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UP by somachiou UP :iconsomachiou:somachiou 1,695 180 Sherlock by AmandaTolleson Sherlock :iconamandatolleson:AmandaTolleson 5,481 456 Sherlock is calling YOU - Become Lead Illustrator by SherlockTheGame Sherlock is calling YOU - Become Lead Illustrator :iconsherlockthegame:SherlockTheGame 93 23 Sherlock BBC - Be my Valentine by maXKennedy Sherlock BBC - Be my Valentine :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 779 58 When We Were Very Young by hayamiyuu When We Were Very Young :iconhayamiyuu:hayamiyuu 637 84 Jawn Pls by darthfilart Jawn Pls :icondarthfilart:darthfilart 341 53 Sherlock: Lestrade Like A Boss by Silarcta Sherlock: Lestrade Like A Boss :iconsilarcta:Silarcta 542 119 Fall_Apart by somachiou Fall_Apart :iconsomachiou:somachiou 1,426 118 BBC Sherlock Victoria by mlcamaro BBC Sherlock Victoria :iconmlcamaro:mlcamaro 3,976 99 kiss animation by br0-Harry kiss animation :iconbr0-harry:br0-Harry 5,398 953
Hemophilia (BBC Sherlock x Shy!Reader)
You adjusted the glasses on your nose and leaned in to look through the microscope again. Letting out a frustrated sigh, you pulled them off completely, microscopes are not particularly friendly to those with glasses and in truth you really only needed them when you were tired. The slide with blood came through clearly this time and you scribbled some notes on a pad next to you.
You were the top forensic blood spatter analyst in the UK and it kept you rather busy and alone most of the time. Honestly that was how you preferred it, the living were cruel and overly complex and the dead were quiet and, frankly, simple.
When your jazzy ringtone broke the silence in your lab, you scooted your chair to where it was with a kick of your legs and then answered it, “(F/n) (L/n), h-how may I help you?”
Lestrade’s voice rang out on the other end with the words that you both hated and loved to hear, “(L/n) You are needed at a crime scene Asap.” He gave you a location, y
:iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 1,030 130
sherlock+hp crossover doodles by Clicio sherlock+hp crossover doodles :iconclicio:Clicio 2,379 218 Sherlock BBC - The Button by maXKennedy Sherlock BBC - The Button :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 646 58 John Watson Icon Pack by LetsSaveTheUniverse John Watson Icon Pack :iconletssavetheuniverse:LetsSaveTheUniverse 376 117 A Study in Pink - Movie Poster by Ashqtara A Study in Pink - Movie Poster :iconashqtara:Ashqtara 1,614 142 James Moriarty by Arkham-Insanity James Moriarty :iconarkham-insanity:Arkham-Insanity 1,338 244
Soaked (Mycroft x Reader One Shot)
It was raining. Pouring actually. Normally this wasn’t a problem, you loved the rain, but today it was entirely unwelcome. It had been pleasantly sunny when you left the flat and you had dressed appropriately in a light sweater and jeans with a pair of flats but now it was raining.  
You were soaked and shivering, as you trudged down the street towards the flat where John and Sherlock were waiting for you to come back from work. There hadn’t been any time for you to duck under an awning before you were drenched by the sudden down pour, the sky seemingly dumping a bucket of water on you, and what was little more water when you were already wet. Your teeth had just begun to chatter when the rain suddenly wasn’t hitting you anymore.
“You are going to catch a cold running about in weather like this my dear.” Came a familiar voice and you looked up to find Mycroft softly smiling down at you, holding his umbrella over your head.
Despite your current state,
:iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 512 87
Wait bby let me just help you aw yeah that's right by brewhay Wait bby let me just help you aw yeah that's right :iconbrewhay:brewhay 521 49 Miss Me? by Arkham-Insanity Miss Me? :iconarkham-insanity:Arkham-Insanity 378 44 Sherlock BBC - Sherlock X John 2 by maXKennedy Sherlock BBC - Sherlock X John 2 :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 3,217 423 Another kind of date by Tenshi-no-Hikari Another kind of date :icontenshi-no-hikari:Tenshi-no-Hikari 6,720 389 BBC SH - Amazing by Tenshi-no-Hikari BBC SH - Amazing :icontenshi-no-hikari:Tenshi-no-Hikari 5,735 375
I Don't Like Her (Sherlock X Reader)
"Good morning Mr. Holmes" you greeted as he barged into Lestrade's office. He looked a bit startled by your presence, but responded. "Yes, morning (y/n)" with a monotone voice. Yet, he couldn't help but feel a light heat spread across his cheeks. Lestrade's noticing this and chuckled as you left to go make some copies. "What's so funny" Sherlock inquired eagerly, almost snapping. "Nothing... Lovebird" Lestrade joked.  
"Shut up. I don't know what your talking about" Sherlock glared at the man, whose chuckle was dying down. Lestrade, even without Sherlock's deduction powers noticed a faint gleam of confusion in his eyes. He stared at Sherlock dumbfounded, "You do realize you like her, right". 'Tsk' was Sherlocks initial reply, "I don't have the emotional capability to 'like' anyone".
Just as Lestrade was about to speak up again, you walked back into the room. "Here are the copies you asked for sir" you smiled warmly at him. As you went to go leave, to continue with your own work, y
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