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Soft7 2.0 by ap-graphik Soft7 2.0 :iconap-graphik:ap-graphik 3,286 2,374 Star Wars - Off My Couch by Renny08 Star Wars - Off My Couch :iconrenny08:Renny08 1,668 187 Soft7 1.8 by ap-graphik Soft7 1.8 :iconap-graphik:ap-graphik 1,659 1,046 LoL: Soul Stealer by ippus LoL: Soul Stealer :iconippus:ippus 5,902 98 LoL: Foxfire Ahri by ippus LoL: Foxfire Ahri :iconippus:ippus 3,510 48 Windows 8 Aero - mockup by ap-graphik Windows 8 Aero - mockup :iconap-graphik:ap-graphik 188 165 Iaarna by Kipine Iaarna :iconkipine:Kipine 1,476 28 Orianna by Kyuriin Orianna :iconkyuriin:Kyuriin 1,623 51 Explorer mockup by ap-graphik Explorer mockup :iconap-graphik:ap-graphik 229 130 SugarSkulls by Anna-Marine SugarSkulls :iconanna-marine:Anna-Marine 977 65 day dream carnival by Chaotic-Muffin day dream carnival :iconchaotic-muffin:Chaotic-Muffin 1,560 28
The Psychic Bookworm (AP/TG/TF/MC)
This story contains Ash turning into a woman who specializes in Psychic Type Pokemon, and Pikachu turning into a Psychic Type Pokemon.  Hope you enjoy.
In his hometown of Pallet Town, the 10 year old trainer, Ash Ketchum, was laying on his bed after coming back from the Sinnoh League.  His faithful companion, Pikachu, was sleeping on right beside him.  Ash decided to come back to Pallet Town as he travelled Sinnoh for about a year and he wanted to rest before he journeyed again
A knock was heard on his door, followed by a voice that he knew all too well.  .
“Ash, honey.  I know you are resting, but could you go to the store and pick up some milk?  We are all out of it,”  His mom said, and not wanting to upset her, he got out of bed and replied back.  “Okay Mom, I will get it,”
Ash shook Pikachu a bit  until the yellow mouse woke, who gave o
:iconhamcon:hamcon 95 16
The Revenge Bracelet Part 3
There may have been some side effects of the bracelet that Nick did not foresee. When you change one's existence, you change their past and future along with their present. Asami was born eight years earlier than Dave and Hanoko was born eight years later than Corey. From the distant past to the more recent, everything changed. Some changes could not be easily predicted.
One day earlier...
Nick had just walked his girlfriend Asami home. Wasn't too hard considering they live right across the street from each other. Nonetheless, Asami gave her boyfriend a big kiss and went into her house. Tomorrow was her and Nick's anniversary and she still didn't know what to get him. It was then by chance that she saw a commercial for a new local shop called Heavenly Gifts that claimed to have items of magical properties. Deciding it was at least worth a look, she drove there to look for a gift. When she got there, she was met by a strange middle-aged woman.
"You are looking for a gift for someone you
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Space Cat - AP by ClimbToTheStars Space Cat - AP :iconclimbtothestars:ClimbToTheStars 371 24 Media Player Mockup by ap-graphik Media Player Mockup :iconap-graphik:ap-graphik 176 108
The Revenge Bracelet Part 2
Corey had just gotten home from school and went straight to his room to relax. However, as soon as he got there, somebody knocked on the door.
"Dave!", Corey yelled. "Could you get that?"
"Sure.", Dave answered annoyed.
Two minutes later, everything changed. Dave never existed and reality was changing. Corey, his parents, and anyone whoever met Dave forgot about him. Corey was an only child. Dave's room was transformed into a guest room and any of his toys that were laying around vanished. The world had changed, yet nothing was wrong. But then Nick said those key words:
"The guy who lives here, Corey Dennis, thinks you're his brother Dave. For some reason."
Then, Corey remembered. He remembered his little ten years-old brother and knew something was wrong. He had memories of the old and current reality, so he knew something had changed. He dashed out of his room and out the door to find his brother, whoever he may be now. Down the street, he saw his rival Nick with a little Asian girl
:icondancingspartan:DancingSpartan 140 16
Reassurance Tg Part 2
("Mr. Hyo, Jacob Grey has just arrived)," Atsushi Hyo's secretary called out to her boss in Japanese.
