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Dryad by exellero Dryad :iconexellero:exellero 545 4 Elven archer by exellero Elven archer :iconexellero:exellero 476 9
Naruto: The Horrors of AIM
im_ur_hokage: sakurachan!!1!!
PrettyInPink: Is that you Naruto?
im_ur_hokage: yeh yeh hey i learned to use aim!!11!
PrettyInPink: ...Uh, that's lovely.
im_ur_hokage: oh oh guess what guesswat?!!1!
PrettyInPink: What?
im_ur_hokage: i no how to invite peeple!!
< InsertNicknameHere has joined the conversation >
im_ur_hokage: whos this?
InsertNicknameHere: This is Sai. Who is this and how did you get my screen name?
im_ur_hokage: nooooo!!1!! damn kiba gave me sais stupid screenname!! ill kill him!!!
InsertNicknameHere: I was just getting to the good part of this fanfiction too...
PrettyInPink: Hey Sai. It's Naruto and Sakura.
InsertNicknameHere: Oh hello HAG.
PrettyInPink: ... Remind me to punch you next time I see you.
im_ur_hokage: im gonna give kiba a pice of my mind!!1!!
< doggy_style has joined the conversation >
im_ur_hokage: damn kiba!1! yu gave me sais stupid screnname!111
doggy_style: hahahaha lolz suxxorz 2 b u
PrettyInPink: Can't you guys ever be mature?
doggy_style: no lolz
:iconraineyj:RaineyJ 780 504
Naruto: The Horrors of AIM 2
im_ur_hokage: hey hey sakurachan im bored!!1!!
PrettyInPink: Weren't you supposed to be on a mission with Sai and Kakashi, Naruto?
im_ur_hokage: yeh but we finished earlie
PrettyInPink: What REALLY happened, Naruto?
im_ur_hokage: it was all stupid sais falt!1!! he made me sed something about my
PrettyInPink: ...You don't have to say it, Naruto.
im_ur_hokage: he distacted me and made me set fire to the werehouse!1!! damn stupid sai!!1!!11!!!
PrettyInPink: Set fire?! What were you doing with fire?! I thought you were just helping to move some furniture!
im_ur_hokage: it was mor of a explosion actualy
PrettyInPink: Tsunade-sama is going to be after your hide for this, you know.
im_ur_hokage: i no i no!!1! i need somewere to hide out fur a while!1! i no ill ask gaara!
< Dessert_Terror has joined the conversation >
im_ur_hokage: gaara!1! i need your help!1
Dessert_Terror: You didn't blow up another bu
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Skeleton by exellero Skeleton :iconexellero:exellero 192 4 KH2 LOL by LukeStrife5 KH2 LOL :iconlukestrife5:LukeStrife5 1,941 508 Give In To Your Dark Side by akuriko Give In To Your Dark Side :iconakuriko:akuriko 175 80 Western Hyrule: AoL by Woodland-Mel Western Hyrule: AoL :iconwoodland-mel:Woodland-Mel 346 39 Adventure of Link Flute by Woodland-Mel Adventure of Link Flute :iconwoodland-mel:Woodland-Mel 664 77
The Collector
“What do we have here?” A female voice asked despite the fact that no one was nearby. She noticed a slight glint of reflected light off of something almost completely buried in the sand and moved over to investigate.
Upon reaching where she saw the glint she used her hands to dig out the source. After several minutes of digging she uncovered a flat round object with a shiny surface and a smaller round hole in the center. She gazed at the object and could see a woman with long blonde hair and deep blue eyes which made up her own reflection staring back at her.
