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Heat Signature: The Biting Ritual
Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake presents:
Heat Signature
Fionna: Man, I still can't believe Marshall lee got a copy of Heat Signature. I would have killed for a copy.
Cake: (Cake rolls her eyes) Mhmm, I bet he did.
(Marshall Lee opens the door.)
Fionna: Marshall Lee! You got Heat Signature?!
Marshall Lee: Heck Yeah!
Fionna: Woo!
(Fionna and Cake enter the house. A trio of ghosts float in the living room.)
Marshall lee: Hey, so I want you all to meet Fionna and Cake. They aren't... complete Wads.
Fionna: Hey, Whats up?
Marshall lee: Ladies, this is Wally...
Wally: Hey
Marshall Lee: BeeBee
Beebee: Hello, Hello
Marshall Lee: …and Gabby
Gabby: Hi
Marshall Lee: We used to be in a gang together back in the underworld.
Fionna: Hmm. Yeah, Sweetills. I’m ready to get mind blown, is it showtime yet?
(Fionna and cake jump backwards onto the couch, and find out that it's hard as a rock. Cake growls and her tail frizzes out)
Fionna: (groans in pain) What’s is wrong with this
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Heat Signature: Invisability
Trial 1:Invisability
By Invsabella
(The scene cuts to everyone standing outside in a forest at night.)
Marshall Lee: Okay, guys, the first phase of vampire orientation is learning... (Catches a firefly and puts it in his mouth.) ...invisibility. (he turns invisible and creeps toward Fionna and grabs her, chuckles nervously)
Fionna: (nervous chuckle) Gross dude
Marshall Lee: Pinch!
Fionna: Ouch hey! (Fionna slaps Marshall Lee)
Marshall Lee: (He catches her before she hits the ground. Marshall lee moves Fionna around and grabs her wrists. As he becomes visible once again.)
Marshall Lee: You ready for the power of...invisibility?
Fionna: (Sarcastically) With all my heart.(Laughs)
Marshall Lee: Good
(Marshall lee sends Fionna spinning around until she stops and her legs wobble, feeling dizzy.)
Marshall Lee: Give it a whirl, Cake! (Then he sends Cake spinning until she falls to the ground.) Now close your eyes clear you mind and concentrate on nothing! Before you know it you
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