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Kaiju Analysis: Shin Godzilla
  There have been many incarnations of Godzilla over the decades, from films to comics, though few are as drastically re-envisioned as the latest incarnation of The King of the Monsters: Shin Godzilla. Here, I will go into in depth detail as to why Shin Godzilla lives up to his name.
I should warn you this writing will contain spoilers, you have been warned.
Unlike previous continuities where Godzilla was a saurian creature violently irradiated my atomic bomb testings, or (at least in the Legendary continuity) an ancient alpha predator who naturally lived off radioactivity, Shin Godzilla began as little more than an unknown aquatic prehistoric creature living off the coast of Odo Island. Exposure to radioactive materials causing these lifeforms to combine together into a new being that would be code named as "Gojira" ("Godzilla"), meaning "God incarnate." The creature was studied for decades, namely by Goro Maki, who promptly vanished before Godzilla revealed his pr
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Brony Subculture Analysis by BroniePologist Brony Subculture Analysis :iconbroniepologist:BroniePologist 1,184 532 MLP Chronological Timeline by auren-dawnstar MLP Chronological Timeline :iconauren-dawnstar:auren-dawnstar 148 82 Sketches - Cartoon eyes by Autlaw Sketches - Cartoon eyes :iconautlaw:Autlaw 1,172 69
Character Creation Tutorial
Character Creation Tutorial
How to effectively develop a realistic and likable character for novels and fanfiction.
Table of Contents:
I. A Name
II. Physical Attributes
III. Style & Personality
IV. History
V. Other
VI. Questionnaire
It can be assumed that developing a plot and storyline is self explanatory. If not, you can find another tutorial for that. This tutorial will focus primarily on the thought-process of creating new characters with depth.
I. A name is the first step. Try to match the character to their name, or somehow integrate the character's name into the storyline or progression of the character's maturity and personality. For example, a character who is dark and moody would probably not be named Star unless this contradiction holds some meaning in the story. (In a comedy it would have a nice effect, but in a drama or serious story, not so much).
If you can't think of a name you can go to places like or google for assistance
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Phineas and Ferb Character Analysis: Candace Flynn
Ah, Candace Flynn. I have been waiting to talk about this character for a long time.
In my opinion, she is the funniest character in the show. That’s not to say that the other characters aren’t funny or interesting because every character in the show has some funny moments and are interesting when it comes to their character. But if I had to choose who the funniest character of the show is, that would be Candace. Every one of her antics always puts a smile on my face. However…when I started watching the show back in 2008, it was not like that.
But I am getting ahead of myself let’s talk about Candace herself.
Candace Flynn is Phineas and Ferb’s big sister. Throughout the summer, Candace only has one goal and that is to bust her brothers. Her lifelong goal is to show their inventions to their mother, Linda so that she can punish the boys for making these inventions. However there are some times where Candace often hangs out with either her boyfriend Jeremy
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Sasuke: an in-depth analysis
Sasuke has gone through a lot of things that forced him to grow up faster than his peers. He demonstrates remarkable maturity countless occasions. It was Sasuke who practically made team seven a team. He was the one who taught Naruto and Sakura selflessness and teamwork. Look at the three at the start of the series.
1. Naruto is boastful, arrogant, loud, obnoxious, attention needy.... his attitude is a real turn off and is the last person you'd want on your team. Naruto had no idea how to be a friend much less a team player.
It's really little wonder he had no friends in his peer group.
Naruto is that kid in school who wants to prove himself so much that he tries too hard and  ends up coming across as really annoying.
Naruto, in all seriousness, at the start is very much like Napoleon Dynamite, except the movie makes it funny (at times almost painful) from an outside POV, while in Naruto we see things from Naruto's POV.
Also like ND, Naruto protects himself from reality throu
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Learn how to love - Heart 24 by DorottyaS Learn how to love - Heart 24 :icondorottyas:DorottyaS 1,653 158
Fluttershy Character Review
Reviewing the character of Fluttershy is certainly no easy task. After all, she's arguably the most-loved character within the show and the certified fan-favourite for many, so much so that criticising her character would lead to a lot of dissent amongst the masses. Indeed, finding something mean to say about Fluttershy would be reductive and not terribly necessary, as anyone who has watched "Friendship is Magic" for more than ten minutes knows how adorably sweet she is. And, in a show that actively promotes friendship, kindness and positivity, it would be counter-productive to insult Fluttershy, when she is the greatest embodiment of everything that the show represents.
