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Tadashi is Here [2 of 2]: Tadashi Hamada x Reader
Tadashi is here [Part 2]: Coming Home
Part 1:
Contains spoilers from the film

“Alright, we’re almost there,” you tell Tadashi as Baymax begins his decent.
Baymax lands at the back of the house in front of the garage.  Tadashi helps you lift the door, and once all of you are inside, he closes it back up.
“Okay, Big Guy, let’s get you out of your armor,” you say to Baymax before helping him out.
Once Baymax is done, you begin to work on taking off your own gear.  You start with the helmet, and then pull off your top, revealing your sports bra.  You hear Tadashi clear his throat and it makes you pause.  Looking over your shoulder at him, you find that his cheeks are tinted and he’s looking everywhere but at you.  You can’t help but laugh at him, “Oh come on, Tadashi.  It’s not like you’ve never seen thi
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First time? Older!Hiro x Reader
 So this was just a little story I wrote to get my inspiration going again. It's been awhile since I've been on deviantart so I don't want to disappoint. 
YES TADASHI IS ALIVE IN THIS. I realise he is deceased in the movie (don't remind me or I'll cry) but not in this :-))) it's my fic so I'll make it whatever I want too. 

Hiro & reader are both 17 in this fic. 

   "Hiro, can we pleaaaaaaaase go in here?" You pouted your lips, knowing how weak it made Hiro. You glanced back into the pet store to your left, whimpering at the sight of all the adorable puppies yapping to get your attention.
   "(Y/n) - I know you already. If we go in you're gonna fall in love and -" Hiro pulled at your wrists, begging you to step away from the pet store but you interrupted him. 
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Unsafe: Hiro Hamada x Reader
Contains light spoilers from Big Hero 6.
Takes place four years after the movie, and you don't know about Hiro's extra curricular activities.

“We’ll bring you more coverage on the fight between Big Hero 6 and Kaiju in just a moment, but for now, we’ve got a video conference call with James Cowell a journalist who has been pretty out spoken in his distaste for our resident superheroes,” Dan Ashton, the head channel 7 news anchor introduces the man as a panel with this person’s image shows up on the television screen.
“Hello, Dan.  Thank you for accepting my call.”
“Of course, Mr. Cowell.  Now you have expressed a large dislike for the Big Hero 6 team, nearly from the beginning of their existence in San Fransokyo.  Would you please clarify your opinions?”
“Yes, well a common defense for them, as everyone knows, is that organized crime has decreased nearly 30% since their arrival.  However, more
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Hiro Hamada X Reader: Our Childish Ways.
"TAKE THAT AND THAT!" Hiro exclaimed as he pressed the buttons on the controller.
 He was extremely  focused on the game that he didn't even notice [Y/n] standing right beside him, munching on cookies Aunt Cass had given her. She watched as he sat right in front of the T.V. Her eyes filled with captivation of the multicolored game he was playing.
"What a nerd," She teased him.
 She sat on the carpet, with gentle eyes still on Hiro, attempting to get his attention. She crunches the snack as hard as she could. The sound startled Hiro as he threw his controller up in the air and quickly turned to [Y/n] with wide eyes.
"What the heck, [Y/n]!" Hiro yelled angrily, which made her chuckle.
"17 years old and still playing kid games." She chirped out, with a laugh.
"Hah, very funny," He scoffed. "At least I'm not a Six-teen year old eating cookies from a zip block bag."
 [Y/n] gulped down her cookie before throwing the bag at his face. The bag missed by her weak attempt at t
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