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Short~ Murasakibara Atsushi x Reader
"Aomine-kun! Give it back!"
{Name} jumped and jumped but nothing seem to work. Aomine still stood there with a smirk on his stupid face, holding her phone all the way past his head. {Name}'s face turned red with anger, stomping her foot like a child.
"Come on!" She yelled, crossing her arms. "Aominecchi, be nice to {Name}!" Kise cried, getting a knock in the back of the head from Modorima. "Stop being so loud, baka!"
Akashi sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose, "Idiots.." He mumbled under his breath, before grabbing a basketball and getting back to practice. Kuroko stood next to Midorima, watching. "C-Come on Aomine! Give it b-back!" {Name} cried again.
She clenched his fists tight, feeling frustrated tears work there ways to her eyes. Why did Aomine like teasing her so much?! "Tch, not my problem your short {Name}~" Just as she was about to yell at him again, a large hand place itself over her {HairColor} hair.
She turned around and was met with a chest. she looked up to see Murasa
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Little Red Riding Hood Dress up by Hapuriainen Little Red Riding Hood Dress up :iconhapuriainen:Hapuriainen 3,303 511
Cuddle~ Aomine Daiki x Reader
A loud sneeze echoed through a small apartment, inside one of the bedrooms sat a {HairColor} headed girl. Blankets were wrapped in a bundle around her with tissues surrounding her. Her face was red,  her nose the stuffed up, Her throat was as sore as can be and her body was freezing. She hated being sick.
She huffed and threw the old tissues in the waste basket and flopped back down on the fluffy bed. She looked over at the clock near her bed, '3:45 a.m'  She sighed, rolling over, and grabbed her phone off the nightstand. she scrolled through her contacts till one name popped up, 'Daiki Aomine'
She pressed 'call' and placed the device to her ear. It rang for sometime till a groan echoed through the speaker of the phone, "{Name}? What is it, its 3:56 in the morning what could it possibly be this time?" It was true his {HairColor} head girlfriend  had called him at late times from dumb things but this time it was important.
"Aomineee... I don't feel good. And I can't sleep
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Comfort~ Kuroko No Basket Murasakibara x Reader
The apartment was quiet. It had been for a while now. Usually Murasakibara and {Name} would be sitting in the front room, munching on candy and watching crappy T.V. But not today.
Earlier in the day, the couple had come home from the match that Yosen had with Seirin. The one they lost. Murasakibara was quiet the walk home, not speaking once to his girlfriend. Only grunting or nodding in response. And once they arrived, he took off his shoes and walked to there room slamming the door behind him.
{Name} let out a shaky breathe. Her hands clenching one of Murasakibara's old shirts she had thrown on once that got home. It was large on her, like a dress. Even covering the shorts she had.  
She stood in front of there bedroom door. She knocked at first, not receiving a response. she sighed, opening the door and peaking in. There layed the giant. Blankets wound around him, Face first into the pillows.
She tip-toed in and crawled into the bed with him. She knew he was awake. He always whi
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Akashi x Reader: Scissors
“You lost” I said to him, with a smirk on my face.
“I did it on purpose.”
“No you did not, just admit defeat.” I stared at him, locking my gaze on his. My, his eyes are so intimidating, it makes me feel uneasy.
“I didn’t take this game seriously.”
“You did, I can feel it.” I retorted back.
“Well, what you’re feeling is wrong.” He replied flatly, standing up, he began to put away the shogi board.
“Then, let’s play another round, if I win, you’ll admit defeat.” I said, determination on my face.
“And if I win?” he asked. I thought for a while.
“I-I’ll let you do anything you w-want… but no perverted things!” I stuttered, a blush coming its way on my face.
And thus, another round of shogi began.
Guess who won?
Him of course. I shouldn’t have challenged him and now I’m bound with the consequence
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Aomine Daiki/Reader ~ Babysitters
To describe yourself as "annoyed" would make the world's biggest understatement.
Today was a weekend - a day for your rest and relaxation. You had things planned - hanging out with friends, window shopping, probably buying that book you've always wanted, eating sweets and other stuff fun like that. Babysitting your siblings with Aomine Daiki was definitely not on your list.  
It's not like you hate the guy or anything. It's just that it feels like you're having a heart problem or something whenever he gets too close. You find yourself looking towards his direction whenever his in your sight's range, watching his every move. There's also some times when you get quite flustered with his little actions. You asked your friends about this feeling and stalker-ish habit, and they told you that you like him. Not being able to stomach their little hopeless romantic conclusion, you took the matter into your hands. "I can't possibly 'like' him," you once told yourself. He's too arrogant and
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Keep Me Warm~ Akashi x Reader - Kuroko No Basket
The rain outside poured. {Name} stood in front of the school gym, waiting for her boyfriend Akashi. He was finished with practice but was taking long than usual. She sighed, clutching her umbrella closer to her body.
'Akashi-kun.. Hurry please..' She thinks, fidgeting in place as she tried to distract herself from the cold surrounding her. She had complained about the freezing temperatures earlier in the day, to which Akashi simply gave her his sweater from his uniform, leaving him in nothing but a tee-shirt and his pants.
She smiled, remembering the sweet gesture. Bringing the sweater around her up to her face, she inhaled the sent of the red headed man. She hummed in content. "{Name}~" She jumped, looking behind.
There stood said man. She felt her face heat up. 'I hope he didn't see me...' she thought in embarrassment. "A-Akashi-kun." He smirked in response before walking up the her. His body pressed against her's as he wrapped his bare arms around her.
"Miss me?" Her face headed up
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Hoshi Wa Utau Base #9 by KC-pixels Hoshi Wa Utau Base #9 :iconkc-pixels:KC-pixels 2,136 248
Jealous of Levi- AkashixReader drabbles

"The difference between your decision and ours is experience. But you don't have to rely on that.
Believe in yourself, or believe in the survey corps and me.
I don't know...
I never have, I can believe in my own abilities  or the choices of the companions I trust.
But no one ever knows how it will turn out.
So, choose for yourself whichever decision you regret the least."
You were currently fangirling (and drooling) as you watch with great admiration the anime Shingeki no Kyojin. It was one of the best scenes that left you weak in the knees especially when Lance Corporal Levi did that spinning thingy to save Eren. And while you weren't finish ogling the sexy midget, your other sexy midget is getting irritated with the random screams and squeals coming from you (especially when you were going on and on about how cool and sexy this L
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