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APH - Baltic Way by Radittz APH - Baltic Way :iconradittz:Radittz 2,953 228 The Baltic Sea Anomaly by Vaghauk The Baltic Sea Anomaly :iconvaghauk:Vaghauk 298 162
Russia x Reader - Russia's Illness
You entered the meeting room, where the Allies were having a get-together. You were hoping to see Ivan, whom you had grown very close to over a short period of time. But, to your horror, he wasn't there ... and the other Allies seemed to be rather happy
"Dude, I am so glad he's not here ..." Alfred sighed
"He is rather ungentlemanly at times, America" Arthur said, taking a sip of tea
"He scares me ..." Yao mumbled, full of anxiety
"Well Russia isn't here ... so stop worrying" Francis growled, folding his arms
"What's going on?" You asked, a little worried
"Russia's not here. His sister called saying he was sick, or dying ... or whatever" Alfred said, smirking
"Wh-what?! Russia is sick?" You asked, horrified
"Yeah, he must have caught something" He said, shrugging
"H-haven't you checked on him at all?" You asked, a little appalled
"No we haven't, why?" Arthur asked, eyebrows raised
"Ivan!" You breathed, running out of the room
The other Allies called after you as you ran off, but you ig
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Tsushima - The Russians by JanBoruta Tsushima - The Russians :iconjanboruta:JanBoruta 220 82 Republic of Three Nations by GTD-Orion Republic of Three Nations :icongtd-orion:GTD-Orion 165 14 Alternate History Map of Europe v2 by Regicollis Alternate History Map of Europe v2 :iconregicollis:Regicollis 263 81 Eastern Germans in Europe by Arminius1871 Eastern Germans in Europe :iconarminius1871:Arminius1871 115 47 Teutonic knight by ManuLaCanette Teutonic knight :iconmanulacanette:ManuLaCanette 289 18
Soft Spots (2P!Russia x Reader)
Ivan had been staying close to home for quite some time now. Since the holidays, he’s been opting to come home earlier and even beginning to relax. Before, he was usually a hermit until winter passed and then he’ll slowly emerge from his hibernation and get back to work. However now, he had a reason to stay and actually enjoy the cold. ___________ was often seen with him during these days. Sometimes he’s stay in a room just because he knew she was in it. He liked watching her doing things. She talked more. He didn’t mind that and at night, she cuddled on him. He liked hugging her. She learned for awhile now that Ivan didn’t talk much but he had his own way to communicate. He would do small things to show his happiness, if something bothered him or if he was just neutral. He would grunt for a yes, tch for a no, and silent if he wanted to be neutral. However, he was most physical. If he often dragged and pulled her when he wanted her to go and at night would
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The Story Of OVO by werol The Story Of OVO :iconwerol:werol 5,491 760 Layers of German irredentism - Pangermanism by Dom-Bul Layers of German irredentism - Pangermanism :icondom-bul:Dom-Bul 95 32 Baltic Sea Wallpaper by Martz90 Baltic Sea Wallpaper :iconmartz90:Martz90 419 33 Link - Woodburning by brandojones Link - Woodburning :iconbrandojones:brandojones 2,010 355 Svajone i Virgid of Baltai Didzioji Kunigaikstyste by Gambargin Svajone i Virgid of Baltai Didzioji Kunigaikstyste :icongambargin:Gambargin 389 67 s h i n e by me-inside515 s h i n e :iconme-inside515:me-inside515 705 179 Amber and Wood Bracelet by AmberSculpture Amber and Wood Bracelet :iconambersculpture:AmberSculpture 600 61 world of silence by quadratiges world of silence :iconquadratiges:quadratiges 2,677 158 Baltic by xxRapeKxx Baltic :iconxxrapekxx:xxRapeKxx 195 19 leuchtturm pt. III by Gehoersturz leuchtturm pt. III :icongehoersturz:Gehoersturz 643 93 Amber and Wood - 2205 by AmberSculpture Amber and Wood - 2205 :iconambersculpture:AmberSculpture 250 21 Get up ol' champ by Ulltuss Get up ol' champ :iconulltuss:Ulltuss 490 42 Stock 015: sea at sunset 2 by AlzirrSwanheartStock Stock 015: sea at sunset 2 :iconalzirrswanheartstock:AlzirrSwanheartStock 478 172 Baltic Sea by JoaRosa Baltic Sea :iconjoarosa:JoaRosa 420 22