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OC Mary-Sue Test 2.1
OC Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu Test
This test is designed for Original Characters.  Questions for Role Play Characters and Fan Characters will be added soon.
Now, this tests for both the traditional Mary Sue/Gary Stu, and for 'gloomdog' style characters, which I suppose is a sub-category of the Mary Sue, but is often over-looked in this kind of test.
Further down this test, there is a list of traits and characteristics, each one stating how many points that particular trait is worth.  Simply read through the list, and give your character the appropriate number of points for each of the listed traits/characteristics displayed by your character.
When you reach the end of the list, add up all of your character's points and refer to the results at the very bottom of the test to see (approximately) where your character is on the Sue Scale.
Now, while you're taking this test please also take into account
:iconredsnowfox:RedSnowFox 656 926
A Mary Sue is.... by ZeroGravityCroquet A Mary Sue is.... :iconzerogravitycroquet:ZeroGravityCroquet 698 71 I support REAL OCs by meroaw I support REAL OCs :iconmeroaw:meroaw 123 36 Fusion of Solar Flare and Nightmare Moon by Osipush Fusion of Solar Flare and Nightmare Moon :iconosipush:Osipush 235 46 Mary-Sue: Be the next kill by lollirotfest Mary-Sue: Be the next kill :iconlollirotfest:lollirotfest 257 109 Support South Park OCs - Stamp by lollirotfest Support South Park OCs - Stamp :iconlollirotfest:lollirotfest 110 21 ASO - Anti-Twilight T-shirts by Uke-Mochi ASO - Anti-Twilight T-shirts :iconuke-mochi:Uke-Mochi 27 88
More Rants On Sues
More rants on Naruto OC sues!
This is a tad bit different then my normal rants on Naruto OCs and Mary Sues.
This is my theory on why people think it is ok to make Naruto Sues and why people give them phrase.
Now if you are new and do not know what a sue is, then look it up. I am not here to waste my time to tell you something when you have google!
Sue Authors or artists make sues for Naruto then any other place – well Harry Potter has some God awful sues . Enoby…Opps I mean Ebony is one- is because Naruto is filled with over the top characters in the show in itself. Like Sasuke Uchiha. How is God of Naruto a Sue – or Stu – simple : Everyone wants him, he has god-like powers, everyone loves him for one reason, because he is 'hot' – really he is pretty damn ugly if you ask me … ok he can be hot, but his personality suck – or the fact that he is 'cool', over the top sad past and every five minutes we are reminded of his crap life, his 'best friend' has a
:iconcapricornicis:Capricornicis 37 71
The Mary-Sue and the Anti-Sue by SketchyKreeture The Mary-Sue and the Anti-Sue :iconsketchykreeture:SketchyKreeture 51 38 Anti-Sue list by LD6 Anti-Sue list :iconld6:LD6 14 53 A Stroll Collab -Always Open- by Black-Rose-Emy A Stroll Collab -Always Open- :iconblack-rose-emy:Black-Rose-Emy 11 0 Puffed Puffball. by trejowauk Puffed Puffball. :icontrejowauk:trejowauk 6 4 Me and Spanabanana- Trollselves by RedSnowFox Me and Spanabanana- Trollselves :iconredsnowfox:RedSnowFox 7 6 Kawaii This, MOFO'S by Mama-Monstrosity Kawaii This, MOFO'S :iconmama-monstrosity:Mama-Monstrosity 5 5 Lilith by Kaninraato Lilith :iconkaninraato:Kaninraato 5 6 Tre and friends... (in imagination world  R.Play.) by trejowauk Tre and friends... (in imagination world R.Play.) :icontrejowauk:trejowauk 5 1 Sue's Family by KarlaBR Sue's Family :iconkarlabr:KarlaBR 3 0 Ares Mangala by RedSnowFox Ares Mangala :iconredsnowfox:RedSnowFox 3 23 A character named Darx. by trejowauk A character named Darx. :icontrejowauk:trejowauk 3 23 Amy (Ninjago) by azurebluekiddo Amy (Ninjago) :iconazurebluekiddo:azurebluekiddo 3 0 Hades Kubera by RedSnowFox Hades Kubera :iconredsnowfox:RedSnowFox 2 22 Layla is an Anti-Sue by Kigurou-Enkou Layla is an Anti-Sue :iconkigurou-enkou:Kigurou-Enkou 1 5 Anti Sue and Amara O'Greene by RoseDincht Anti Sue and Amara O'Greene :iconrosedincht:RoseDincht 1 12 The 2 Main Sues by Pop-s-ii The 2 Main Sues :iconpop-s-ii:Pop-s-ii 1 7