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AK337 by AlexJJessup AK337 :iconalexjjessup:AlexJJessup 1,372 125 warframe concept art - blade by nobody00000000 warframe concept art - blade :iconnobody00000000:nobody00000000 384 42 warframe concept art - warlock by nobody00000000 warframe concept art - warlock :iconnobody00000000:nobody00000000 177 11 Gun Ship concept design by nobody00000000 Gun Ship concept design :iconnobody00000000:nobody00000000 211 18 NEW MECH/EXO-SUIT DESIGN/CONCEPT ART! by nobody00000000 NEW MECH/EXO-SUIT DESIGN/CONCEPT ART! :iconnobody00000000:nobody00000000 173 8 VCW 'Reaper' AR-15 by TastyJuice VCW 'Reaper' AR-15 :icontastyjuice:TastyJuice 61 6 THE EXECUTOR,A enemy concept art by nobody00000000 THE EXECUTOR,A enemy concept art :iconnobody00000000:nobody00000000 196 24 Vintage Arkansas - Hot Springs National Park by Yesterdays-Paper Vintage Arkansas - Hot Springs National Park :iconyesterdays-paper:Yesterdays-Paper 12 2 Quicksilver Ind.: Jaguar Mod. 0 'Black Panther' by Shockwave9001 Quicksilver Ind.: Jaguar Mod. 0 'Black Panther' :iconshockwave9001:Shockwave9001 162 7 warframe weapon CONCEPT ART by nobody00000000 warframe weapon CONCEPT ART :iconnobody00000000:nobody00000000 294 14 Hotel Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom by pingallery Hotel Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom :iconpingallery:pingallery 186 17
Degrading- an AR story
Claire Michaels is an 8th grade Reading teacher at Everwood Middle School. But Claire was secretly miserable at her job.
Claire always wanted to be a daycare worker or preschool teacher, or even a kindergarten teacher, she never really was fond of teenagers and always thought that most of them were too moody and rude. She did have some favorite 8th grade students but most of them were awful.
Claire has tried to apply for a job at a daycare or an elementary school but they all turned her down, so her last resort was to work at a middle school.
As Claire sets up her room for her first class she sighs to herself at how much she disliked her job, but she had to pay off bills and other stuff. As the bell rings two students, Terra and Emma walk into Claire's classroom. Terra and Emma were Claire's least favorite students. Those girls were always getting into trouble and disrespecting her, they were half of the reason why she hated her job. "Hey Ms. Micheals" Terra said as she took her seat n
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Halo 3 by Noble--6 Halo 3 :iconnoble--6:Noble--6 169 3 Mega Articuno, Mega Zapdos and Mega Moltres by Phatmon Mega Articuno, Mega Zapdos and Mega Moltres :iconphatmon:Phatmon 1,116 69 future Soldier Design by nobody00000000 future Soldier Design :iconnobody00000000:nobody00000000 54 7 Discharger - BEYOND THE STARS by LimonTea Discharger - BEYOND THE STARS :iconlimontea:LimonTea 120 7 (AR) Omanyte by MamoswineDraws (AR) Omanyte :iconmamoswinedraws:MamoswineDraws 17 16 Scottish Industrial Armaments - Neon Line - Minota by Shockwave9001 Scottish Industrial Armaments - Neon Line - Minota :iconshockwave9001:Shockwave9001 275 55 Regressive sneeze (page 2)( end) by RainbowBunny5 Regressive sneeze (page 2)( end) :iconrainbowbunny5:RainbowBunny5 20 11 H-Tech ARK1 prototype - presentation sheet by JanTuts H-Tech ARK1 prototype - presentation sheet :iconjantuts:JanTuts 241 27 My Immortal by areemus My Immortal :iconareemus:areemus 24 2 Homestuck: Gunplay by Eyes5 Homestuck: Gunplay :iconeyes5:Eyes5 1,606 107 Mikoto wolfskin age regression 'Fan Art' xD by mporci Mikoto wolfskin age regression 'Fan Art' xD :iconmporci:mporci 17 1 Human by wolfrun0 Human :iconwolfrun0:wolfrun0 587 63 Hunting Evil - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Poster by edwardjmoran Hunting Evil - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Poster :iconedwardjmoran:edwardjmoran 106 17
A bright Monday morning greeted Nicko, when he awoke to his alarm. Yawning, he stretched himself, before getting out of bed. Slightly groggy, he turned on the shower, before relieving himself.
