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The Titans by moni158 The Titans :iconmoni158:moni158 11,190 845 Attack on Titan AU by moni158 Attack on Titan AU :iconmoni158:moni158 4,976 378 Armored Kaiju Concept by BABAGANOOSH99 Armored Kaiju Concept :iconbabaganoosh99:BABAGANOOSH99 802 26 EA01 Areon by Calates EA01 Areon :iconcalates:Calates 572 30 Eagle celtic helmet by Feral-Workshop Eagle celtic helmet :iconferal-workshop:Feral-Workshop 341 25 Knight Character Sketch by BABAGANOOSH99 Knight Character Sketch :iconbabaganoosh99:BABAGANOOSH99 951 12 Mammoth Traktor by Ergrassa Mammoth Traktor :iconergrassa:Ergrassa 299 18 Headhunter brainstorming by The-Chronothaur Headhunter brainstorming :iconthe-chronothaur:The-Chronothaur 445 26 T10 Charioteer Tank by Keithwormwood T10 Charioteer Tank :iconkeithwormwood:Keithwormwood 2,017 71 Sabine Wren - Darksaber by DarthTemoc Sabine Wren - Darksaber :icondarthtemoc:DarthTemoc 794 30 Giant Thresher Rat by GuthrieArtwork Giant Thresher Rat :iconguthrieartwork:GuthrieArtwork 1,019 29 SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN by ingrid1st SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN :iconingrid1st:ingrid1st 1,220 51
Titan!Eren x Reader ~ Part 3 ~ Erwin's Neice
    Glancing over Eren's shoulder, you could see your hope for salvation. It was funny. You never thought you'd be thanking a titan for saving your life, but there it was, a titan just as big as Eren, quickly tottering toward him. Eren was too focused on crushing your lungs to even noticed. You hoped, prayed that it would move faster. You eyes widened at it, willing it to attack.
    As if reading your mind, the titan leapt into Eren, latching it's sharp teeth into the back of his shoulder. With a deep yelp of surprise, Eren went down.
    He landed with a thud onto his chest. His arm crashed to the ground, still holding you tightly. You whined loudly when his fingers pressed into your broken ribs.
    The titan on his back pulled and ripped at his shoulders, and his grip on you loosened as he tried to shake it off. Immediately fresh air rushed into your lungs.
    You winced, gritting your teeth. It was extremely painful for you
:icondimantesreign:DimantesReign 314 152
Ankylosaur tutorial by Droemar Ankylosaur tutorial :icondroemar:Droemar 756 40 -Kyurem- by arvalis -Kyurem- :iconarvalis:arvalis 9,337 482 Police vehicles - part 2 by adamkuczek Police vehicles - part 2 :iconadamkuczek:adamkuczek 639 16 Iron Man (Marvel Earth-61619) by LoganWaynee Iron Man (Marvel Earth-61619) :iconloganwaynee:LoganWaynee 447 105 Drawing Titans by moni158 Drawing Titans :iconmoni158:moni158 4,951 134 Colossal facepalm by moni158 Colossal facepalm :iconmoni158:moni158 8,039 472 Black Knights by DNA-1 Black Knights :icondna-1:DNA-1 628 40 Cordoba by jflaxman Cordoba :iconjflaxman:jflaxman 704 28 Dwarf Leather Armor by Feral-Workshop Dwarf Leather Armor :iconferal-workshop:Feral-Workshop 750 37 GC22 Chicop by Calates GC22 Chicop :iconcalates:Calates 420 40 Attack on Titan by moni158 Attack on Titan :iconmoni158:moni158 12,630 958