But what is it about Fluttershy that makes her so appealing to many? It could be her graceful appearance: a subtle and soft yellow with the trademark long, pink tail and mane which serves as a protective barrier that she can frequently hide behind. After all, that namesake, Fluttershy, is not without merit, for her shy
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Haiku Theory Part 1 -2009-
A Lot of Words About A Little Poem
An Introduction to Haiku Structures
Part 1
A haiku poem cannot be defined according to the number of syllables and lines it contains (nor by the number of syllables in each line). Although I do not wish to go into the reasons why at this point (I will save that for a later discussion) the form of modern English haiku, as Haruo Shirane writes, “is a short poem, usually written in one to three lines.” (in Gilbert, 2009)  At this point our definition sounds very vague. If the number of syllables and lines do not define a haiku poem, then what does? And if a haiku poem is simply a short one, two or three-line poem then what separates it from other forms of Western short-verse or, in the case of one-line haiku, a sentence?
Patricia Donegan writes, in agreement with the Western haiku community at large, that “syllable counting... is not the important thing for haiku in English. Haiku is an experience, not an act of co
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Humorous Analysis of Akatsuki
Uchiha Itachi: The only Akatsuki member who could ever hope to rival Deidara’s prettiness, fangirls immediately took to the older Uchiha because he is, quote, “OMYGAWD, SO SMEXY”. Originally loved for his cold and uber badass attitude, he has revealed himself to actually have devoted and sacrificed his life to caring for an unaware angsty teenage boy because he’s actually a total softie. This is known as “Severus Snape” syndrome, as is the aspect that many Itachi fans will tell you it’s SO obvious he still loved Sasuke and they knew it all along really…never mind those fics they wrote where he’s a vindictive bastard who rapes his brother.
Hoshigaki Kisame: Also known as “the fish guy with the bigass sword”, Kisame’s main role is to make sadistic remarks and follow Itachi around like his bitch. He does both these things quite well until Itachi dies, after which he just kind of sits at Akatsuki meetings smiling evilly as Kishimo
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Character Analysis Questions
This is to help you develop your original characters, learn more about them, and and make them into more believable characters. Answer the questions as your CHARACTER would.
1. What is your full name?
2. Nickname?
3. Hair/Eye Color?
4. Describe your looks. Any interesting things/defects/etc?
5. What were/are your parents like?
6. Do you have any brothers or sisters? How many? Older or younger?
7. What were/are some of the special occasions in your family? (holidays, reunions, picnics, vacations)
8. What is your favorite childhood memory?
9. What is your worst childhood memory?
10. What is/was your relationship with your family like?
11. What schools did you go to?
12. Are you now a member of any clubs, organizations, or religious congregations?
13. What sections of the newspaper do you read? Any magazines?
14. What do you enjoy doing most in your free time?
15. What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?
16. What have you read lately?
17. How old are you? How do you feel about
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My Thoughts on Pyrrha's Death, RWBY, and RT
My Thoughts on Pyrrha's Death, RWBY, and Rooster Teeth, or I hated Pyrrha's Death and the RWBY Fanbase Nearly Drove Me to Suicide Over it.
This a heavily rewritten repost of my rant I had on tumblr about Pyrrha's Death, RWBY Volume 3 and beyond, and how Rooster Teeth has ignored the various criticisms and backlash regarding Pyrrha’s death and Volume 3 as a whole, as well as the disgusting way that the fanbase of RWBY has used the death of its creator, Monty Oum, as a way to shield the show from the criticism it deserves.
This is now an essay about how Pyrrha's death was a total failure in terms of writing and how RWBY V3's second half was handled very poorly. And no, I did not watch V4, but I do not like what I've heard about it.
My initial rant garnered mixed reactions; some think I’m right and RT needs to listen to those of us voicing our grievances while others think I, and others who are unhappy with Pyrrha's death, are whiny morons who need to grow up.