("Great."), Mr. Hyo replied. ("Make sure he makes it up to my office at once.")
Atsushi was at a turning point of his life. For too long he had everything he wanted: money, an immensely successful empire, the respect of all those around him, all that stuff. Yet, something was missing. His business was still strong and even growing, despite the economy. But he had nothing to really motivate himself. No reason to be successful or to wake up in the morning, glad of a new day. Nothing to make all his hard work worth it. He wanted to retire, but he couldn't just leave his empire at the pinnacle of its success and abandon all his employees. He had to put the company into good hands. Jacob Grey was a modest man, brilliant with his business strategies in the West. He may not have known it, but the business decisions he made in Georgia had set off a chain reaction leading to the development of
:icondancingspartan:DancingSpartan 152 13
Reassurance Tg Part 1
Jacob Grey was panicking. He was the owner of several car dealerships in Georgia, all under the Foren brand. He never did anything of questionable nature, at least nothing he could think of. Yet the big CEO himself, Atsushi Hyo, wanted Jacob to come all the way to their headquarters in Tokyo for a personal meeting. He was deservingly freaked out beyond rational thought. His wife and son would have to go with him to witness what could potentially be his biggest failure ever! It was obvious he needed some type of contingency plan. Perhaps a gift or bribe or something. All Jacob knew was that he needed to get something for his boss before his family leaves the next day.
Jacob intended to drive to the mall and see what was there, but a certain store he had never seen before caught his eye. A store by the name of Heavenly Gifts stood out. A store with a name like that, it had to be worth a look. As soon as he go there, he was greeted by a strange, middle-aged woman.
"I can sense you want to
:icondancingspartan:DancingSpartan 171 5
Role Reversal Hotline (TG/AR/AP)

Role Reversal Hotline
Karen was a single mother to her son Peter. She had adopted him about 3 years ago when he was 6. Now 9, Peter and his mother began to have disputes more often. Much of Peter's friends were better financially, and were able to get more recreation devices, while Karen couldn't afford to much non-essentials. It made Karen sad to see her son disappointed about this, but she had to do what she had to do. This continuous issue often lead to the "You don't know what it's like to be a kid/mom" argument. The latest thing that Peter wanted was the newest game all the kids were playing. It was pricey, but Peter asked anyways. This time, Karen said she would see what she could do, to make Peter feel better. In hindset, it wasn't the best idea, considering she had a feeling she wouldn't be able to wing it. And sadly, this proved true, Kare
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New Vessel - Medusa (Soul Eater) TG AP
It was the middle of the day, with the sun shining bright and loud in the skies, as life went on in Death City, Nevada. Not very long had passed since witches had infiltrated Shibusen during it's anniversary celebration party and released the Kishin into the world once more. Despite the general uneasiness that surrounded the situation, for the people of Death City, life had mostly returned to the usual state of normalcy.
Somewhere in the city, a group of kids were spending their time playing baseball at the park. One of them, a young boy named Dave, was getting into position, bat in hand, and a look of determination in his face. He'd hit a home run, he thought to himself. As one of his friends got ready to pitch, his grip on the bat tightened. The ball was thrown, time seemed to slow down, as Dave put all his might into this one swing...
With a loud clang, the bat connected with the ball, sending it flying far and wide...or so did Dave think. While he had managed to hit the ball, he ha
:iconkaiza-tg:KAIZA-TG 90 14

A party popper went off suddenly, snapping Sam out of his sleep.
"Happy birthday, Eliza!" the crowd cheered in front of the birthday girl, who seemed less than enthusiastic, despite the smile she attempted to put on. It was Eliza's big day, her tenth birthday, and her aunt pulled out all the stops to celebrate her ascendance into double-digits. The party was being held in a local rec center, decorated as a makeshift ballroom. The girl wore her best clothes, if a little against her will, and all of her "friends" from school and family came to celebrate, some even with presents. However, this did little to distract Eliza from her real troubles.