She giggled and moved the item around to change the reflection off the surface. She held the object down as low as she could and admired the reflection of a large light green flipper. As she slowly moved the item upwards she watched as the reflection changed into emerald green scales forming a large tail. She held the item close to her hips and admired the sight of where the scales seamlessly morphed into silky smooth
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Nightwing print pencils by butones Nightwing print pencils :iconbutones:butones 338 127 STRETCHH by pikarar STRETCHH :iconpikarar:pikarar 242 20 ::Candy From Strangers:: by mimblewimble ::Candy From Strangers:: :iconmimblewimble:mimblewimble 314 15 Theft of a Princess by akuriko Theft of a Princess :iconakuriko:akuriko 111 60 Batshadows by butones Batshadows :iconbutones:butones 260 47 Imperfect by HealTheIll Imperfect :iconhealtheill:HealTheIll 252 8 By the Fountain... by akuriko By the Fountain... :iconakuriko:akuriko 103 61 :+:Charmmy Kitty Buddy Icon:+: by ichigohimexoxo :+:Charmmy Kitty Buddy Icon:+: :iconichigohimexoxo:ichigohimexoxo 354 40 Error by DragonsMist Error :icondragonsmist:DragonsMist 396 160 Princess Breeze by Queen-Zelda Princess Breeze :iconqueen-zelda:Queen-Zelda 180 12 Death Star Advertising Space by DragonPixel Death Star Advertising Space :icondragonpixel:DragonPixel 43 7
Silly Tales
Gather triangles
In a wrecked dystopia
To slay a big pig
Walk around searching
Spells to beat monsters and save
Sleeping beauty
Collect pendants and
Create a harem to kill
A huge pig monster
Gather instruments
To awake an asleep fish
And to get back home
Get some jewelry
And oversized coins to
Beat the big nose Guy
Exorcise souls and
Travel back in time so you'll
Stop the falling moon
In a far land use
The strange staff to beat a
Dragon samurai
Or use the weird harp
To travel back in time and
Beat three old grannies
Get split in four by
Mystical sword, face trials
And beat flying blob
Travel through the sea
In search of giant pearls then
kill the desert man
Beat your reflection
Assemble harem once more
Beat flying black blob
Search for nature
In its basic forms, then once more
Beat the flying blob
Travel through darkness
To grab shards of items, beat
Pawn and desert man
Sail through the sea to
Get colored fairies, heal the
Giant whale and leave
Travel through the land
Playing songs and
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Blackwidow gift by butones Blackwidow gift :iconbutones:butones 189 49 Classic ZeLink by TeLinkfan1 Classic ZeLink :icontelinkfan1:TeLinkfan1 80 23 art trade Zelda by Know-Kname art trade Zelda :iconknow-kname:Know-Kname 173 77 Allegiance to Lumera - Page 1 by Zolarise Allegiance to Lumera - Page 1 :iconzolarise:Zolarise 88 86 Leafa by kowa1985 Leafa :iconkowa1985:kowa1985 70 7 Namor sketch by butones Namor sketch :iconbutones:butones 113 54 Evolution of Princess Zelda by ChaosDante Evolution of Princess Zelda :iconchaosdante:ChaosDante 149 26 Link Emote by MetalShadowOverlord Link Emote :iconmetalshadowoverlord:MetalShadowOverlord 212 39 AOL Zelda Spellcasting by crazyfreak AOL Zelda Spellcasting :iconcrazyfreak:crazyfreak 115 38 Adam Strange ... by butones Adam Strange ... :iconbutones:butones 126 45 I AM MESSAGE XD by diego-toon-master I AM MESSAGE XD :icondiego-toon-master:diego-toon-master 80 26 Final Crisis Revelation preiew by butones Final Crisis Revelation preiew :iconbutones:butones 122 109 Link by Nenril-Tf Link :iconnenril-tf:Nenril-Tf 94 15 Princess Zelda from Zelda II: Adventure of Link by Scotaliano Princess Zelda from Zelda II: Adventure of Link :iconscotaliano:Scotaliano 104 24 Jark by Zolarise Jark :iconzolarise:Zolarise 78 31 Chibi Link-COMMISSION by Nenril-Tf Chibi Link-COMMISSION :iconnenril-tf:Nenril-Tf 113 26 Shazam by butones Shazam :iconbutones:butones 128 33 AoL Zelink by thepoecatcher AoL Zelink :iconthepoecatcher:thepoecatcher 59 2 65 Bookmarks And Social Icons by Studiom6 65 Bookmarks And Social Icons :iconstudiom6:Studiom6 162 53 Link by Marios-Tri4ce Link :iconmarios-tri4ce:Marios-Tri4ce 101 27 zelink doodle by thepoecatcher zelink doodle :iconthepoecatcher:thepoecatcher 42 2 Green Lantern sketch by butones Green Lantern sketch :iconbutones:butones 71 43 AOL login Window by kicked-in-teeth AOL login Window :iconkicked-in-teeth:kicked-in-teeth 42 2 ::HOBO:: by mimblewimble ::HOBO:: :iconmimblewimble:mimblewimble 166 15 Classic by Kim-SukLey Classic :iconkim-sukley:Kim-SukLey 60 9 Tamlin's Emoticons  Pack by Tam-lin Tamlin's Emoticons Pack :icontam-lin:Tam-lin 14 8 20110127 Adam Lambert for Ash by EdwardHuaBin 20110127 Adam Lambert for Ash :iconedwardhuabin:EdwardHuaBin 43 6 Link by Nenril-Tf Link :iconnenril-tf:Nenril-Tf 54 10