--" the naga replied with a faux laugh. "That would actually have been funny if I was a python--unfortunately, I'm a boa. HUGE difference."
"Can't imagine how. Boa's have heads that are different than pythons--but since you've got a human head I'm pretty sure that you couldn't expect anyone to know that." Tarot seemed largely indifferent that his little joke had fallen flat but still didn't seem to lose any of his steam. After their last little encounter, he had found himself spending more time with Ke
:iconthe-original-rper:The-Original-RPer 17 17
The Happy Ending Happened by AnnabelleRavenFT The Happy Ending Happened :iconannabelleravenft:AnnabelleRavenFT 41 1 Mozzart Sport Betting App by vasiligfx Mozzart Sport Betting App :iconvasiligfx:vasiligfx 12 2 Bet On Alice 2 by cullencrazay Bet On Alice 2 :iconcullencrazay:cullencrazay 37 1 Cold Case Betting by KotoriRod Cold Case Betting :iconkotorirod:KotoriRod 48 22 Sit up and beg by ShareTheMoment Sit up and beg :iconsharethemoment:ShareTheMoment 65 4 End Of World Betting Game by Ritualist End Of World Betting Game :iconritualist:Ritualist 16 37 Day at the Races by metalik-fairy Day at the Races :iconmetalik-fairy:metalik-fairy 26 6 High Stakes by Crash2014 High Stakes :iconcrash2014:Crash2014 89 42 I'm betting on Alice Cullen by Belthazor1 I'm betting on Alice Cullen :iconbelthazor1:Belthazor1 32 4 Horse Race Bets by Balmung6 Horse Race Bets :iconbalmung6:Balmung6 20 5 Part 3: The Chase by MegSyv Part 3: The Chase :iconmegsyv:MegSyv 14 18 Betting - Page 1 by InpuUpUaut Betting - Page 1 :iconinpuupuaut:InpuUpUaut 44 37 Lalaloopsy OCs:  Dapper and Betty by BakerChemi Lalaloopsy OCs: Dapper and Betty :iconbakerchemi:BakerChemi 24 26 Romance Meme by Cafla Romance Meme :iconcafla:Cafla 20 141 Stocking Rose Admirable - All Eds are Off by Stocking-Star Stocking Rose Admirable - All Eds are Off :iconstocking-star:Stocking-Star 18 1 Football Schedules App Design by vasiligfx Football Schedules App Design :iconvasiligfx:vasiligfx 9 1 Friendship with Betting preview (Opinion needed) by RawFlower Friendship with Betting preview (Opinion needed) :iconrawflower:RawFlower 21 17 Nugoal Web Design Interface by vasiligfx Nugoal Web Design Interface :iconvasiligfx:vasiligfx 18 6 There's one born every minute by adriansalamandre There's one born every minute :iconadriansalamandre:adriansalamandre 12 2 Hey daddy, Boy or girl? by Uzlo Hey daddy, Boy or girl? :iconuzlo:Uzlo 22 3 2 Little Bastards - Ghost Page 2 by JoeOiii 2 Little Bastards - Ghost Page 2 :iconjoeoiii:JoeOiii 15 27