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[OPEN] AF 'S' MISSION_LA FINALE the LAST WAR! by Skunkyfly [OPEN] AF 'S' MISSION_LA FINALE the LAST WAR! :iconskunkyfly:Skunkyfly 1,017 98 S7M  Assertive by doubleWbrothers S7M Assertive :icondoublewbrothers:doubleWbrothers 1,561 371 Videotutorial 9 by KrypteriaHG Videotutorial 9 :iconkrypteriahg:KrypteriaHG 171 28 Texture Pack #2 - Dead Memories by KrypteriaHG Texture Pack #2 - Dead Memories :iconkrypteriahg:KrypteriaHG 1,936 460 Thor Has A Cold by blargberries Thor Has A Cold :iconblargberries:blargberries 1,982 137 Inanimate Insanity - New Website Banner by TheTGrodz Inanimate Insanity - New Website Banner :iconthetgrodz:TheTGrodz 259 117 Ribbons (flat) PSD by NishithV Ribbons (flat) PSD :iconnishithv:NishithV 3,336 309 Banner-WEbsite v03 by DaveDonut Banner-WEbsite v03 :icondavedonut:DaveDonut 23,468 3,788
Heat Stroke (Tony x reader One Shot)
It was hot.
Beyond hot.
You were sprawled out on the couch of your tiny apartment feeling like you were going to die of heat. You couldn’t even bring yourself to move and call someone to see if you could crash at their place until your air conditioner was fixed. You internally cursed New York for its heat. And then Shield for stationing you here to play baby sitter to the Avengers. And yourself for declining when Tony offered to put you up in Stark Tower.
Stark Tower.
What you wouldn’t give to be there now, in its air-conditioned embrace, able to move about freely.
You were supposed to be there now. For work. You lolled your head to the side to find the time on the clock across the room, it told you that you were officially two hours late for your job. Fury was going to kill you. You reached out an arm lazily to grab your cell phone and call in sick, finding that it was deader than a doornail before rolling off the couch and on to the floor.
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Dressup Avengers by Arlequinne by ElinTan Dressup Avengers by Arlequinne :iconelintan:ElinTan 3,416 645 Tony's Beard Part 3 by blargberries Tony's Beard Part 3 :iconblargberries:blargberries 1,518 194 Scroll Banners -set1- by Lileya Scroll Banners -set1- :iconlileya:Lileya 697 55 Scroll Banners -set 2- by Lileya Scroll Banners -set 2- :iconlileya:Lileya 774 71 Scroll Banner Corners by Lileya Scroll Banner Corners :iconlileya:Lileya 701 45 Banner n Scrolls Photoshop Custom Shapes by redheadstock Banner n Scrolls Photoshop Custom Shapes :iconredheadstock:redheadstock 1,132 91 Banner-WEbsite v02 by DaveDonut Banner-WEbsite v02 :icondavedonut:DaveDonut 3,157 724 Noragami by PSLShana567 Noragami :iconpslshana567:PSLShana567 634 19
Disney Karaoke (Avengers X Reader) (One-shot)
Disney Karaoke (Avengers X Reader) (One-shot)
"Hey (Name)! Come join us!" Tony yelled, jumping off the mini stage in the center of his living room.
"What are you guy's doing?" you asked, confused.
"What does it look like? We're singing karaoke." Tony grinned. "Disney karaoke."
"Are you serious?" you asked, smirking at the mere mention of Disney.
"Yeah, and it's your turn." he said, handing you the microphone.
"Okay. You choose." you said as you took the mic.
Tony selected a tune you knew very well, Oogie Boogie's Song from The Nightmare before Christmas. The avengers all enjoyed your Oogie impression and the performance, clapping and complimenting you. Then you handed the mic off to Steve, also selecting his song, Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. His LeFou and Gaston impressions were pretty amazing.
The super soldier handed the mic off to Dr. Banner next. Steve picked I'll Make a Man out of You from Mulan. His performance got very funny once he did his impressions of Chien-po, Yao, Li
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A Connection (Steve x Reader One Shot)
Captain America was stumped, looking out over what used to be an enemy base as the Shield helicopter that came to retrieve him lifted into the air. With the mission accomplished he no longer had something to occupy his mind to keep it away from his troubling thoughts. His problem was simply this- Steve didn’t know how to connect to you even though he desperately wanted to.
As Tony’s kid sister you were incredibly smart, a little cocky, and absolutely terrifying to Steve. It hadn’t been a problem when you were just friends, you were a fantastic friend and surprisingly way more patient and understanding than Tony, but recently he’d began to feel more for you. It made him unable to approach you, or do really anything involving you, and luckily he’d been set away on a mission before you could notice. He looked out the window of the helicopter with a sigh, he’d be home by morning and he needed to figure out something soon.
Back at Stark Tower you sighed h
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AVENGERS - sleepover by FerioWind AVENGERS - sleepover :iconferiowind:FerioWind 5,214 294 Carnage by ChasingArtwork Carnage :iconchasingartwork:ChasingArtwork 4,829 134 PSD blend by Carllton PSD blend :iconcarllton:Carllton 824 191 Pucca: Tobe or not Tobe - Tapastic Banner by LittleKidsin Pucca: Tobe or not Tobe - Tapastic Banner :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 1,164 32 Avengers: The one about shawarma by Phageous Avengers: The one about shawarma :iconphageous:Phageous 1,989 226