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[Magi] Sickness - Judal x Reader
" ACHOO!~" "Keep your bacilli for yourself! " Kouha sighed annoyed as it was his turn to look after the sick Magi. Yes , you heard right. The Magi of the Kou Empire , Judal catched a cold. It was just a common cold with slight fever , which would flown back in a few days. But as we know the male species, Judal though he was dying because he felt so miserable You got exaggerated of bis behavior, that's why you always broke thyself in safety ,when Kouen for looked after volunteers for Judal healhcare. Well, as the others noticed your missings, the Council of the Ren siblings sat together. Even Hakuei and Hakuryuu were present , as well as Seishuun.
"I assume you all know why I called this meeting. "Kouen said while he crossed his arms. Koumei sat next to him with his eyes closed and waving with his featherly fan for a little refreshing wind.. Kougyoku sat uneasily in her seat and tried to say much , but her heart sank right after she saw her oldest brother. Hakuei remained silent and Hak
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