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SnK: Chain of Command by Fiveonthe SnK: Chain of Command :iconfiveonthe:Fiveonthe 2,467 266 Steven's Concert Redone by Finnjr63 Steven's Concert Redone :iconfinnjr63:Finnjr63 1,249 470 INTERACTIVE LEVI GAME by Shivery-Ao INTERACTIVE LEVI GAME :iconshivery-ao:Shivery-Ao 2,919 1,237 Levi Discovers Yaoi by VictorySoup Levi Discovers Yaoi :iconvictorysoup:VictorySoup 3,860 529 Green Giant BADASS by Tohad Green Giant BADASS :icontohad:Tohad 905 216
Why? [Levi x Shy!Reader]
(A/N: According to Wikia, he is actually older than 30. But for the sake of this story, I'm making him around his late 20's! Really hope you enjoy this one shot. I made it up real fast.) 
It hadn’t been long since you were placed under Levi’s squad. To you, mostly, it was a little strange as you thought you were originally going to be placed under Hanji, whom you were more interested in with her experiments than anything else… However, Levi had volunteered to take you in. And you didn’t know why. You like the idea of being hand-picked by him, to be part of his special operation squad next to Eren, Mikasa, and Armin. But you had a knack of intelligence when science and experiments are involved, so it would make sense if you had joined Hanji’s side.
You also didn’t quite get to interact with the corporal, but judging by his venomous personality and temperament that you witnessed as he presented in in court during Eren's trial, you could say
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Eren and Levi -Attack on Titan by minibuddy Eren and Levi -Attack on Titan :iconminibuddy:minibuddy 1,479 139 Levi/Rivaille -Shingeki no Kyojin chat bot by Amena-chaan Levi/Rivaille -Shingeki no Kyojin chat bot :iconamena-chaan:Amena-chaan 5,470 4,365 EreRi Week Day 3: Cuddling by YummySuika EreRi Week Day 3: Cuddling :iconyummysuika:YummySuika 499 160
Just Fluffy [Neko!Levi x Reader] [AU]
“Levi,” the threatening muffled voice emitted from the depths of the covers. “GET. OFF.”
Little paws sunk into your shoulder as your stupid, devil kitten stomped over you. “No, feed me, bitch.”
You buried your face into your pillow. “I stayed up late studying. Let me sleep.”
The tiny bundle slid down your arm and landed right next to your head. “I’m hungry. Feed me, bitch.”
You groaned. It was completely pointless arguing with the twerp anyway. He wouldn’t stop until he got his way. And just as you expected, he began batting the top of your head.
Again...and again...and again....and....again.
“Feed me, stupid,” he grumbled.
With a growl, you flipped over the covers knocking Levi over on the bed. He grunted as he fell on his back, paws up, exposing his round belly. Sighing, rubbing the sleep from your eyes and working your way out of the fog of drowsiness, you glanced down at your pet.  As you notic
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(Modern AU)Levi x Reader- Dirty Taking- Phone Call
Warning: You're about to read mature and suggesting themes
Story 1: Phone Call
You were currently in your penthouse in New York; with nothing more than one of your boyfriends white cotton button-up shirt and when you say nothing else it means nothing else. You had finally decided to move a month ago and you still weren’t accustomed to the place. It was so… big.
You sighed; you were in the white leather sofa with your legs up reading a book. You hadn’t sighed because the book was bad, it was actually pretty interesting but your mind had stopped comprehending it’s words a few ages back. You sighed again; you wanted Levi to come back. You were missing him too much. You hated his work it always took him away from you. Tired of waiting you sat up in as a brilliant idea come up to your head. A sly smile took possession of your face.
In a fast movement you were up, the rolled up sleeves came undone and they come passed your hands. The shirt was humongous but t
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Handcuffed (Cop!Levi x Reader) AU
    Were they starring? They were starring.
    You shifted your hand over the fleshy bruise encompassing your left eye. It was so embarrassing to even be here. You could handle yourself, you didn't need any damn police officer giving you fake sympathy.
    The entirety of the bullpen seemed to be giving you the eye. Hardened criminals were handcuffed to benches, waiting for lawyers to arrive. Witnesses and bail bondsmen chatted with the officers at desks. And here you were, a young woman stranded on a cushy chair, looking like you had been in a bar brawl.
    You ignored the curious looks and concentrated on the desk facing you. Not much to look at there. In fact, almost nothing. It was completely spotless, save a manilla folder positioned dead center. A singular black pen was positioned parallel to the document. If you had a ruler on you, which would be incredibly odd or coincidental, you would find everything spaced by exac
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Frustrated - Levi x Reader (LIME)
♛ Author's Note: This story contains racy foreplay and implies sex. Reader is over 18.
Captain Levi had been especially shitty to you recently. He usually treated you like the other soldiers, but lately, you noticed he'd been targeting you. All throughout training, he’d reprimand you for stupid reasons. It felt like he’d been watching you more carefully, and though the thought made you happy, you soon discovered this new-found attention wasn’t as great as you’d imagined. This meant he criticized every little thing you did and pointed out every mistake you made.
