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Bedtime Story by BamSaraKilledYou Bedtime Story :iconbamsarakilledyou:BamSaraKilledYou 1,320 158 Babysitting by CaptBexx Babysitting :iconcaptbexx:CaptBexx 1,909 101
AustriaXReader - Bedtime Stories With Grandpa Rome
Bedtime Stories With Grandpa Rome-
Austria X Reader addition
     The large nation with thick locks of curly brown hair and muscles defining his perfect body wrapped his arms around a tiny you. He rocked you in his soft embrace, giving you a merry smile as he stared into your eyes as you looked up at him with a pout sat on your face. You did not want to go to bed; instead, you wanted to stay up late with Grandpa Rome and listen to his tales of battle and love.
     "Come on (Name), it's bed time now~ You will be tired in the morning if you don't get enough sleep!" Grandpa Rome stated before he pinched a chubby cheek of yours.
     You chased away his hand with your own and then tugged at the long white robes draping over his chest. "I don't want to go to bed! Please let me stay up with you Grandpa!" You whined and tugged harder on his clothing while your eyes swelled up with tears. You gave him suc
:iconuraharasteph:UraharaSteph 240 114
A Mythos Grimmly by AbigailLarson A Mythos Grimmly :iconabigaillarson:AbigailLarson 2,123 30 Bed time story by Ipun Bed time story :iconipun:Ipun 1,839 301 Bedtime story by Culpeo-Fox Bedtime story :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 497 61 A fishy bedtime story by thegirlcansmile A fishy bedtime story :iconthegirlcansmile:thegirlcansmile 317 215 Bedtime Story by mellisea Bedtime Story :iconmellisea:mellisea 374 61 A Bedtime story by Sabinerich A Bedtime story :iconsabinerich:Sabinerich 284 62 Ollie's Secret: The Time For Our Favorite Stories by adoreluna Ollie's Secret: The Time For Our Favorite Stories :iconadoreluna:adoreluna 142 91 bedtime story by little-me-starfire bedtime story :iconlittle-me-starfire:little-me-starfire 652 184
SpainXReader - Bedtime Stories
You weren't going to call for help.
You weren't going to call for help.
You weren't going to – damn it.
"ANTONIO! HELP ME!" You yelled as loudly as you could, and, in the blink of an eye, you saw Antonio leaning on the doorframe.
"T-That was…fast." You managed to stutter out, trying to not be unnerved by his rather 'come-hither' pose...not at all...
"I'm always here for you, querida" he bowed, making you roll your eyes.
"Have you finished those problems that we went over?"
"All done."
You narrowed your eyes. "Impossible. I thought you didn't even know how to do them a few minutes ago!"
"I guess you're a good teacher, then." His grin grew wider, as you realised what he'd been up to.
"You didn't ask Ms. Morton for a tutor JUST to waste my time, did you?" You sighed. Of course, that had to be the case.
"I wouldn't call it a waste of time, no." His cheeky grin remained firmly in place.
"You-" Before you could continue, Antonio interrupted you. "Why did you call for me, [Na
:iconwhat-the-crapola:what-the-crapola 224 154
Cinderella My Way by KrisCynical Cinderella My Way :iconkriscynical:KrisCynical 752 99 Bedtime Story by krissybdesigns Bedtime Story :iconkrissybdesigns:krissybdesigns 124 41 The Sleep Sheep by madelief The Sleep Sheep :iconmadelief:madelief 1,762 1,126
Bed Time Story
“Daddy! Daddy! Tell us a bed-time story~!!”
Their father looked down at his twin daughters, eagerly looking up at him from the end of their bed. “Girls, I already-”
“Please~?” They had this way of speaking in the most pathetic tone of voice, making Sasuke bend over backwards to make them happy. With an overly dramatic sigh, Sasuke grabbed both girls by their waists, causing them both to squeal as he walked over the end of the bed and sat down in their pile of pillows, daughter on either side of him. “Did you want any story in particular?” He asked.
Same conversation as last night.
And the night before that.
And the night before that.
The girls would ask for a story, and being the sappy father he was, he would always tell them one.
“How about one about a princess?”
Sasuke looked down at his girls, thought for a moment, and gave a gentle smile.
“A princess story it is…”
“There was once…a prince-”
:iconsasukeuchihafangirlx:SasukeUchihaFangirlx 53 89
Bedtime story by Saperlotte Bedtime story :iconsaperlotte:Saperlotte 587 45 5 Ways to Annoy Voldemort by EVILgerbilz 5 Ways to Annoy Voldemort :iconevilgerbilz:EVILgerbilz 765 154 Wincest: Bed-time story by YukiHyo Wincest: Bed-time story :iconyukihyo:YukiHyo 1,434 190 Gameland by KeungLee Gameland :iconkeunglee:KeungLee 287 41 bedtime story by 29chelizi bedtime story :icon29chelizi:29chelizi 380 39 So the Bedtime Story -commission- by m-angela So the Bedtime Story -commission- :iconm-angela:m-angela 535 93 Bedtime Story by TetheredComic Bedtime Story :icontetheredcomic:TetheredComic 784 142 Despicable Me: Agnes' Wardrobe by forte-girl7 Despicable Me: Agnes' Wardrobe :iconforte-girl7:forte-girl7 450 78 Father's Day- Sterek by spider999now Father's Day- Sterek :iconspider999now:spider999now 345 45 Bedtime Stories by aleksandracupcake Bedtime Stories :iconaleksandracupcake:aleksandracupcake 607 9 Little Mermaid the original by tempestsreign Little Mermaid the original :icontempestsreign:tempestsreign 150 18
Bedtime Story
Bedtime Story
GIR slowly crept into the living room, where Zim was leaning back on the couch with his head propped up on his hand, watching TV. His eyelids were flickering, but he refused to go to sleep. Sleep was a useless distraction for an Invader such as himself.
