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Historically accurate Disney - Elsa by Niobesnuppa Historically accurate Disney - Elsa :iconniobesnuppa:Niobesnuppa 958 126 North man by Liancary-art North man :iconliancary-art:Liancary-art 1,108 126 Abstract Colorful Watercolor Texture by Love-Kay Abstract Colorful Watercolor Texture :iconlove-kay:Love-Kay 317 35 Historically accurate Disney - Rapunzel by Niobesnuppa Historically accurate Disney - Rapunzel :iconniobesnuppa:Niobesnuppa 457 57 Nordic Warrior by Liancary-art Nordic Warrior :iconliancary-art:Liancary-art 846 73 Mac OS X Leopard Skin by AnthoNY-C Mac OS X Leopard Skin :iconanthony-c:AnthoNY-C 35 16
1907 Teddy Bear instructions
This bear is adapted from an authentic 1907 pattern. The pattern is free to use, but bears made from it must have attribution if sold. The pattern may not be copied and resold.
A few notes on materials:
Bears of this time period were made of mohair, but you'll probably be using faux fur (refer to my faux fur guide: ). The most common authentic color was gold, with dark brown, white, gray and cinnamon also used. You can, of course, use any color you prefer.
The amount of material you'll need depends on what size bear you're making. The pattern can be enlarged or shrunk. 1/3 to 1/2 yards should be more than enough, with plenty left over in case of mistakes. If your fur has a stretchy backing, you should bond it to iron-on interfacing before cutting the pattern, as this will keep the pieces from stretching and distorting. It also makes the pattern easier to draw on. If you use mohair, you won't need interfacing.
For the pa
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Alethya and the falcon - stock by Liancary-art Alethya and the falcon - stock :iconliancary-art:Liancary-art 496 36 krishna india authentic by lalitkr007 krishna india authentic :iconlalitkr007:lalitkr007 334 71 North man by Liancary-art North man :iconliancary-art:Liancary-art 134 7 1907 Teddy Bear by Viergacht 1907 Teddy Bear :iconviergacht:Viergacht 75 34 Human Skull 01 by qxvw198 Human Skull 01 :iconqxvw198:qxvw198 345 240 Viking Series 07 by Liancary-art Viking Series 07 :iconliancary-art:Liancary-art 163 14 Windows 7 ColoredGlass Folders by Bonscha Windows 7 ColoredGlass Folders :iconbonscha:Bonscha 54 11 Rufus by Vermin-Star Rufus :iconvermin-star:Vermin-Star 350 95 huscarl 4 by Liancary-art huscarl 4 :iconliancary-art:Liancary-art 275 37 Hand Forged Traditional Japanese Tachi by swordsofnorthshire Hand Forged Traditional Japanese Tachi :iconswordsofnorthshire:swordsofnorthshire 198 10 Viking Stock 5 by Liancary-art Viking Stock 5 :iconliancary-art:Liancary-art 92 9
Human, Being
There was a time, not long ago, I would have given anything to be something else.  
Ever since I was little I wanted to be an animal.  It didn't really matter what animal, as long as it was an animal.  Animals were beautiful effortlessly, it seemed to me, and oh so deserving of love, admiration, respect, and affection.  I was not.  I was less than perfect, unlovable as a little girl, and so I sought to be an animal.  It had to be better than being a human, especially a chubby little girl who nobody understood.
As I grew, I centered my life around this belief, that it would be better to be other.  At first it was unicorns and horses, then it was the fiery power of dragons, and finally the mysterious grace of wolves.  I thought that if I could somehow learn the ways of wolves, perhaps I might find a way to become one of them someday.   Perhaps I could find four feet and race into the wilderness
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Medieval Stock 6 by Liancary-art Medieval Stock 6 :iconliancary-art:Liancary-art 151 19 viking stock 22 by Liancary-art viking stock 22 :iconliancary-art:Liancary-art 526 90 VAGABONDS by David-Dennis VAGABONDS :icondavid-dennis:David-Dennis 270 27 Viking Series 08 by Liancary-art Viking Series 08 :iconliancary-art:Liancary-art 101 15