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Ward Room 305 by animeforthesoul Ward Room 305 :iconanimeforthesoul:animeforthesoul 58 6 Kaai Yuki and Hiyama Kiyoteru by animeforthesoul Kaai Yuki and Hiyama Kiyoteru :iconanimeforthesoul:animeforthesoul 25 1 Dance by animeforthesoul Dance :iconanimeforthesoul:animeforthesoul 7 2 Face by animeforthesoul Face :iconanimeforthesoul:animeforthesoul 7 6 Maia by animeforthesoul Maia :iconanimeforthesoul:animeforthesoul 7 0 OctoCat by animeforthesoul OctoCat :iconanimeforthesoul:animeforthesoul 4 0 Dark by animeforthesoul Dark :iconanimeforthesoul:animeforthesoul 4 21
I Will Be Here
Don't be sad, my lonely, I will be here.
Don't be sad, my broken, I will be here.
When you want to talk, I will listen.
When you want to listen, I will talk.
When you want someone to hold, I will be here.
Life's been rough, life's been cruel.
Life's brought me to you.
So don't be sad, my disheartened, because I will be here.
Reality has been here to scorn you,
Fate has been here to mock you,
But now I am here to heal you,
To mend this once broken heart.
Don't be sad, my discouraged, because I will be here.
Ask, and I will tell you.
Ask, and I will listen.
Ask, and I will do anything for you.
So tell me, why have you always looked so sad?
Tell me, what can I do to make you smile?
Don't be sad, my dejected, because I will be here.
The world is so bitter sweet,
We make it through the bitter,
But it's the sweet that keeps us going.
This dream is not a dream,
This is what life is about,
This so sweet moment in time.
Keep it. Believe in it.
Smile, my Sunshine, because I will be here.
Keep th
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Miku Hatsune by animeforthesoul Miku Hatsune :iconanimeforthesoul:animeforthesoul 2 2 Light by animeforthesoul Light :iconanimeforthesoul:animeforthesoul 2 7 Alluring Secret, Black Vow by animeforthesoul Alluring Secret, Black Vow :iconanimeforthesoul:animeforthesoul 8 2 Pat and Andrew by animeforthesoul Pat and Andrew :iconanimeforthesoul:animeforthesoul 2 0 Winter by animeforthesoul Winter :iconanimeforthesoul:animeforthesoul 9 2
The Weatherman 05
Milo sat in the school's playground area where he usually ate lunch surrounded by his three best friends and enjoyed the warmth of the sun as he ate. Although the weather was always good, he couldn't help but notice that the past few days had been particularly bright, which was nice because he enjoyed relaxing under the warmth of the sun. He was just about to take another bite of his sandwich when an elbow jabbed him in the arm.
"What was that for?" He hissed out to his right once he made sure he was in no more danger of dropping his food.
"Don't look now, but that girl's back again." The leader of their troupe, Logan, snickered.
"What girl?" Milo lifted his head to look around but was quickly stopped by Logan's hand pushing it back down.
"What did I just say?" He whispered back at him. "You haven't noticed? She's was here every day last week." He let go of Milo and resumed eating his lunch.
The boy on the other side of Logan, the athlete of the group, leaned forward to look past him.
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Damian Sketch by animeforthesoul Damian Sketch :iconanimeforthesoul:animeforthesoul 1 0 Grell The Grim Reaper by MockaAkaShiya Grell The Grim Reaper :iconmockaakashiya:MockaAkaShiya 1 0
The Weatherman 04
Two years after the god of good weather smiled down on their little town, the mayor decided that they should celebrate their good fortune with a festival dedicated to their town's savior. And so it was that that year they began celebrating what they called the Cloud Lifting Festival, making it into a sort of holiday for the people. By the third year of celebrating it, the festival had gained popularity even to those outside the town, and on that day each year, people from neighboring towns came to celebrate with them, so many, in fact, that there were almost as many visitors as there were natives.
Even as most people didn't believe in an actual god that made their town beautiful, they all thought the holiday was a good way to let off steam from a year of hard work, and many others just thought it a nice way to commemorate their good fortune. It became a time of community and a sign of peace between the people. There was also the added bonus that when so many visitors came, all the busi
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The Weatherman 06
The next day, Milo waited outside around where he had seen the girl the day before. He had been looking for a hiding spot when he realized that he had no idea which way she would be coming from or even which way she had come the day before. It made things difficult when looking for a place to hide where she wouldn’t immediately spot him. In the end, he simply settled for waiting by the wall she looked over to watch them. Perhaps if he waited there she wouldn’t see him until she was in her usual place, and then he would be close enough to catch her.
He stood there and waited but, even after several minutes, no one came by; no students, no teachers, and certainly no brown haired stalkers. At this rate, he was going to miss lunch entirely. He had avoided eating or even sitting down for the sake of quickness when she did come, but as the minutes ticked away agonizingly slowly and his stomach growled impatiently it was starting to seem like it was a bad idea. If she ended up not
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The Weatherman 03
Milo walked down the strip of stores that was the heart of the town. It was a single lane that held every grocery and convenience shop and most of the clothing and tourist shops as well. At one end was the only road that led into the town from the outside and on the other end was a short set of stairs that led down to the beach.
He walked into each of the shops and boldly marched up to the persons behind the counter and introduced himself. Almost everyone he met was nice and they would usually smile and comment on how he must be new, but when he asked about the god who lived there, they would all just say sorry, they were too busy to answer his question, and so he would move on to the next store.
The grocer and his son, who was in his late teens, were the most helpful. He too told Milo that he was busy, so he instead suggested the boy talk to the old woman who usually spent her time at the weather god's shrine. Milo thanked the man and went on his way.
He walked towards the direction i
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The Weatherman 01
The gentle hum of a familiar tune stirred his mind from slumber. It was humble melody that his mother sang to him most nights as he fell asleep, something exquisite in its simplicity, and today it was accompanied by the mild purr of an engine that pulled them across the long stretch of land and towards their new home.
He wasn't sure he wanted to wake up just yet. He didn't think he was quite ready to face the challenge of starting a new life, and so instead of opening his eyes, he nuzzled further into his mother's chest to bask in her warmth. He let the soothing sounds and the sway of the car lull him back to a pleasant sleep.
"Wake up, darling," His mother whispered as she kissed the top of her son's feathery head. "We're almost there. You can almost see the ocean."
He looked up from his resting place and watched as the waters slowly rose up from the horizon as they neared the top of the final hill. The sun glistened so dazzlingly off of the clear, shallow waves; it was almost mesmeri
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Our Snow Day
Naruto sat on the steps of the cabin beneath the overhang and watched as a fresh new layer of snow covered the endless world of white around him. He reached out his hand and watched in mild wonderment as the little flakes of white landed in his palm and melted away not a second later. Peace like this wasn’t common place in his daily life mostly by choice, but it wasn’t as if he didn’t enjoy moments like this when they came. He found himself loving to watch the snowfall, especially since it never actually snowed in Konohagakure.
Team Seven had been sent on a D-rank delivery mission to the Country of Water and Kakashi decided they would rest in this long since abandoned cabin for the night, seeing as it would be another several miles before the next town and the sun was setting by that time. He reasoned that spending the night in the middle of nowhere was better than traveling at night in a foreign country. Of course, they set traps all around the small wooden house to
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