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Homestuck Comic: Page 1 by conniiption Homestuck Comic: Page 1 :iconconniiption:conniiption 3,210 334 Homestuck Comic: Page 2 by conniiption Homestuck Comic: Page 2 :iconconniiption:conniiption 1,953 299
Grand Highblood x Reader: Hugs and Shoosh Paps
The Grand Highblood x Reader: Hugs and shoosh paps
(writing one about ghb bc hes the bessssst<3)
You sat in the large bed that you and your matesprit shared. It was completely quiet today, the little purple grubs were still sleeping, and Grand Highblood was probably culling lowbloods or humans elsewhere. You stayed on your phone, reading Gog knows how many fanfictions (which were all lemon i might add-) on deviantART.
As you're reading, you hear a loud slam. You nearly jump out of bed, "Jegus, what the hell?!" You cursed. You then hear loud shouting and curses. "Baby, its too early for this shit..." You mutter to yourself, heavy foot step get closer and louder. Hmmm, who would that be?
Grand Highblood's bloody colorful clubs drop to the floor with a loud thud, and his face has a very, very pissed off look. He's pretty much pissed all the time, yeah. But you still didn't like it. He lets out a aggravated sigh, sitting on the edge of the bed. You turn off your phone and crawl toward h
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The Grand Highblood x Human!Reader (Part 1)
You didn't know where they were leading you, you were blinded. The onyx scarf tied multiple times over your eyes were blocking out any sort of visual you could have had. The only thing you heard were the clanking of chains, the broken and terrified sobs of the ones who had been taken as well. There was a ball gag in your mouth, forcing you to choke back your own words. The scarf was soaked from your tears as you trudged along the line of doomed trolls and humans. The blue bloods had raided their towns in search of "sacrifices to the Dark Carnival". You had no idea what that meant, but you knew you were going to die.
All that you could wonder--what is the Dark Carnival? Some sort of afterlife or god? It had to be. You were lost in your own thoughts, trying to dislocate yourself from reality when the harsh tugging on your chains put your mind into perspective. The metal scrapped against your already raw wrists and caused you to bite your lip in pain. You refused to make a sound, refused
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THANK YOU FEASTINGS:So much Homestuck I don't even by LingeringSentiments THANK YOU FEASTINGS:So much Homestuck I don't even :iconlingeringsentiments:LingeringSentiments 377 105 The Founders of Equestria by Earthsong9405 The Founders of Equestria :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 1,109 193 As the Weed Whacks by Pookie776 As the Weed Whacks :iconpookie776:Pookie776 1,866 249
The Grand Highblood x Human!Reader (Part 4)
When you awoke, you were in a some kind of bed. It was make-shift, you could tell. All it was were blankets made of the fur of beasts on the floor. You couldn't complain, it was comfortable. But how in the fuck did you get here? Where was Karkat?
As you examined your room, which had a small dresser next to your bed and a mirror hanging a few inches over it, you realized how small it was. Perhaps another prison, forbidding you from speaking to the other prisoners. Forbidding you to speak to Karkat.
You felt tears prick at your eyes and as you raised your hands to wipe them away. Then, you realized, they were wrapped in bandages. You stared, wide-eyed, for a few moments before your hand snaked up to touch your cheek. Bandaged. All the bandages were clean, free from any spot of blood. How long have you been here?
Suddenly, you heard the door opening. You recoiled once again and you slammed your body up against the corner of the wall... as if that would save you. Who you saw entering the r
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The Grand Highblood x Human!Reader (Part 2)
You were in a jail cell. It seemed as if they were countless, the bloody and broken bodies of trolls and humans alike. Some of them squirmed in an attempt to adjust to their chains, others whimpered and cried, and still others... Others, like you, stayed silent.
The chains bit into the skin of your wrist even further now, as you were slightly suspended in the air. Crimson blood was running down your arms in what seemed to be rivers, yet you hadn't bothered to check. Your head felt fuzzy, you felt as though you kept nodding out. But all the while, your thoughts were possessed by The Grand Highblood. He hadn't culled you. He sent you to this infernal place of torture and despair. Was this better than death, was it worse? Again... you hadn't a clue.
"Would you wake the fuck up, nooksucker?" You heard a familiar voice in a cell to the right of you, further from the door in which the highblooded guards stood at attention. "I've been watching you fall asleep on yourself like a little grub th
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