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:icons: Breathe by benrulz :icons: Breathe :iconbenrulz:benrulz 418 100 Mary Sue Wish Fulfillment Guy by kevinbolk Mary Sue Wish Fulfillment Guy :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 2,277 689 Stage Lovein time Base by Penguin-Drumz Stage Lovein time Base :iconpenguin-drumz:Penguin-Drumz 575 22 Dash Academy Chapter 7 - Free Fall #20 by SorcerusHorserus Dash Academy Chapter 7 - Free Fall #20 :iconsorcerushorserus:SorcerusHorserus 868 277 [APHSimDate] P.E.Teacher!Romano: Buon Complemano by 0xWhaii [APHSimDate] P.E.Teacher!Romano: Buon Complemano :icon0xwhaii:0xWhaii 1,197 1,049 Tetsuya Shimeji +FREE+ by Cachomon Tetsuya Shimeji +FREE+ :iconcachomon:Cachomon 178 51 PixeloPhilia 32PX Icon Set by omercetin PixeloPhilia 32PX Icon Set :iconomercetin:omercetin 1,204 193 FFPC Sports Segment #8 CMC by uotapo FFPC Sports Segment #8 CMC :iconuotapo:uotapo 2,375 96 Kuroko no Military by reddii Kuroko no Military :iconreddii:reddii 1,147 27 LeBron James Powerade Cover by UdonCrew LeBron James Powerade Cover :iconudoncrew:UdonCrew 641 71
Kagami Taiga x Reader (Period)
Beep. Beep. Beep.

Opening the door a slender hand reaches into the microwaves pulling out a pink heart. Lifting up your shirt to tuck it beneath your chin, you pull the waistband of your sweats out sliding the heating pad down onto your abdomen.
“Sweet, sweet merciful god,” you groan out leaning against the counter. Unwrapping a Ghirardelli chocolate, you pop it into your mouth rolling the sweet across your tongue letting out a delighted moan.
Oh, that’s good.
Resting your head onto your folded arms on the counter, you groan when a cramp hits you. Grunting you press down harder on the heated pad.
God if only those damn pills would kick in now.
Standing up you grab your Camelbak water bottle off the counter to take a drink. Feeling your pocket buzz, you bite onto the straw idly chewing on it while you pull your cell out typing in the pass code. Swiping right, you groan when another cramp hits causing you to bend over, “Son of a biscuit eater
:iconezaito:ezaito 1,067 63
ESPN RISE - COVER by alvinlee ESPN RISE - COVER :iconalvinlee:alvinlee 1,085 77
You WILL Be Mine. {Akashi Seijuro X Reader}
Letting out an obvious and annoyed sigh, you stared into the deep eyes of your crush, who had just stood in front of you, blocking you from going any further. The wind played with his short red hair as he stood, un-moving and staring blankly into your (e/c) eyes. His gaze sending a shiver down your spine and making your heart beat a little faster than it should, you placed a hand on your hip.
"Akashi-kun. I have to get home. If you want something, make it quick." Unfazed, the red haired teen didn't move and his gaze didn't waver. You weren't sure, but it seemed as if he was thinking of something to say. This silence lasted for a minute, it was kind of sickening. It ate away at you, making you impatient until you decided to speak. You opened your mouth to do so, before being interrupted by Akashi's voice.
"(f/n)." Silence again… It was becoming irritating now.

"Akashi?" You questioned, putting a lot of annoyance into your tone. You were a bit surprised by what he said next
:iconkagamicchii:Kagamicchii 380 74
how to talk to short people -knb ver.- by s-haa how to talk to short people -knb ver.- :icons-haa:s-haa 568 43 Life is a game, so lvl up by KiyuMiyu Life is a game, so lvl up :iconkiyumiyu:KiyuMiyu 3,162 147 Basketball Ground by Tohad Basketball Ground :icontohad:Tohad 1,192 99 KnB - Tigers and Rabbits by Mcgooen KnB - Tigers and Rabbits :iconmcgooen:Mcgooen 967 199 Hoops by SnapHook Hoops :iconsnaphook:SnapHook 196 39 Spaceketball by GDBee Spaceketball :icongdbee:GDBee 1,001 31 Dwayne Wade by rokasme Dwayne Wade :iconrokasme:rokasme 249 44