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How to convert a drawing to a GREYSCALE in SAI by sakuraGx4nina How to convert a drawing to a GREYSCALE in SAI :iconsakuragx4nina:sakuraGx4nina 153 56 Christian anime - manga stamp by SailorSolar Christian anime - manga stamp :iconsailorsolar:SailorSolar 2,915 1,062 Fairy Tail - Natsu x Lucy (NaLu) by PumpkinTrick Fairy Tail - Natsu x Lucy (NaLu) :iconpumpkintrick:PumpkinTrick 340 48 Motivational Poster - Matt by hyper-yet-bored Motivational Poster - Matt :iconhyper-yet-bored:hyper-yet-bored 816 278 The Uchiha / Susanoo | Minimalist by Sephiroth508 The Uchiha / Susanoo | Minimalist :iconsephiroth508:Sephiroth508 122 6 Family 2 by S4chi Family 2 :icons4chi:S4chi 193 13
Does every digital piece belong in Digital Art?
Gallery Descriptions & Miscats Month
At first such a question sounds absurd. If a piece of art was made with digital mediums then it should definitely go to Digital Art, right?
Well, not always! First off, there are a ton of sub-categories within Digital Art to begin with, but that's not all, Digital Art also overlaps with other categories, sometimes the theme, subject or intention of the artwork can determine it could go into another category. so how to know which category is more appropriate for your piece? Now it doesn't sound so simple, doesn't?
Through this article I'll try to explain some of the aspects to consider and hopefully it will help you know which category is more suitable for that masterpiece you're about to submit to DeviantArt.
The main Digital Art Category
So you've finished your digital piece and intend to submit it to DeviantArt, you click on that flashy "Submit" button and then you find yourself with quite a few options to submit your piece to
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Manga Illustration: Step by step
Sometimes people are afraid of traditional media in the manga illustration because it doesn't have 'ctrl+z', but when you can master this medium is actually enjoyable and practical. The title of this article was going to be 'Manga Illustration: Step by step in Traditional mixed media' but is too long, anyway I'll show you how to make an illustration using markers and watercolors. Are you ready? Then let's begin.
First, you should have the right tools, they shouldn't be the most expensive ones to work the only difference between the expensive materials and those that are not is how long they last on the canvas. The tools that I use this time are:
1. Windsor&Newton gold Ink, it could be replaced by golden marker.
2. Acrylic white paint.
3. White Gelly Roll pen.
4. Dust free eraser, or a soft eraser.
5. HB leads, you can use another leads but HB is soft and dark enough for
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Whose the anime? by tcwoua Whose the anime? :icontcwoua:tcwoua 437 393 How I Draw Eyes: TUTORIAL by Katlynchan How I Draw Eyes: TUTORIAL :iconkatlynchan:Katlynchan 602 40
PE: Manga Genres
The term Manga (漫画) is a japanese word referring to comics and catrooning. Mangas used to be created in Japan or by Japanese creators in the Japanese language. But today they are created by Mangakas for other countries in many languages.
In this article I will give you a short explaination about the different Manga genres.
I'm aware of 32 genres that are used in the Manga publishing industry. Each one of them have different targets to please our interests.
Manga genres
Action: It shows fighting, violence or any other form of aggressive behavior.
Adult: This manga often contains intense violence or erotic scenes.
Adventure: Most of the characters of this Manga go on trips or explore the world.
Comedy: This manga is used for entertainment: Amusing with ridiculous situations that make you laugh.
Doujinshi: Manga that was inspired by famous works already published.
Drama: Should conduct the r
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SOLD-ClothesCollab by Guppie-Vibes SOLD-ClothesCollab :iconguppie-vibes:Guppie-Vibes 161 77 Anime eyes by the-blue-fish Anime eyes :iconthe-blue-fish:the-blue-fish 323 15 Lucy's day by S4chi Lucy's day :icons4chi:S4chi 135 20
Anime and Manga DD round up, July 2014
Features by cinyu

The Golden Yard by Naschi:Dear Old Memories - You ~ Youko: by Nacura-G
Karasutengu by ASingleGiraffeSV - hoshino-arashi by pepapenmemory f i s h by Gasara
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10.07.14 by Asa-tan[PFFK]Chapter III:Bloody Sun by laziesheavenA vampire never dies by Pemiin
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Kroshitsuji - Ciel and Sebastian Wallpaper by ng9 Kroshitsuji - Ciel and Sebastian Wallpaper :iconng9:ng9 176 20 orihime bleach FREE Youtube BG by demeters orihime bleach FREE Youtube BG :icondemeters:demeters 181 25 Kushina and Naruto *-* by 1GedoMazo1 Kushina and Naruto *-* :icon1gedomazo1:1GedoMazo1 606 77 Katarina [+ Speedpaint] by TanyaKi Katarina [+ Speedpaint] :icontanyaki:TanyaKi 112 8
A/M Manga Heads and Faces
As long we have no teacher in DArtschool for Anime and Manga to help you guys out. I will write some journals for this category in hope they help you guys! ;v;
Amazing Tutorials by Naschi

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Lucy v.DC by S4chi Lucy v.DC :icons4chi:S4chi 146 14 Weiss by Astrovique Weiss :iconastrovique:Astrovique 373 14 Miraculous Beauties by ARSugarPie Miraculous Beauties :iconarsugarpie:ARSugarPie 163 37 BLUE by finakiyomo BLUE :iconfinakiyomo:finakiyomo 108 6