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If I was your boyfriend swedenXReader
It was your turn. You had heard so much about these parties for seven minutes in heaven, and people were running out to be with, so you were there today;the room was still packed.
"Hey man, you're just in time! I'm glad you made it! Otherwise we would've had to cancel!" America shook your hand and hugged you. "Yeah man, rock out! You better get ready for a good time, and help yourself to our food! France helped! Just stay away from the crumpets man, you might throw up..." America waved and walked away.
You walked over to the punch bowl and waited for the party to start, snacking on some Oreos. America walked in front of the congregation and waved his hand.
"Hey guys! It's time! Stop shoving your faces with food and get y'all's asses over here!" He winked to you and gave you a thumbs up. "Ready, ___? It gets awkward at times..." America wrapped his arm around you and nudged you. "B prepared for whomever ya get!"
The whole party was around the table, awaiting you to choose. You reached y
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Hetalia x Reader - Sleepover
“I'm finally ready!” You told yourself with an accomplished grin, looking at the two packed duffel bags in front of you. They were packed with your nightwear, make up, junk food, and some other things that were essential for tonight’s sleep over.
It was the day of the nations sleep over. Every nation would gather at the world meeting room, and a sleepover would be held. All wars or rivalries were forgotten on this one night, and everyone, for the night, could pretend that alliances and enemies didn't exist; they could forget the were personifications of countries. Why? Because it wasn't just any sleep over. It was an end of the world sleep over. A tradition held every time it was assumed the world would end on a specific date. France and England both strongly believed that the end of the world would not happen, but even so, the sleep over would always be held, and everyone would always attend just in case.
Needless to say, you were more than excited.
Picking up your b
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