Well, whatever t
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The Mary Sue: An Analysis
First, let us ask ourselves: What is a "Mary Sue"? By definition, a Mary Sue is "...a fictional character with overly idealized and hackneyed mannerisms, lacking noteworthy flaws, and primarily functioning as a wish-fulfillment fantasy for the author or reader." At least, that's the definition on Wikipedia. In layman's terms, a Mary Sue is, simply put, "the perfect you." She (or he, "Gary Stu"s will be discussed later as they are indeed different) is your perfect get away. A succinct and completely flawless rubber suit for you to wrap yourself up in, and escape reality for a few blissful turns of the page. They're constant pop ups all around the internet. Mainly, in fan-fiction and fan comics. But they've also popped up several times in published and printed media as well, and not just in recent novels like Twilight. We may not know it, but Mary Sues have been around us for years, perhaps even centuries. What we further don't s
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Rainbow Dash Character Review
Bold, brave, daring and tenacious...these are words that one would usually associate with Rainbow Dash in "Friendship is Magic". But how about adorable, innocent and, at times, insecure? Rainbow Dash may be the sporty member of the group and the most tomboyish female within the mane cast, but this does not detract from the fact that, like every other pony, she has a multi-layered personality that allows her to express all sorts of emotions, both positive and negative. Some are naturally the sort of temperaments that one would normally match Rainbow Dash with, but it would be a great injustice to merely suggest that Rainbow Dash is concerned with competitions and little else.
Of course, there are competitive elements in her personality. It is revealed early into the series that she and Applejack, although good friends, are also rivals. In "Fall Weather Friends" this is evidenced well, wherein Rainbow Dash and Applejack face off against one another during the Running of the Leaves, but t
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Thesis 2005: Disney vs Anime by aimee5 Thesis 2005: Disney vs Anime :iconaimee5:aimee5 124 39
Phineas and Ferb Character Analysis: Phineas Flynn
Phineas Flynn, the boy with the Triangular head, the boy who keeps moving forward, the brother who wants to have the best summer ever.
When most fans think about Phineas and Ferb they think about Phineas and Ferb and how they are the “Stars” of the show and no one else………And I will explain why that is a load of crap after I get through talking about the main 5 of the show(Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Perry, and Doof)(…well 6 if you count Isabella)
But right now let’s talk about Phineas Flynn himself.
Phineas is one of the title charcters that want to have the best summer ever, if he wants to build a roller coaster, a beach in the backyard, or help an alien from another galaxy, Phineas, along with his brother Ferb, will literally make it happen.
Phineas is a happy character. He always wants to have fun when it comes to summer vacation. But, he also wants to help his family and friends with what they need help with. For example in the episode,
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Cozy room by CosmicSpectrumm Cozy room :iconcosmicspectrumm:CosmicSpectrumm 995 21 To Debunk and Correct - TvWiVG - DiD - Part 1 by brentcherry To Debunk and Correct - TvWiVG - DiD - Part 1 :iconbrentcherry:brentcherry 64 118
An Analysis of Kisame Hoshigaki
An analysis of Kisame Hoshigaki’s character
Note: this is very, very, very, very long and while I don’t reference everything, unless I explicitly say so everything does come from the manga.
To start this analysis we have to start with the canon material. What do we know about Kisame before he joined Akatsuki?
    1.      Kisame’s major point in his early missions was that he had to kill his comrades and it made him wonder about his purpose. Quote : “I knew that from the first time I had to kill my comrades – kill a Kiri ninja as a Kiri ninja. What does that make me? Am I a friend or foe? What is my purpose and my position? Where do I go? Where can I go? I’m well aware that my entire life has been one giant lie.”
    a.       Okay let’s talk about this first. By killing his own comrades Kisame was forced to realize his own place. He was a K
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Kingdom Hearts Analysis
If you've played video games at any point in your life, you've most likely heard of the Kingdom Hearts series at some point or another. Perhaps you've played it yourself. The widely popular action RPG title with a young protagonist and a large metal key. The most noticeable "theme" with this game seems to be the one that involves light versus darkness, ex. good versus evil.
