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Commission for Firehart95 by Belka-1100 Commission for Firehart95 :iconbelka-1100:Belka-1100 168 17 painting process by Belka-1100 painting process :iconbelka-1100:Belka-1100 36 11 Size Chart 2017 by Firehart95 Size Chart 2017 :iconfirehart95:Firehart95 24 2
Draw The Misfit Pride Contest!!!
Edit- 4 WEEKS LEFT!!!! (....a little over, technically)

Get those entries in, laddies!

The Premise:
This is a "draw my Misfit Pride OC's" contest. Pick one or two of the Misfit Pride and draw them. I will pick three winners, and each will be given a prize.
Artist Hints:
The whole premise of the Misfit Pride is that there is something mentally or physically wrong with them. You can draw them suffering, surviving, or winning at life despite their ailments. Or just do a little slice-of-life drawing; showing everyone that you can still live an average life despite of those things that get you down.
Here are the Misfit Pride Members- 
(Here is the main pride)
 (Firehart; founder and leader of the Misfit Pride. A loyal friend, a big kid and a standoffish tomboy)
  (Sura; the stony-faced s
:iconfirehart95:Firehart95 13 33
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