What real troubles, you may ask? Well, long story short: Eliza's mother died three months ago. Yeah, bit of a downer. Her Aunt Jenny was more than happy to take her up, considering the girl didn't even know her father for more than her first two years of life, which happened to be the last two years of his. Sti
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Gravitty Falls-Mansion Foster: Gender and Age swap by TheMightFenek Gravitty Falls-Mansion Foster: Gender and Age swap :iconthemightfenek:TheMightFenek 802 45
The Revenge Bracelet Part 1
Nick was the biggest jerk at school. He constantly had to change schools and whenever he did, he had to find somebody to become his mortal enemy. At this school, he chose Corey, the school's star quarterback. Unlike his earlier targets, Nick hated Corey on a more personal level. Corey got everything he wanted, just because he was the quarterback. Nick had to get everything by force, not because people liked him. Nick wanted to hurt Corey the most effective way possible.
One day, Nick was at home watching TV thinking of ways to hurt Corey without getting into a fight with one of the biggest guys at school. Suddenly, a commercial came on advertising a new local shop called Heavenly Gifts that claimed to have items of magical properties. Nick didn't believe this, but he figured it was worth a look. He drove there and found it filled with strange objects. Eventually, the shop owner, a middle-aged woman, came up to him.
"I can sense you want something out of an other.", the lady rambled.
:icondancingspartan:DancingSpartan 342 18
For Your Attention (FtM TG AP)
Tiffany was a 12 year old girl who loved her older, 16 year old brother, Matt. However, Matt found her annoying and tried to distance as much as possible from her, to avoid being asked to be with dolls with her, to Tiffany's dismay. She thought her brother was the coolest, and wanted him to pay attention and play with her. After being locked out of her brother's room again, Tiffany went back to her own room and shut the door behind her. She lied in her bed and whispered to herself: "I wish Matt would be attention to me and talk to me." Then, Tiffany began to feel strange. She tried to get up and go to the bathroom, but almost fell down as a wave of vertigo and she began to change.
Tiffany's hair began to retreat back into her and it became shorter and shorter until it went slightly past her ears. Her nose became less petite and her lips no longer puffed out. Body hair began to grow on her arms and legs to make them more masculine. Her legs growing curves went back to being flat with he
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Katarina - League Of Legends by PVproject Katarina - League Of Legends :iconpvproject:PVproject 1,146 141 Swoosh [Pose Reference for Drawing] by SenshiStock Swoosh [Pose Reference for Drawing] :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 595 34 Seriously? [Pose Reference for Drawing] by SenshiStock Seriously? [Pose Reference for Drawing] :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 414 20 Elegant Leap - Pose Reference for Drawing by SenshiStock Elegant Leap - Pose Reference for Drawing :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 393 10
Partners in Crime (Double TG AP/AR)

"Daddy, daddy!" Lewis yelled over to his father, Patrick, as he pressed his face against the window of a large red car. "This thing has the keys right in the ignition! All we gotta do is break the window and we got a hot new ride!"
Normally, this would be considered quite questionable behavior from a five year old boy like Lewis. However, he and his father hardly live what one would consider "normal" lives. The father and son duo were considered the Bad Boys of Brooklyn, a two-man mob that lived entirely off of whatever they could steal or just mug off of other people. They had no true home, having to constantly move from one safe-house to another in hopes of one day collecting enough loot to earn them a proper home. Today may not have been that day (despite a rather lucrative extortion of an old man earlier that morning), but gaining a hot new ride was still a pretty good deal. Patrick Thompson knew this well enough to immediately throw a slab of c
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Growing Up - TG
Leslie pouted as he collapsed to the floor, circling a finger in the carpet as he scowled at the ground. He continued the effort, picking up pace until the rug burned against his finger, wincing as it scraped against his flesh. He pressed it into his mouth, sucking down on it and blushing a sudden heat lit up a groan, making him spit it out with a gasp.
"What's wrong, hun?" asked his father, bending down as Leslie resumed his glare. The father backed up beneath it, wiping brown hair from his eyes and blinking in surprise at the ferocious onslaught.
"I look like a bloody five year old!" pouted the boy, his childish expression making comedy of his anger. "I'm eighteen! I'm graduating high school! I shouldn't like… like some elementary school reject with a penis too tiny to see!"
