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TFA - Bedtime stories by Rosey-Raven TFA - Bedtime stories :iconrosey-raven:Rosey-Raven 863 199 Horror by Naimane Horror :iconnaimane:Naimane 4,375 1,021 Babysitting by CaptBexx Babysitting :iconcaptbexx:CaptBexx 1,909 101
AustriaXReader - Bedtime Stories With Grandpa Rome
Bedtime Stories With Grandpa Rome-
Austria X Reader addition
     The large nation with thick locks of curly brown hair and muscles defining his perfect body wrapped his arms around a tiny you. He rocked you in his soft embrace, giving you a merry smile as he stared into your eyes as you looked up at him with a pout sat on your face. You did not want to go to bed; instead, you wanted to stay up late with Grandpa Rome and listen to his tales of battle and love.
     "Come on (Name), it's bed time now~ You will be tired in the morning if you don't get enough sleep!" Grandpa Rome stated before he pinched a chubby cheek of yours.
     You chased away his hand with your own and then tugged at the long white robes draping over his chest. "I don't want to go to bed! Please let me stay up with you Grandpa!" You whined and tugged harder on his clothing while your eyes swelled up with tears. You gave him suc
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The Fairy Tale, A Lifelong Resonance
A thousand years tradition of scaring children at bedtime continues for children of all ages. News of the discovery of 500 “new” fairy tales collected over 150 years ago [link] in Germany and locked away in a forgotten archive has me thinking about the enduring importance of these narrative treasures in the lives of human societies worldwide. My worry, have fairy tales been marginalized by modernism?

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A Thousand Years Tradition of Scaring Children at Bedtime
Continues for Children of All Ages

News of the discovery of 500 “new” fairy tales collected over 150 years ago in Germany and locked away in a forgotten archive has me thinking about the enduring importance of these narrative treasures in the lives of huma
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Hetalia x Abused!Child!Reader: Britain
“Go ahead und choose, (Y/n).”
You reached into the bag, tiny hands grasping something hard like a rock. You pulled it out to reveal some…well…black rock.
Arthur, still behind you, sighed in relief. “Scone! That’s mine!” He was secretly hoping you would get the scone.
You smiled some, face still red from the earlier tantrum. At least you knew this man more than anyone else. But what kind of rock was called a scone? Is it like coal? Cuz’ it’s black and charred like coal.
The crowd of people began to murmur amongst themselves, most conversations not necessarily about you, but they were free now that the meeting was basically over. You thought you heard several complaining, but wasn’t sure if it was about you or not.
Germany nodded, reaching into the bag and withdrew his own item, passing it back around. “If you still vant vatever you put in ze bag, take it now vhile you still can. Meeting adjourned!”
Alfred stood as a
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Father!Germany x Kid!Reader - Bedtime
You stared at the television, trying as hard as you could to keep your eyes open. You wanted to stay up and watch all the cool, adult shows that came on at night with your “Uncle” Gilbert. However, every night you fell asleep on the couch and your father, Ludwig, would carry you upstairs. You never thought it was very fair, but it wasn’t like you could stop him if you were asleep. You thought they maybe if you could stay awake, he wouldn’t make you go to bed.
“[Name], perhaps you’re getting a bit tired?” Ludwig asked you, a slight grin appearing on his face.
You simply shook your head ‘no’.
“Not at all?” Ludwig continued. “Not even just a teeny bit?”
You shook your head again. “Not even a teeny weeny bit.”
Ludwig sighed. “Well, you should maybe think about being tired, because it’s time for bed.”
“What?!” You cried out. “But, I want to stay up with Uncle Gilbert
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Tia's Sleep Over
I opened my eyes and blinked a few times, yawning and stretching.  The sun was almost setting in the afternoon sky outside the window.  The sun sparkled in through the glass and roused me from my nap.  I sat up and looked over at my belly where the last little bit of a filling meal had been earlier this afternoon.  "Finished," I thought to myself proudly, smacking my lips.  After a long day of napping and digesting the last savory bit of my most recent meal, I decided we should have a little fun tonight.
My name is Tia.  I'm a big green snake with bright yellow eyes and a scaly, yellow belly.  I live with my best friend Miles and his parents.  Miles is a little, 10-year-old kid, and the sweetest you've ever met.  He's a little shorter than most kids his age, and he's got blue eyes and ruffled, brown hair.
He was kicking back on his bed in his socks, reading a comic book when I slithered on up to h
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