GIR ignored the TV for once; it was on the military channel, and something about big guns blowing actual people to bits instead of special effects on paid actors depressed him. Instead, he climbed up next to Zim and pulled on his sleeve. "Mastah?"
With a slightly irritated twitch of the antenna, Zim looked down at him. "What now, GIR?"
"Um…" GIR fiddled nervously with the book in his hands before saying, "Will you read me a bedtime story?"
"Read it to yourself," Zim replied.
GIR had expected that, but he was persistent. "Please? I want you to read it to me. Just one time. Please, Master?" He waved the book in front of Zim's face.
With a sigh, Zim stood up, scooping GIR up into an arm. "All right, fine. But only becaus
:icontallest-ariva:Tallest-Ariva 32 50
Fairytale Ending - Book Charm by YellerCrakka Fairytale Ending - Book Charm :iconyellercrakka:YellerCrakka 119 29
Good Night, Moon
In the Steelhaven's room
There was a blue visor
And a blue blur too
And distantly playing, a nice, jazzy tune
And there were three Autobots sitting on cots
And two little twins and a toy plane that spins
And a cool sabetour and a lance on the floor
And a map and a brush and a box full of stuff
And a great blue Magnus who was whispering "hush"
Good night, room; good night, moon
Good night, distantly playing jazz tune
Good night, visor, and the blue blur too
Good night, Bots; good night, cots
Good night, twins, and plane that spins
Good night, sabetour, and lance on the floor
Good night, map; good night, brush
Good night, nobody, and box full of stuff
Good night to the great Magnus whispering "hush"
Good night, stars
Good night, air
Good night, noises everywhere
:icondrgaster:DrGaster 30 13
Bedtime story by alfa995 Bedtime story :iconalfa995:alfa995 712 146 Kill Daddy by WalkingMelonsAAA Kill Daddy :iconwalkingmelonsaaa:WalkingMelonsAAA 156 20 Page of Legends to tell by elbdot Page of Legends to tell :iconelbdot:elbdot 226 13
Hollow Eyes
As I pondered, my vision blurry,
in my bed,
I fear the worst,
 that it had heard me,
huddled, it chuckled
from my head.
a mangled mouth of Razor blades
to feast upon the dead,
        It crept,
Slowly towards me with a grin
that filled me with such dread,
       It leapt.
landing on me,
face so close,
I won't forget what it had said,
"I was watching as you slept"
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 14 4
Bedtime Story by sullen-skrewt Bedtime Story :iconsullen-skrewt:sullen-skrewt 245 74 Bedtime story I by DianaES Bedtime story I :icondianaes:DianaES 153 16 Dreaming Silver by Manu34 Dreaming Silver :iconmanu34:Manu34 314 44 GF: Epimyth by Tybay GF: Epimyth :icontybay:Tybay 413 30 TMI - A Bedtime Story :( by bookworm16016 TMI - A Bedtime Story :( :iconbookworm16016:bookworm16016 34 36 Evil vs. Innocence by AnnieMsson Evil vs. Innocence :iconanniemsson:AnnieMsson 525 89 Bedtime Stories by SapphireGamgee Bedtime Stories :iconsapphiregamgee:SapphireGamgee 119 82 Bedtime story by Brigitte-Fredensborg Bedtime story :iconbrigitte-fredensborg:Brigitte-Fredensborg 121 50 Bedtime Story by VoodooBiatch Bedtime Story :iconvoodoobiatch:VoodooBiatch 170 135 C'mon, Snow White isn't THAT boring by zillabean C'mon, Snow White isn't THAT boring :iconzillabean:zillabean 405 107 Lullaby of the sea by Ecathe Lullaby of the sea :iconecathe:Ecathe 78 31 Bedtime Story: Pan - TeenGoten by lauraneato Bedtime Story: Pan - TeenGoten :iconlauraneato:lauraneato 254 45 Cake's Bedtime Story by summer-draws Cake's Bedtime Story :iconsummer-draws:summer-draws 346 66 .Read me a bedtime story, Coulson!. by bababug .Read me a bedtime story, Coulson!. :iconbababug:bababug 323 67 Bedtime story by LeelooPoulain Bedtime story :iconleeloopoulain:LeelooPoulain 178 34