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Serendipity--Amy's Chapter 1: The Room
   Amy finds herself in an unfamiliar room.

Well, damn. How drunk
-was- I, and whose basement is it this time? Jess is fine, but she's not here.
Where are my boots? Am I alone?

   "Hey! Whose house is this?"
   Amy looks around the room. The room looks like a large basement, however it's packed tight with boxes, crates, and the sort, all of which are closed. The ceiling is also lower than it should be, low enough that she wouldn’t even have to stretch her hand much to touch the ceiling. The room is a bit damp and smells as such, along with a bit of a chill in the room. There seems to be a few lights on the walls every so often, however due to the size of the room and the amount of boxes, and even a few lights not working, the room is dim.
   There is no one around that Amy can tell, but it does look like there is a passage at one end of the room.

Okay, this is not right. What is this, a warehouse? I would've rememb
:iconarcane-shadow-razil:Arcane-Shadow-Razil 3 0