However, did you ever think that with such an "epic" theme, the creators could possibly have had, say, deeper intentions for the game? Possibly something a beyond what lies on the surface, something beyond the seemingly overly-cliched plot of a young "chosen one" going around the world (or worlds, in this case) to "save the world" along with the blatantly too-shallow-to-be-metaphorical plotline?
Some would certainly think so.
For starters, one of the most noticeable aspects about Sora's appearance is that he consistently wields a large key. But why a key? Some wield guns, other wield swords, some even wield a
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Aaron Green
He has four patients in analysis,
who lie on the couch, and six patients
who come in for psychotherapy
and sit in a chair.
A vivid, impatient,
unsmiling face--
      professorial clothes
           subdued tie
black modern sofas
      beige carpets
           reproductions of modern
art, an unswerving classical
Freudian sort.
I remember the agreeable warmth
of the low-ceilinged,
dimly lit room.
           A cozy lair.
From these early, unimaginable transactions
between proud, lovesick women and
           nervous, abstinent analysts--
      the feverish rush of discoveries.
He conducted therapy as no classical
Freudian analyst would conduct it
today--as if it were an ordinary
human interaction,
in which the analyst
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Analysis | Speed Art Photomanipulation | HD by TheBakaArts Analysis | Speed Art Photomanipulation | HD :iconthebakaarts:TheBakaArts 159 51 To Debunk and Correct - TvWiVG - Butt Coverings by brentcherry To Debunk and Correct - TvWiVG - Butt Coverings :iconbrentcherry:brentcherry 25 39
Analysis of Wheatley-Spoilers
Yes, you know it was bound to come eventually. After all, he is a fan girl favorite. Anyway, I have a LOT to say about him, simply because he is the most textured and human (yes, even more then Chell) character in the game. Where to start? Well, as I played throughout the game I grew quite attached to him (putting myself into the position that during the testing I hadn't had any kind interaction, at all) and came to consider him as a comrade and companion during the grueling trial of escaping. Even so, some of the things he says throughout this first part do reveal that he has a sort of mild contempt and  resentment for humans and is a bit selfish. Despite this, his transformation after the core transfer was so sudden and complete that even his mirth starts morphing into sadistic fit of laughter, followed soon after by vengeful transference of Glados into a potato. The fact that he reaches this boiling point after called a moron seems to indicate that he has some sort of infe
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My AtLA Ending Analysis
My AtLA ending analysis:
I first would like to say that I was looking forward to Zuko and Katara being together.  However, they didn't.  I admit defeat.  With that said, allow me to just say...
No!  This has nothing to do with Zutara or Kataang.  This has to do with 27 things that were so painfully wrong with that finale.  Zutara lost.  FINE!  Kataang and Maiko won.  Congrats.  I would still feel this way if Zutara won.  Now, here's why the AtLA ending fails worse than Viacom for taking down free advertising from one of the most popular sites on the internet:
1. The Avatar State
What the hell was the point of mastering the other elements?  Aang went AS and basically bitch-slapped Ozai around like the pheonix king was a freaking new-born chick.  There really was no point in training anything else.
That gene
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Bronies and Ponies by Dear-Cotton-Candy Bronies and Ponies :icondear-cotton-candy:Dear-Cotton-Candy 206 165 To Debunk and Correct - TvWiVG - Lingerie/Armor by brentcherry To Debunk and Correct - TvWiVG - Lingerie/Armor :iconbrentcherry:brentcherry 24 48
Applejack Character Review
It comes as something of a surprise that Applejack represents the spirit of Honesty within "Friendship is Magic". Although one would scarcely dare to call Applejack a liar, Honesty is perhaps not her greatest virtue. Nevertheless, Applejack has so many positive attributes – honesty included – that her representation in the Pilot as this particular embodiment of the Elements of Harmony makes sense, even if it seems a little odd at first. After all, what else would Applejack represent? Her character within the show is synonymous with both a maturity beyond her years and an unmatched compassion for her peers, to the extent that she becomes, to this viewer, the unofficial leader of the group.
