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Araman by Filat Araman :iconfilat:Filat 290 49 Mountains of Araman by Sirielle Mountains of Araman :iconsirielle:Sirielle 19 4 Maedhros and Fingon: The Betrayed by Ffey Maedhros and Fingon: The Betrayed :iconffey:Ffey 15 0 VJ 61 Poster1 by Rakeshtanz VJ 61 Poster1 :iconrakeshtanz:Rakeshtanz 0 0 Thalapathy61 Poster by Rakeshtanz Thalapathy61 Poster :iconrakeshtanz:Rakeshtanz 0 0
Bandit Bio: (WIP)
Full name: Bandit (Original name is Unknown)
Gender: Femme/Female
Species: Cybertronian
Age: Unknown, in human terms? 30
Birthday: Unknown, she was abandoned before the riots of Megatronous/Megatronus? And left in the pit in the outskirts of a wealthy town and was taken care of by the streets kids, that’s where she met Growl who was abandoned as well and they lead a small gang of kids until almost finished adolescent age
Sexuality: Straight
Nationality: Unknown, if given the chance she would go Decepticon or Autobot, depends who got to her first, she looks at strength and how annoying they are, kill or be killed
Religion: Primus not that she really believes in him nor acknowledges him
City or town of birth: On wealthy outskirts of the pit of Cybertron
Sparkmate: Titan (belongs to KyaValentine )
Height: 24 feet tall
Figure/build: Very slim but not like a stick, she has curves and clearly is a femme though she is tougher than most femmes with her build type
:icontree-of-time:Tree-Of-Time 4 2
blaze araman by BrokenSoul-BlackIce blaze araman :iconbrokensoul-blackice:BrokenSoul-BlackIce 0 0 Aramin Color by ridia Aramin Color :iconridia:ridia 1 2 blaze araman lay by BrokenSoul-BlackIce blaze araman lay :iconbrokensoul-blackice:BrokenSoul-BlackIce 0 0
Part 4
Part 4
Ty woke to the singing of birds, a faint ray of the sun, and an old man poking a gnarled stick into his face. Ty waved his hands at the stick until it ceased its vicious attack.
What does it take to get some sleep in this world!?
Propping himself with one hand he rubbed his eyes with the other, “I’m tired, let me be.”
“No can do, young man. Today is the holy day of life. It is when we celebrate the goddess’s choice to breathe life into this desolate world and give us the necessities of life. Water to drink, air to breathe...”
During the old man’s rant, he seemed to gain the vigor and energy suiting a man half his age and Ty racked his waking brain for any clue as to what he was rambling about.
“the dirt to grow our crops and-”
“Hold on there, you’re talking about the goddess Ishnar right? Isn’t she that one deity with-”
The old man acted as though he almost had a heart attack and waved his stick in the air. “T
:iconsoulseeker30:soulseeker30 0 2
Parrots by Ortodoxik Parrots :iconortodoxik:Ortodoxik 0 0