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Hippogriff Amigurumi Pattern
Buckbeak the Hippogriff Amigurumi
Pattern by Bandotaku
You will need:
-F hook (main body), G hook (wings)
-Light gray yarn (head, wings, and upper body)
-Medium gray yarn (lower body and back legs)
-Dark gray yarn (front legs, beak, wing tips)
-Black yarn (hooves, tail)
-White or cream yarn OPTIONAL (for chest and upper-front-legs. It's m ore difficult to do, but it looks very pretty.)
-plastic safety eyes, approx. 12 mm. (felt or  button eyes would also work)
Feel free to choose colors other than what I have directed. How about a brown hippogriff? A black one? Multi-colored?
Please make as many cute little hippogriffs as you'd like for you or your friends or sell them locally, but please do not sell them online.
The toe design I tweaked from this pattern
The wings I borrowed from the same website, which was borrowed from a different source. :)
Because this is a free pattern, it has not been offici
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