About twenty minutes later he walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. “Morning, mum.”
“Morning, sweetie.” She replied with a smile. “Breakfast is already on the table.”
Smiling as well, Nicko sat down and dug into his meal.
His mother put her plate on the table and sat down too. “Busy day ahead?” She asked.
“Not really. I have some tests coming up next week and luckily my teachers most of understand that we’d rather learn, so I don’t get too much to do. Except for Mr. Grumpers of course. That old idiot still insists on us doing shitloads of work every day.”
“Mind your language, Nicko.”
“Sorry, mum… but it’s true! Sometimes I think he only became a teacher to torture students.
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Hiatus Download Pack (6 Model Download) by xxSnowCherryxx Hiatus Download Pack (6 Model Download) :iconxxsnowcherryxx:xxSnowCherryxx 146 40 TIBER XVII Mark II by ZEROresolution TIBER XVII Mark II :iconzeroresolution:ZEROresolution 125 40 Body Frame 2 by Beta-Type-Jakuri Body Frame 2 :iconbeta-type-jakuri:Beta-Type-Jakuri 483 40 Black Widow AR - Part 2/6 by Ar-Kayn Black Widow AR - Part 2/6 :iconar-kayn:Ar-Kayn 69 11
The Deal chapter 1
My name is Jonathan, and I have a story that you wouldn’t believe!  You know how some girls can get a little out of hand sometimes?  Well, you don’t know the half of it!  What began as a simple deal for me turned into a crazy incident that I would prefer not to repeat.  It goes a little like this…
Jonathan was walking up to his new college campus, not knowing what to expect from his Freshman year.  He was walking up to the main door to see his friend from High School waiting for him.  They were both surprised to see each other and ran up to meet again.
“Mike, I didn’t know you were going here!”
“I could say the same for you, Jonathan!”
“Well how’s it going!?  What’s new?”
“Eh, nothing much.  Just the fact that we’re going to a new school now.”
“Yeah.  I hope it’s as good as our high school years were.
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College Girls - TG
Kevin glanced uncomfortably over his shoulder as Jared nudged him into room, giving in with a sigh as he stepped on the carpet. "Are you sure we should be doing this?" he muttered, nervously glancing around as Kerina walked through the door. He trailed a finger across the fainted pink paint of the walls, wiping his hands on his jeans in disgust when it came away grey.
"Don't be such a spoil sport," grinned Jared. "We've got Kerina on our side!"
Kevin just snorted, a puff of dust rising from the tile as he let his sleeping back thump to the floor. "That's what worries me. No offense, sis, but camping out in a girl's dorm room with the mistress of zappy?"
"Aww!" she grinned, drawing him into a hug as he squirmed. A brown strand of hair tickled his nose, an uncharacteristically cute sneeze coming forth as she giggled. "Don't worry, little sis! I promised not to give you breasts, tonight, remember?"
"Siiiiiiiiiiiis!" he whined, glancing at Jared. "You told me you wouldn't call me that in p
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Version 2.0  Tohsaka Rin age regression by mporci Version 2.0 Tohsaka Rin age regression :iconmporci:mporci 11 10 AR2 - Backfire by SymbianL AR2 - Backfire :iconsymbianl:SymbianL 197 26 Ah Yes The Scalene Triangle by Hamsfreht Ah Yes The Scalene Triangle :iconhamsfreht:Hamsfreht 105 3 ANOTHER MECH DESIGN/CONCEPT ART by nobody00000000 ANOTHER MECH DESIGN/CONCEPT ART :iconnobody00000000:nobody00000000 244 29 Body Frame 6 by Beta-Type-Jakuri Body Frame 6 :iconbeta-type-jakuri:Beta-Type-Jakuri 326 16 Ancient Rune Set by tarorae Ancient Rune Set :icontarorae:tarorae 291 44
The Revenge Bracelet Part 3
There may have been some side effects of the bracelet that Nick did not foresee. When you change one's existence, you change their past and future along with their present. Asami was born eight years earlier than Dave and Hanoko was born eight years later than Corey. From the distant past to the more recent, everything changed. Some changes could not be easily predicted.