Although it is well-established that Twilight Sparkle is the 'main' member of the core six, Applejack has more qualities that could be associated to a lead protagonist. Her behaviour is almost always optimistic; rarely do we see an example where she succumbs to defeat or negativity, even whe
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An Azula Character Analysis
            Azula is one of the most complicated characters in the Avatarverse. She is presented as a ruthless powerhungery girl who will use anyone to achieve her goals. We aren’t presented with a whole lot of background information on her.
Most of what we get is shown through Zuko’s flashbacks. She and Zuko were raised very differently. From what is shown, Ursa cared for Zuko very much and would do anything for him. Her interactions with Azula aren’t many and normally when they are together Ursa is scolding her. Azula felt that she didn’t get enough attention from her mother. She possibly felt that getting negative attention over positive was better than nothing.
If we run with the idea that Ursa did favor Zuko, then Azula was left with her father to give her guidance. Ozai does not seem like the type of man to give a child the affection they need. He clearly looked down on Zuko, declaring him weak, a vie
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Defiance by Carnegriff Defiance :iconcarnegriff:Carnegriff 816 59
Confessions of a BPD sufferer
Whoever you are, if you ask me how I am during my lowest point,
I’ll be compelled to assure you that I’m fine,
Both by society’s expectations and my own inability to open up.
In truth, I long to let you in, to somehow ease this pain, that overwhelms me to the point of sheer agony.
But where would that get either of us anyway?
There’s nothing you could ever do or say.
There’s no cure for this paradoxical, inescapable torment,
No matter how positive you say I must be.
I grasp for whatever remedy or opium this world offers,
Whether it be a shopping spree round my favourite stores
Or an invitation into your bedroom.
But nothing will ever be good enough,
This endless dark hole is an insatiable monster
And time is its one worthy opponent.
All it takes is time for these thoughts and feelings to fade.
But what about now?
What am I to do with myself whilst every path that opens up to me is suddenly blocked by the fear and negativity of my mind?
There’s nothing I ca
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Analysis - Liu, Dead or Alive?
AUTHOR’S NOTE: I know this is a subject that is often debated and argued about, but these are my (GingaAkam’s) personal observations and thoughts. If your thoughts and personal headcanons do not match up, then I’m fine with that; to each his own. If you would like to have a logical discussion with me, then we can set up a time in the chatroom; I’m always up for a good and logical discussion or debate. Just don’t bitch to me that we don’t think the same, no one has the same thoughts as others all the time. We are all different and special, just like snowflakes and slenders –throws snowflakes and slenders- But if you decide that you must yell and flail your arms like a three year old, then I don’t have any respect for you at all. And I will resort to something that points to one of my nickname titles.
And onto the topic at hand:
Definitely dead.
No but seriously, here's the short of it (completely forgot how that expression went): Wit
:icongingaakam:GingaAkam 77 320
Twilight Sparkle Char. Review
I'll let you in on a little secret: Twilight Sparkle is one of my favourite protagonists ever. Her combination of intelligence and academic prowess are an inspiration to both younger and older viewers, but there's so much to Twilight's character that makes her more than just the usual studious type of character. Although other ponies, such as Rainbow Dash, may perceive Twilight to be an egg-head who would never be able to do something sporty, such as win a race, Twilight wears her intellect firmly on her hooves and proves that just because you care about succeeding and learning, you can still be an awesome pony to hang around with. Not that this would be assumed if we judged her simply based on the Pilot, however; it takes a while for her strengths to show themselves, but soon enough it becomes very easy to love everything that Twilight embodies.
At the beginning of the season, we learn that Twilight is something of a misanthrope: she prefers the company of herself to making friends, a
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Sonic the Hedgehog Analysis
If there is one figure that constantly rivals the gaming world's Mario, it's Sonic.
He's been running around for more than a few years and it's a wonder he hasn't aged at all. But surely a series as long-running as Sonic is bound to have a few dark secrets of its own, something that makes it more than a game or two where you pick up chao and run around in circles saving baby animals.
Many of you will noticed Sonic has not aged over the past 15 years. This is a representation of eternal youth and his constant running from place to place symbolizes the desire to never grow up and remain forever young. It also represents youth's irresponsibility and inability of the young to make lasting commitments. Likewise, Sonic's eternally smiling face and cocky attitude symbolize the overall cockiness of youth and the firm belief that he will never have to face the world of growing up or taking responsibility.