You had just gone through the morning with a pit in your stomach. You couldn't tell if the problem was physical; it came from deep inside—you felt as if you were missing something. You felt . . . empty.  And to top it off, you weren't able to put your finger on the feeling, so you had no idea how to prevent it. It made you irritable and rigid.
“(F/n).” A scrutinizi
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War of Jealousy (Levi X Reader)
    You hadn't looked at Levi in two whole days; not since it happened. He did not like this one bit. He took the advice given to him and kissed you as told to. He even drifted away to wait for you to come to him! But that's not the thing; you weren't coming to him. Now you practically ran from the mere sight of him.
    Being on a whole new level of pissed Levi went to see the shitty advice giver herself. "Hanji!" He yelled upon entering the lab of the erratic woman. She stood up with a cheesy grin on her face. He wanted to beat every shred of happiness out of her in that moment. "You said (f/n) would come running to me if I kissed her and left her wanting more!" He crossed his arms over his chest with a glare glued to her.
    "Maybe you didn't leave her wanting more?" Hanji's suggestion was shot down by an icy glare from gray eyes. "Well, (f/n) is a shy girl, she is probably too scared and nervous to come to you." Hanji told him in a casua
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Attack on Titan - Boot Cover Tutorial by Valdrein Attack on Titan - Boot Cover Tutorial :iconvaldrein:Valdrein 2,831 178
In The Morning (LeviXReader)
(General warning about language because Levi doesn’t give a flying fritter)
You awoke as a shiver ran through your body due to the sudden lack of warmth.  Rolling over, you noticed Levi sitting on the edge of the bed, who had already tugged a shirt over his head and was now lacing up his boots.  You frowned at his back as he finished with one and began working on the other.  
You and Levi were, well, together.  He didn’t like to use the words ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’, as he thought of them to be weird possessive pet names, therefore leaving you tongue-tied when describing your relationship.  
Now finished, you noticed his back tense up as he placed his hands on the bed, preparing to push himself to his feet.  With lightning fast reflexes you were next to him on the edge of the bed, placing your hand on his shoulder.
“Hey, what are you doing up so early?” You asked, followed by quickly pecking him on the l
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AoT: Embarrassing Heichou [Levi x reader]
You always wondered what could possibly embarrass humanity's strongest soldier. No matter how perfect he may seem, there must have been some flaws in him and something that could make him embarrassed right?
And so that's how you started to think about the possible things that could embarrass Levi. You shared your thoughts with Hanji and she evaluated whether it could embarrass him or not. You carried out the experiments that Hanji told you to do that could embarrass him but none of them worked.
Furthermore, you were the one who always ended up getting extra chores and running laps. How on earth did Hanji not get any of those punishments? You started to think that Levi has this grudge against you for pissing him of for like a million times.
~time skip~
'Damn.. I'm starting to feel hungry...'
You were cleaning the stables and horses after running for 3 hours straight with no lunch. When you were brushing the horses, you looked at it.
"Hmm. I guess Eren was right... Jean does have
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The Storm (LeviXReader)
The Strom (LevixReader)
(General warning about small use of language. That is all)
You sat upright in your bed, instantly wide awake as you bore your gaze to the only window in your room. You let out a little shriek, hugging your pillow as a bright flash of lightning darted across the sky, followed immediately by a loud clap of thunder. Eyes wide with fright, you peaked out from your pillow to the once again dark, lonely room.
Originally, as being the 11th place graduate from the 104th trainees, you had chosen to serve in the military police. Only to find that everyone there were lazy, immature ass-hats who had nothing better to do than harass citizens over petty-little things.  Frustrated with the injustice, you quickly transferred to the Scouting Regiment, a place you were terrified of being before, but with a renewed sense of loyalty to humanity, determined to make some sort of a difference.  
So here you were, stuck having a whole room to yourself in the HQ s
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AoT: Levi's Cute Hiccups [Levi x Reader]
."[f/n]!!!!!!" Hanji yelled across the hallway.
You sighed and turned around, dead panning her as she ran down the hall like a headless chicken. She's been bugging you a lot for the past week telling you all about her little children. Correction, her Titan children.
"What now Hanji, I swear if you're here to tell me one of your titans was being a bad boy again I will slap--" you got cut off by her loud voice.
"HAVE YOU SEEN SHORTY HICCUP BEFORE?" She stopped right in front of your nose and grinned.
"Wait... What." You looked at her and processed what just happened. All you heard was Levi and hiccups. You gave a small smile and said "No."
"OH MY GOD YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS! COME ON" she grabbed your arm and dragged you down the hallway, earning looks of pity from your friends.
For once you didn't regret being dragged with Hanji because you will see an extremely rare sight.
Hanji stopped at a corner and motioned you to look. She covered up her mouth and nose, going all red in
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The Last Supper - Anime crossover version by modrawmanga The Last Supper - Anime crossover version :iconmodrawmanga:modrawmanga 1,019 164 SnK: To-do Lists by gomimushi SnK: To-do Lists :icongomimushi:gomimushi 1,240 151