"Is that what's bugging you?" sighed his father, shaking his head a little. "You're perfectly normal for a boy of your age and gender… as I keep telling you…"
Leslie snorted, glaring up. "Like I'm
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Fairy Mask by DanShive Fairy Mask :icondanshive:DanShive 931 159
Two Halves of a Whole Woman Tg
Dennis peered over from his table and glared at the girl on the other side of the food court. There she was, Brittney Henders, the most popular girl at school and Dennis's worst enemy. See, Dennis was but an average freshman at school. Brittney was a senior and possibly the most popular and most beautiful student at the same school. She was also a total bit-Oh crap, she was coming closer.
"Hello there, nerd," she greets him with.
"He-Hello Brittney," Dennis replied.
"What do you think you were doing staring at me like that over there?" She asked shrewdly.
"I wasn't!"
"Don't lie to me! I saw you eyeing me!" Brittney then proceeded to take the Coke Dennis was drinking and poured it down his shirt.
"Ahh!" Dennis yelped. "What the hell was that for?!"
"For staring at me, you idiot!" She then took out her iPhone and snapped a picture of the soaked freshman before running off laughing.
Dennis just stood there getting as much napkins as was legal to try to clean himself of the soda. He eventu
:icondancingspartan:DancingSpartan 281 13
TG Questionnaire: Summer
It was only the first day of summer and already I was bored out of my skull. I was browsing DeviantArt, seeing if any of my friends were doing anything, when I noticed somebody had sent me a note. I opened it and saw it linked to some kind of TG questionnaire they had found, asking what I’d be like if I were a girl. Seeing as I had nothing better to do, I decided to give it a try. I printed it out, grabbed my trusty pencil, and looked over the questions.
Question 1: If you were a girl... would your handwriting be nice?
Well, my handwriting is already pretty nice, so yes.
As I wrote down my answer, my writing seemed to become straighter and less crooked. My hands also felt a bit smaller and more petite.
Question 2: If you were a girl... would you like pink?
I guess. It wouldn’t be my favorite color or anything, but I would wear it and maybe have some pink decorations in my room.
While I wrote, my bedspread turned from black to a hot pink, while about a third of my large coll
:iconspongebat1:SpongeBat1 76 2
The Gift of Power TG AP
William was an orphan wandering the streets of Western Erstfell. Being only five years old left him as weak even among the other homeless kids in the district and what little money he could salvage was quickly beaten out of him by the older kids as soon as he found it. Nearly every night, he would look up to the sky wherever he chose to stay the night at and wish he could have some type of confidence. Some type of power! Something to get him through this little Hell of a kingdom that he had no choice but to call home. But that was all he could do. Wish…
However, William’s luck actually managed to flip one day while being chased by the “Western Erstfell Wolves”, a violent gang of teenagers that constantly used him for target practice. They chased him all throughout the village and, eventually, through the entire woods outside of it. Considering the boy had also never been outside his village before in his life, he was rightfully scared beyond the limit of ration
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COM: The Housewife - Page 2 by VoidStrata COM: The Housewife - Page 2 :iconvoidstrata:VoidStrata 351 1 COM: The Housewife - Page 4 by VoidStrata COM: The Housewife - Page 4 :iconvoidstrata:VoidStrata 254 10
Kayr was walking with his sister to the campsite they usually go to at this time of year, feeling extremely bored. "God, how much longer till we're there?"
"Don't you just want to enjoy nature?" Kuroi said, giving him a bright smile while she looked over at Kayr, her slightly older brother.
Kayr sighed. "Yeah, but I'd rather get the camp set up first." he said, starting to move a little faster.
"Well then, race you there!" she said, starting to run, getting a good ways ahead of him.
"Oh no you don't!" he said, running to try and catch up to her.
She ran faster "Haha, I’m gonna beat you!" she taunted. When she finally got to the camp site she slumped over a bit and pretended to be old "What took you sooooo long sonny boy?"
Kayr finally got to the camp a minute later. "No fair...I'm weighed down by heavy supplies..." he said, out of breath.
