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beadie gir by Simaira beadie gir :iconsimaira:Simaira 84 61 oO BATMAAAAAN Oo by Astral-Dragon oO BATMAAAAAN Oo :iconastral-dragon:Astral-Dragon 12 27 Beadie loftwing pattern and tutorial by RubyDragonCat Beadie loftwing pattern and tutorial :iconrubydragoncat:RubyDragonCat 7 4 Pink Snow by iretardedpanda Pink Snow :iconiretardedpanda:iretardedpanda 8 2 Wolfie by NikkoTakishima Wolfie :iconnikkotakishima:NikkoTakishima 5 38 Beadie Buddies- Digimon 1 by Pyrofish Beadie Buddies- Digimon 1 :iconpyrofish:Pyrofish 5 2 Tiny Beaded  Lizard And Butterflies Keychain by KupcakeKitty Tiny Beaded Lizard And Butterflies Keychain :iconkupcakekitty:KupcakeKitty 4 1 I made a snake by roxasgirl1803 I made a snake :iconroxasgirl1803:roxasgirl1803 4 2
All My Eyes
Blood was dripping from the green eyeballs.  Again.
 "Oh gross," Terrence said.
I quickly went into the kitchen and grabbed a roll of paper towels.  I tossed the roll at Terrence.
 "Can you please get the blood on the carpet?" I said as I leaned against the sink.
 "You're pretty nervous, aren't you?" Terrence said as he unwound the roll.  "They only start bleeding when you get nervous."
 "No. Yes," I said, watching blood pitter patter onto the kitchen linoleum.
I glanced up at the eyeballs floating around me. Sixteen eyeballs of various sizes, from soccer-ball sized Big Blue to the two Black Beady's.  They could rotate, focus, unfocus, and go up and down.  But unless I was backed up against a wall, they never changed their positioning.  I had never touched one of them - they were always positioned just out of arms reach.
Anyone else could touch them, though.
Right on cue, Mitten the Kitten rocketed into the kitchen and leapt onto the ne
:icontuesdaynightcompany:TuesdayNightCompany 2 4
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