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Tetsuya Shimeji +FREE+ by Cachomon Tetsuya Shimeji +FREE+ :iconcachomon:Cachomon 184 51 PixeloPhilia 32PX Icon Set by omercetin PixeloPhilia 32PX Icon Set :iconomercetin:omercetin 1,204 193 Dash Academy Chapter 7 - Free Fall #20 by SorcerusHorserus Dash Academy Chapter 7 - Free Fall #20 :iconsorcerushorserus:SorcerusHorserus 867 277 Stage Lovein time Base by Penguin-Drumz Stage Lovein time Base :iconpenguin-drumz:Penguin-Drumz 595 22 FFPC Sports Segment #8 CMC by uotapo FFPC Sports Segment #8 CMC :iconuotapo:uotapo 2,442 97 Mary Sue Wish Fulfillment Guy by kevinbolk Mary Sue Wish Fulfillment Guy :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 2,253 690 F2U Chubby Neko Base! by scarletscreations F2U Chubby Neko Base! :iconscarletscreations:scarletscreations 366 24 :icons: Breathe by benrulz :icons: Breathe :iconbenrulz:benrulz 420 100 [APHSimDate] P.E.Teacher!Romano: Buon Complemano by 0xWhaii [APHSimDate] P.E.Teacher!Romano: Buon Complemano :icon0xwhaii:0xWhaii 1,187 1,056 Forest in the Attic by hoangphamvfx Forest in the Attic :iconhoangphamvfx:hoangphamvfx 4,974 405 Girl of Summer 2 WallpaperPack by Raindropmemory Girl of Summer 2 WallpaperPack :iconraindropmemory:Raindropmemory 1,561 238 Net Gains by Parasomnico Net Gains :iconparasomnico:Parasomnico 265 54 kise by tsubakiya kise :icontsubakiya:tsubakiya 1,017 26 BLEACH - Who's your Daddy? by Washu-M BLEACH - Who's your Daddy? :iconwashu-m:Washu-M 4,194 472
Languages {Kise / Reader}
"(L/N)cchi~ Please talk to me!~" 
Geez, this was the 67th time today. He just wouldn't stop, would he?
You are (L/N) (F/N) and you are a 1st year at Kaijou High.
You were also almost always seen with another 1st year trying to get your attention.
Kise Ryouta. That was his name. He's been doing this ever since you 'saved him' from his fangirls. AKA You were bothered by the noise they were making and 'politely' told them to shut up and leave. Which includes forcefully shoving a pack of girls out of the classroom and a deadly aura surrounding you. Apparently, this was enough to make the blonde haired boy obsessed with you and follow you around the campus like a small puppy following its owner.
You were the smartest student in your class, probably even smarter than the 3rd years. You wouldn't boast of it, as you were a quiet person. And like any 1st honor student, you were always bombarded with questions from other students asking if their answers were correct and asking if you could
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Wolf Line Art [Pay To Use] by ZombieMutt13 Wolf Line Art [Pay To Use] :iconzombiemutt13:ZombieMutt13 110 11
Kuroko, Tetsuya X Reader [Oneshot]
"Ohayo gozaimasu." The low tone voice and the feel of something soft hitting your cheek directs your attention from your phone to your blue haired boyfriend.
"Ah, Tetsu-kun! Ohayo!" You smile brightly, standing up to give him a hug.
"When did you get here?" He asks, letting go but keeping your hand in his.
"Just ten minutes ago."
Kagami, Fukuda, Kawahara, and Furihata stare at Kuroko in disbelief. They honestly couldn't believe that the quiet and "weakest" player among their team had a girlfriend! A very hot girlfriend! And it's not like they just started dating, they have been for a few months now.
"It still amazes me how he got __(y/n)-chan to go out with him!" Kawahara sighs.
"I have to know his secrets!" Fukuda is determined to ask for advice from Kuroko during break.
"That guy is full of surprises." Kagami wonders how you saw Kuroko as boyfriend material. He brushes off the puzzling thought, sitting down in his chair. You greet the other f
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Kagami Taiga Fanart2 by christianamiel21 Kagami Taiga Fanart2 :iconchristianamiel21:christianamiel21 202 20 Akashi Seijuurou by FeliceMelancholie Akashi Seijuurou :iconfelicemelancholie:FeliceMelancholie 603 15 First Day of Practice by Lul-lulla First Day of Practice :iconlul-lulla:Lul-lulla 439 10 Lola Bunny by azianwolfdoll Lola Bunny :iconazianwolfdoll:azianwolfdoll 894 0 how to talk to short people -knb ver.- by s-haa how to talk to short people -knb ver.- :icons-haa:s-haa 565 43