Ku rolled her eyes "Whatever turtle boy." She said, setting her stuff down while she took a deep breath
Kayr sighed and started to set up the ca
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COM: The Housewife - Page 1 by VoidStrata COM: The Housewife - Page 1 :iconvoidstrata:VoidStrata 302 3 COM: The Housewife - Page 3 by VoidStrata COM: The Housewife - Page 3 :iconvoidstrata:VoidStrata 285 4 Nicole Watterson TG by SpongeBat1 Nicole Watterson TG :iconspongebat1:SpongeBat1 149 12
Best Friends - Pokemon TG AP Short (Contest Entry)
"Alright! I won!" Jeremy couldn't help but groan in annoyance, as his friend Matt jumped all over the bed, celebrating his most recent victory. Fourth one in a row, in fact. A fact which Matt made sure to rub all over his face several times in a row. As the little boy sighed, he began wondering why he had bothered to come in the first place.
Matt was known to be a very obsessive Pokemon fan, and a very skilled player. Nevertheless, everyone agreed he was, in the nicest terms possible, 'insufferable.' Loved to gloat, show off, stubborn to the bitter end...the list went on. Many wondered how Jeremy could even be friends with him, but he guessed he just had enough patience to look beyond that. Not that it stopped him from being annoyed by his antics, however.
"Yeah, yeah, can we just get this over with?" he said, holding his 3DS up. "Don't want to waste time before my mom comes to pick me up." Matt stopped his little dance of joy and looked at Jeremy, clearing his throat before grinning a
:iconkaiza-tg:KAIZA-TG 128 1
The Halloween Family (Collab TF Story)
The weather forecast had predicted a heavy downpour on the day of Halloween, but fortunately for three friends the rain stopped that morning so they could enjoy a night of trick or treating. Hannah, Cliff, and Aaron were only 7th graders, just part of the way through middle school. They got together three weeks before Halloween to decide how they would make it the most epic ever! The plan was simple. They would work together to make the costumes, work together to gather candy, and work together to eat it all. All of it would be done as a team. So they got to work immediately.
Hannah wanted to go as a MIB agent and needed a suit, so Cliff lent her a black suit and tie with fine shoes and Aaron gave her a toy laser gun he used to have when he was in elementary school. They both chipped in to bring her a pair of nice black sunglasses. Aaron wanted to go as a panther, so Hannah gave him a big black hoodie and sewed two cat ears on the hood, while Cliff used a long black sock as a tail to s
:icongabrielraven:GabrielRaven 45 20
Smartys - TG Transformation by Grumpy-TG Smartys - TG Transformation :icongrumpy-tg:Grumpy-TG 414 59
Adoption Option - TG
Adoption Option
Warning: This story contains TG, if you do not like this subject, then please save yourself the time and move on!
Otherwise, always enjoy!
"Yay~! Noah your here!" A tiny girl squealed happily, running up to the teenage boy and hugging him.
"Yeah! Maria, how are you?" Noah said with a grin at the cuteness of the little girl.
He was followed by his longtime friend, Liam. Both of them were American volunteers at the local orphanage. It was a odd sort of gig, but it was all worth it for the experiences that they got there, especially the kids that they would meet. Noah was 17, quite handsome, with striking brown eyes and light blonde hair. While Liam was 16, with jade green eyes and chocolate like hair. Today was no exception for their visits, and after working for an hour or so on cleanup, they were allowed to visit a girl that they had met last time, Maria, a girl that had only 7 years
She was unusual girl, in personality, she was very friendly and affectionate,
:iconpepemnaay:PepemNaay 93 5
Ding Dong Ditch Your Body - TG Transformation by Grumpy-TG Ding Dong Ditch Your Body - TG Transformation :icongrumpy-tg:Grumpy-TG 839 53 Summer School - TG Transformation by Grumpy-TG Summer School - TG Transformation :icongrumpy-tg:Grumpy-TG 640 23 Soccer Mom - TG Commission by Grumpy-TG Soccer Mom - TG Commission :icongrumpy-tg:Grumpy-TG 596 39 Commission- Ap/Tg by Nymic-Tf Commission- Ap/Tg :iconnymic-tf:Nymic-Tf 968 13 MILF pearls by blackshirtboy MILF pearls :iconblackshirtboy:blackshirtboy 1,620 45