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Kurosho by GENZOMAN Kurosho :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 4,100 143 homestuck sewing pattern by b00ts homestuck sewing pattern :iconb00ts:b00ts 769 84 Miasma by AustenMengler Miasma :iconaustenmengler:AustenMengler 739 26 z doll by May-Machin z doll :iconmay-machin:May-Machin 477 48
Xifeng's origin part 1
By Yomero.
During the early XIX century in southern China, people at a small village prepared for work. That summer morning, the sun rose above the distant hills presaging another beautiful summer morning. Not far from the village, a man in his late thirties walked toward the forest accompanied by two young girls.
The older of the girls was nine. She had shoulder long dark straight hair. She was wearing her training red uniform and had a long stick in her hand.
Aside of her and running around the man, was the younger of the two. She was a seven year old peppy girl. She had short red hair and a uniform similar to the older girl, but blue color.
“Calm down, Xifeng.” The man told the younger girl. “Please walk aside of your sister.”
“Yes dad!” Xifeng replied happy.
“She is not my sister.” The older girl interrupted while waving her stick.
The man remained quiet for a while. As they reached the top of the hill, the man t
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Reflection of a MASTERpiece by dukeofspade Reflection of a MASTERpiece :icondukeofspade:dukeofspade 1,295 200 c-test girl 1248 by NC22 c-test girl 1248 :iconnc22:NC22 181 4 If Naruto was like MontyPython by MSkyDragons If Naruto was like MontyPython :iconmskydragons:MSkyDragons 3,345 406 Limbless Mangakas by gamera1985 Limbless Mangakas :icongamera1985:gamera1985 328 27 Quad 03 by Cr4zy83 Quad 03 :iconcr4zy83:Cr4zy83 78 7 cats by atmosblue cats :iconatmosblue:atmosblue 497 52 c-test blueprint 1 by NC22 c-test blueprint 1 :iconnc22:NC22 127 12 Seiyu by gamera1985 Seiyu :icongamera1985:gamera1985 234 58
MTSBF: Part 1
More Than She Bargained For: Part 1
Amy had been looking forward to this day for weeks. Her mother thought it was good that she was finally spending some time with her friends for a change and was delighted when Amy asked if she could stay with Erika for the weekend. Amy was always the quiet one, shy and retiring most of the time, and found it difficult to meet new people, but for some reason she found it easy to talk to Erika. As they got to know one another they discovered they had a lot in common. They shared everything, even their darkest forbidden secrets, which is what had led to the invitation to spend the night.
As the car approached the house Amy was taken aback. Erika had warned her that her family was rich and her house was  bigger than normal, but this was an honest to goodness mansion, and on the beachfront too! Amy began to wonder if it might have its own swimming pool, but she had other things on her mind for this visit.
Erika had heard the car approaching up t
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Armless Surfing by gamera1985 Armless Surfing :icongamera1985:gamera1985 251 26 c-test girl 1287 by NC22 c-test girl 1287 :iconnc22:NC22 117 8
Xifeng's origin part 2
The days went on and Xifeng health slowly improved. One morning she woke up and didn’t find anyone in the cave. That day, Xifeng felt strong enough and she crawled slowly toward the cave entrance.
Xifeng found outside the religious man along with the twins, training with the swords. The twin girls were using Jian swords and coordinated perfectly their attacks working as one.
Xifeng lost balance and fell face forward. The Taoist heard the girl voice when she tried useless to stop her fall. He went to help the handicapped girl along with the girls.
“I see you are much better now, girl. I healed your injuries; I served as a battlefield medic in my youth. You’ve been this last nine days, recovering from your wounds.” The Taoist man told the girl. “My name is Gan Mei Rao and these are the cursed Mao twins, Xi Shi and Ta Rou. Do you have a name, girl?”
Xi Shi, the pink haired sister, jumped over Ta Rou’s shoulders. Both of them bow to Xifeng a
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corsetted by gnrfk corsetted :icongnrfk:gnrfk 405 20 Ally, Jessica, Gena tragic floor trap by yomerome Ally, Jessica, Gena tragic floor trap :iconyomerome:yomerome 387 17 Hitman by gamera1985 Hitman :icongamera1985:gamera1985 585 51 Comm: Mio by feguimel Comm: Mio :iconfeguimel:feguimel 1,901 86
Deep Pockets
Deep Pockets
“Hey, honey, look at these!”
Gary turned away from the display of vintage postcards he’d been admiring and sought out his wife.  A flash of red hair led him in the right direction, and he found her two stalls over.  She was holding up what looked like a shallow cloth bag, perhaps three inches across and no more than that deep.
“It’s a bag, Leona.  So?”
Leona put her hand into it, and pulled out her purse.  It was the sort of purse that you could store phone-books in, and Gary was convinced that it was lead-lined due to the weight.  The neck of the bag stretched a little as the purse emerged from it, then snapped back to its original size.
“They’re selling bags of holding?  Real ones?  How much?”
The cheerful woman behind the table named a price that made Gary hesitate, it was their entire flea-market budget for the whole day.  Leona saw that look, and got an impish one of her own.
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In The Office by gamera1985 In The Office :icongamera1985:gamera1985 378 48 incomplete III by gnrfk incomplete III :icongnrfk:gnrfk 189 5 Armless Beauty Queen by ferdi29223 Armless Beauty Queen :iconferdi29223:ferdi29223 172 5 SWB Fashion by gamera1985 SWB Fashion :icongamera1985:gamera1985 277 46 A cute amputee at home by gamera1985 A cute amputee at home :icongamera1985:gamera1985 309 147 Christmas Party 2008 by gamera1985 Christmas Party 2008 :icongamera1985:gamera1985 371 64 Rin Tezuka 2 by gamera1985 Rin Tezuka 2 :icongamera1985:gamera1985 231 17 Armless Relax by gamera1985 Armless Relax :icongamera1985:gamera1985 312 22 Together by gamera1985 Together :icongamera1985:gamera1985 344 24 Jenna Limbless 01 by gamera1985 Jenna Limbless 01 :icongamera1985:gamera1985 199 19 Foot Play by gamera1985 Foot Play :icongamera1985:gamera1985 462 49 Jena 2 by gamera1985 Jena 2 :icongamera1985:gamera1985 213 17 Limbless in bikini by gamera1985 Limbless in bikini :icongamera1985:gamera1985 263 63 Sitting There by gamera1985 Sitting There :icongamera1985:gamera1985 213 6 Limbless Idol by gamera1985 Limbless Idol :icongamera1985:gamera1985 353 65 Topless by gnrfk Topless :icongnrfk:gnrfk 194 14 Armless Meeting by gamera1985 Armless Meeting :icongamera1985:gamera1985 213 17 Hemi Writer by gamera1985 Hemi Writer :icongamera1985:gamera1985 226 16 Detatched by csidusquene Detatched :iconcsidusquene:csidusquene 112 1 The Struggle by jerek-uk The Struggle :iconjerek-uk:jerek-uk 139 24 raine komori by gamera1985 raine komori :icongamera1985:gamera1985 279 36 Metal bars by excilion Metal bars :iconexcilion:excilion 440 23 Linea's prosthetics by excilion Linea's prosthetics :iconexcilion:excilion 363 12 Pink Linea by excilion Pink Linea :iconexcilion:excilion 471 24 Samourai Woman by gamera1985 Samourai Woman :icongamera1985:gamera1985 211 44 Meganekko Naga by gamera1985 Meganekko Naga :icongamera1985:gamera1985 289 22