Sonic can also be seen to double as a metaphor for the elusiveness of the natural world.
:iconin-the-machine:In-The-Machine 114 119
Harry Potter Analysis
The wonderful world of Harry Potter has touched countless lives upon its release. It contains many colorful elements  from magic and fantasy to fighting bald snake people with little wooden sticks. Yet at the same time, despite touching so many countless lives, the ever-popular series has not been without its fair share of criticism, a large portion of which may not have been completely unfounded. Harry Potter has been said to promote more than a few more shady practices. It wouldn't hurt to explore and prod some of them in scholarly analysis.
Let us take, for example, the most prevalent example in the HP wizarding world. Wands. Harry Potter and friends often use their wands to solve problems and, more often than not, create quite a few of them. HP, Ron, and Draco are constantly seen "whipping them out" and "waving them around," despite the fact many teachers advise most of the Hogwarts students against doing so. This could function as a sort of subliminal nod to boyhood fasc
:iconin-the-machine:In-The-Machine 251 308
My Psychological Synopsis On Loki
(A big thank you to baronessofblades for encouraging me to write this.)
Now, I have read a number of Hiddleston's interviews and a few articles on the analysis of Loki. And here are four of them that I could mostly agree with:
Tom Hiddleston Takes Us Inside The Complicated Mind of Loki
Tom Hiddleston Explains The Psychology Of Loki
Tom Hiddleston Talks The Madness of Loki, His Hope For Redemption In Thor 2
<a href="
:iconembryonicpith:EmbryonicPith 280 84
The Body of Christ: Concerning Protestants
[I have employed parenthetical citations. In them I list the primary text and cite by letter the book I used. This can be viewed at the end of the piece. -M]
The Body of Christ: On Protestants, Christians, and their Ideologies
The weaknesses and failings on the Catholic Church are well focused on. Far be it from me to deny or cover up the faults of my Body. Rather I recognize them and yet, through it all, love it. Though I would like to reflect on this I would rather like my reader to consider two things: 1) that same Body which we call the Church, specifically what that means, and 2) the general view(s) of my Protestant brothers and sisters regarding this issue. If we, believers in Christ, are also called the Body of Christ, do you know what that Body looks like? Below I shall examine those communities known as Protestant and Christian as well as those people who call themselves followers of Christ. I ask my readers, Catholic and Protestant alike, to examine their own communit
:icontesm:TESM 27 118
Why Friendship Is Magic
An analysis of why MLP: FiM is so popular
First let us start with a problem that has been occurring recently in the media, something I call the Animation Drought. In recent years the quality of animated shows in America has degraded, and by a great margin. Some of this can perhaps be traced to the fall from grace of Cartoon Network which had, among other things, killed Toonami, become reliant on re-runs, and has actually begun airing shows that are not cartoons. Another aspect is something that had been occurring long before this which was the failings of Disney with its string of mediocre sequels. Even the good shows still on have suffered in quality, such as Ben Ten, or alternatively, have been canceled altogether..
This has led to a pessimism about animation in America and so any news of a show of even decent quality is immediately jumped upon, this is not to say FiM is merely decent but let us be fair here, many people that now love the show would not have been caught dead even loo
:iconspecter-von-baren:Specter-Von-Baren 50 43
Why Guys Like My Little Pony
Yes, I like the series. Very much so.
Please stop throwing things at me and let me explain.
Many people have asked why guys my age, and even older, like the show at all.
Well after thinking about it for a while I found I honestly couldn't immediately respond to the query. On first glance, it's bloody difficult to think why it would be liked the way it is. It's so cutesy and bright and colourful and unmanly, so normally it would be avoided like the plague. Hey, at first, I'D tried avoiding it like the plague.
But then I sat down and watched it. And I loved it. But in response to the query I wasn't sure why.
But after much deliberation, I'm prepared to make a half-arsed attempt at responding to people's questions and justify the opinions of Bronies everywhere. Mind you, the findings I my discuss here probably aren't the reasons why some people may like MLP, but as I said, the attempt is half-arsed, so feel free to post your findings in the comments below.