One day earlier...
Nick had just walked his girlfriend Asami home. Wasn't too hard considering they live right across the street from each other. Nonetheless, Asami gave her boyfriend a big kiss and went into her house. Tomorrow was her and Nick's anniversary and she still didn't know what to get him. It was then by chance that she saw a commercial for a new local shop called Heavenly Gifts that claimed to have items of magical properties. Deciding it was at least worth a look, she drove there to look for a gift. When she got there, she was met by a strange middle-aged woman.
"You are looking for a gift for someone you
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Gray the Bear amigurumi (FREE PATTERN + TUTORIAL) by NVkatherine Gray the Bear amigurumi (FREE PATTERN + TUTORIAL) :iconnvkatherine:NVkatherine 66 16 CMSN - Bonnie Appetit! by Glockens CMSN - Bonnie Appetit! :iconglockens:Glockens 248 26 Path of Exile - Act 4 by merl1ncz Path of Exile - Act 4 :iconmerl1ncz:merl1ncz 549 5 [SFM] M16 (Enhanced) - Black Ops 3 by Jacob-LHh3 [SFM] M16 (Enhanced) - Black Ops 3 :iconjacob-lhh3:Jacob-LHh3 27 2
Tales of Agria TG

"There we go!" Shawn grunted while placing his new sword on his bed. He had just gotten back from an anime convention after having blown every single cent of his funds on the thing. However, he couldn't have been more content with his purchase. For now laying comfortably on the single bed in his small apartment was a life-size, fully forged replica of the sword belonging to Agria the Shadowless, the man's favorite girl from the game Tales of Xillia. She was quite a firecracker, that one, and a fire elemental as well. Shawn just had a certain thing for over-the-top crazy girls, especially the ones that managed to stay hot once they got heated up. Again, being able to control fire helped aid his image of the girl.
Still, he couldn't stare at the blade all night. After all, Shawn had spent all of his money on the sword, so it looked like it was another night of ramen noodles for him. So, stomach rumbling, the guy went over to his small
:icondancingspartan:DancingSpartan 73 24
Sitter Sitting Part 1
"A babysitter?!"
Mrs. Berbrin sighed, putting on her earrings in the mirror. Friday night in mild weather, she and her husband were going to go out to dinner and a show. Of course, they had to break this news to their son.
"That's right, a babysitter. Nine's way too young to be spending a night alone."
The nine-year-old in question, Kevin Berbrin, held both his arms out, as though asking his mom to look at him, "C'mon! I'm in the fourth grade now! You probably let Geoff stay by himself when he was my age!"
"Actually, we kept him with a babysitter until he was twelve," claimed the boy's mother, sitting on the bed and slipping on her high heeled shoes. "When you're that age, maybe we'll talk."
"Twelve?!" Kevin's prepubescent voice reached a heightened pitch from the anger of the injustice of it all, "You're gonna give me a sitter 'til I'm twelve?"
"If you keep acting like this whenever we go out, I might do it even longer," she added, quite annoyed by this point. Once her shoes were on,
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totoro by MaNoU56 totoro :iconmanou56:MaNoU56 65 4 Quicksilver Industries: 'Jaguar' Assault Rifle by Shockwave9001 Quicksilver Industries: 'Jaguar' Assault Rifle :iconshockwave9001:Shockwave9001 147 34 #366 Days of Sketches - 343 - Tyranitar by SatraThai #366 Days of Sketches - 343 - Tyranitar :iconsatrathai:SatraThai 169 20 The Missing Link by ARVEN92 The Missing Link :iconarven92:ARVEN92 358 84