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[Dave Strider x Reader] Singles Awareness Week
"Excuse me…" you said for the tenth time, remarkably keeping your straight face, you sighed, "Excuse me." your eyebrow twitched, that was it, you had been patient enough. You rolled your shoulders and cracked your neck with a sigh before leaning in real close, "You know… I don’t mind if you suck face, but could you do us all a favor and make out in front of somebody else's locker?" you said, your voice sickeningly sweet and cheery.
The couple in front of your locker broke apart, seeming to finally notice your presence before giving you a creeped out look and walking away, "Stupid Couples…" you grumbled under your breath, as if one day of sickening romance wasn't enough, your school had to dedicate a whole week to it, why? Tradition, everything around here was all tradition this tradition that, at your school, Valentine's day, or 'week' tradition was as follows:
All week couple's bring their partners a gift, the gifts getting larger in size or bigger in value
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