And at points, I may ramble and
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nightbeforexam. by Altingfest nightbeforexam. :iconaltingfest:Altingfest 849 60
Hip Hop Thesis [Ongoing Study]
      Music has long since been a part of human culture and has served not only as a means of enjoyment and congregation, but also as a link between humans that connects like-minded individuals together and helps to give explanation to the practices of people. The Hip-Hop genre, or rather art form, is one of many different shades of emotion, and it expresses these emotions with a plethora of different lyrics, some which may and often do offend others. For that reason Hip-Hop is often labeled as being the most negative form of music in modern history. Though hip-hop does have it's darker sides, these deep areas of emotion in hip-hop's repertoire of songs are often misunderstood. Hip-Hop, as a genre, should not be criticized because of its "negatively influential lyrics," as its positives outweigh it's negatives. Hip-Hop has given more support to the inner city youth of America than any other form of music or entertainment in the past 50 years or more. Becau
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Swordmaking Cost Analysis by chioky Swordmaking Cost Analysis :iconchioky:chioky 137 162
Ulquiorra's Past ANALYSED
Bear with me, this is extremely long ^^;
Now, some of you may be aware of the publication of the next Bleach: UNMASKED character book, the third one to date, which includes a section on Ulquiorra's past prior to becoming an Espada.
If not, here's a link to all the scans as well as the translation of the Japanese text:
From this, we can see how his character as an Espada formed.
First off:
I admit, I looked at it and thought: 'WTF?' But as we well know, Kubo always crams his titles full of intriguing possible explanations as to their meanings. This one, therefore, is no different.
Then some kind of insane inspiration hit me, as it often did. The familiarity of the title, as if I'd heard those words uttered in some other form somewhere else...
Oh my God.  Of course.
Shakespeare's play 'Hamlet', in which a certain famous speech
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Make or BREAK: UlquiHime Essay
This is an answer to a question regarding a statement I made on Orihime FC on Bleach Asylum that Ulquiorra 'changed Orihime's character for the better'. Basically, the person said that my statement disregards everything th other characters did to develop/change her character, and tha Ulquiorra instead broke her mind.
Let me just take a moment to sum up the roles of the 'other characters' (Ichigo and co) in terms of helping develop Orihime's character (prior to the Fullbring Arc):
Sora: Her gaurdian that protected/shielded her to the point where she felt a burden to him and thus refrained from telling him her troubles because she thougt that doing so would only further 'burden' him. Even after he died, she would never show anything but happiness to him. She was forced to bottle up all her pain and sorrow without taking the chance to solve her problems thenceforth because she felt like a burden. Sora may have been positive in his self-esteem-boosting compliments on her hair colour
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To Debunk and Correct - TvWiVG - Women as Reward by brentcherry To Debunk and Correct - TvWiVG - Women as Reward :iconbrentcherry:brentcherry 24 26
AVATAR NYCC Trailer, Interview
AVATAR NYCC Season 3.5 Trailer & Toon Zone Interview
A Zutarian’s Analysis
***Contains Spoilers, Random Acts of Spazzing, and Zutara Fangirl Opinions***
First of all, if you haven’t read MizSweet’s analysis, you should, cuz I agree with a lot of her stuff and this is only going to add to it and probably repeat some of it. So, yeah, check out her stuff! The link is in the description.
The first order of business is to define what CANON means and why Zutara IS in fact CANON, according to how present Avatards use it. I have looked up definitions of CANON and here is what I found:
> "Canon" is a term used by fans of anime and manga. Two characters that end up as a couple in the end of a series is considered canon.
> Default pairings, often used to describe pairings in fanfiction that are claimed to be obvious. In other words, a couple that is heavily promoted or suggested in the show.
> Another word for official.
Ok…from these definitions, we can call Kataang CANON beca
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Poetry Analysis
I was given poetry
 Told to pin
her arms and legs
down on my paper;
 college ruled
Dissect Her
It's procedure
 Take my pen & tear her open
Expose her limbs
And rearrange her vertebrae
 to fit my selfish needs
 But what the teacher doesn't know
is I already let mine escape
Clutching to the secrets
 that still remain inside her
          Where they belong
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