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Race to the Bars by JohnSu Race to the Bars :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 2,852 131 Karnicore by GuthrieArtwork Karnicore :iconguthrieartwork:GuthrieArtwork 2,160 123 Race to the Stars by JohnSu Race to the Stars :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 2,196 179 King of Spades by shimhaq98 King of Spades :iconshimhaq98:shimhaq98 1,760 59 Commission - Excalibur Apex by Kevin-Glint Commission - Excalibur Apex :iconkevin-glint:Kevin-Glint 2,683 99 Another Apex Concept by GCRev Another Apex Concept :icongcrev:GCRev 207 6 Apex Predator Concept by GCRev Apex Predator Concept :icongcrev:GCRev 276 6 Green-dragon by mobius-9 Green-dragon :iconmobius-9:mobius-9 420 16 Overcome Greed by xKoday Overcome Greed :iconxkoday:xKoday 447 29 Winter Retreat by Viergacht Winter Retreat :iconviergacht:Viergacht 293 16 A.P.E.X. V7 - Out Of Space by MarkusVogt A.P.E.X. V7 - Out Of Space :iconmarkusvogt:MarkusVogt 363 28 Eternal Refuge by aapex Eternal Refuge :iconaapex:aapex 238 36 Toy Story by TheoVision Toy Story :icontheovision:TheoVision 888 189 Falsity's Apex by ActYos Falsity's Apex :iconactyos:ActYos 638 212 Reactor Core by ChimeraDragonfang Reactor Core :iconchimeradragonfang:ChimeraDragonfang 301 102 Cain (Apex) Jaeger - The Alpha Hunter by sabresteen Cain (Apex) Jaeger - The Alpha Hunter :iconsabresteen:sabresteen 131 28 Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Deinosuchus rugosus by Herschel-Hoffmeyer Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Deinosuchus rugosus :iconherschel-hoffmeyer:Herschel-Hoffmeyer 249 20 Triple Platinum Samurai by Robaato Triple Platinum Samurai :iconrobaato:Robaato 499 60 Starbound: Mating in the club. by Musetrigger Starbound: Mating in the club. :iconmusetrigger:Musetrigger 332 51 TFP - Smile! by pika TFP - Smile! :iconpika:pika 495 80
Mermaids And Moviemakers
"Let's see what job openings are available today." A young woman said as she picked up the newspaper and opened it to the classified.
Jamie was hoping to become an actress, but unfortunately needed a day job to pay the rent. She flipped her head back get her long blonde hair out of her face and started to read.
"Let's see. I don't know squat about yoga so that ones out. I hate dogs so that's out. Babysitting? What am I,13?" she bitched crossing off ads.  She turned the page. "THAT'S IT!" she yelled, circling an ad for auditions to be extras in a movie at the studio across town.
"This could get my foot in the door for more acting jobs. I must get this part." she decided. The rest of the day was spent picking out an outfit to wear and getting her hair done.
Early the next morning she pulled her blue Ford Fiesta into a tiny parking lot across the street from a group of tan buildings. She carefully crossed the street and walked up to a booth between two gates that lead inside the
:iconblunose2772:blunose2772 64 33
Shwann Universe Colors 2 by pacman23 Shwann Universe Colors 2 :iconpacman23:pacman23 440 18 Starbound: Playable Races by LookieHippie Starbound: Playable Races :iconlookiehippie:LookieHippie 209 23 DAGGER by aapex DAGGER :iconaapex:aapex 128 31 Snicken, The apex predator by mrNepa Snicken, The apex predator :iconmrnepa:mrNepa 157 17 DJ Shwann Universe by Kanthesis DJ Shwann Universe :iconkanthesis:Kanthesis 138 64 Apex color sketch commission by Jebriodo Apex color sketch commission :iconjebriodo:Jebriodo 316 25 Soochi and Apex Twins by Kanthesis Soochi and Apex Twins :iconkanthesis:Kanthesis 216 18 Killer Goh-Goh by Kanthesis Killer Goh-Goh :iconkanthesis:Kanthesis 244 10 Apex V2 by DemonML Apex V2 :icondemonml:DemonML 215 5 CLOAK by aapex CLOAK :iconaapex:aapex 142 27 Apex by nmsmith Apex :iconnmsmith:nmsmith 117 25 Armored Shwann by Kanthesis Armored Shwann :iconkanthesis:Kanthesis 119 22 Fight Fight, Kirby Team! 3 by Lexiipantz Fight Fight, Kirby Team! 3 :iconlexiipantz:Lexiipantz 199 39 ||C|| Jinna Character Sheet Ref by bebecake ||C|| Jinna Character Sheet Ref :iconbebecake:bebecake 198 6 Apex by DemonML Apex :icondemonml:DemonML 462 33 Just Two Lost Souls by aapex Just Two Lost Souls :iconaapex:aapex 105 10 SF Purgatory by abcartattack SF Purgatory :iconabcartattack:abcartattack 388 66 Apex 2 by nmsmith Apex 2 :iconnmsmith:nmsmith 138 38 The Strength of the Rising Sun by aapex The Strength of the Rising Sun :iconaapex:aapex 122 21 Toyota Trueno AE86 - Initial D by peno1 Toyota Trueno AE86 - Initial D :iconpeno1:peno1 174 21 Tyrannosaurus Rex by Herschel-Hoffmeyer Tyrannosaurus Rex :iconherschel-hoffmeyer:Herschel-Hoffmeyer 184 12 Arevir SSJ Saiyan Armor by JayDRivera Arevir SSJ Saiyan Armor :iconjaydrivera:JayDRivera 97 25 MINIMAL COLORS ICONS - RELEASED by deep3sh MINIMAL COLORS ICONS - RELEASED :icondeep3sh:deep3sh 872 163 You Stormed Off to Scar the Armada by aapex You Stormed Off to Scar the Armada :iconaapex:aapex 135 31 Apex Commission by Bambs79 Apex Commission :iconbambs79:Bambs79 235 46 Eagle Rex by deskridge Eagle Rex :icondeskridge:deskridge 197 42 Warsaw by aapex Warsaw :iconaapex:aapex 120 29 WhitePulse IconPack by Gaurav93 WhitePulse IconPack :icongaurav93:Gaurav93 99 17